The Desk

I never imagined I’d fall for such a modern-looking desk to house my “creative space” (especially in a room I’ve been trying to make look cozy for two years), but with its full-length keyboard drawer and room for treasures on top (my monitor and printer included), I was smitten.

Nothin’ like combining the new with old. If that’s the story o’ your life, too, do tell!

I’ve come to relish unexpected blessings and spontaneously altered floor plans.


Above is my Garden Room (aka office) in flux. Still a tad crowded, but it’s getting there.

My plan, my dream (neglected ’til now) involved moving things around a bit, but it’s coming closer to the vision of what I “want” it to be… HOPE it will be… some day.

The the rest is trial & error. And Trust. God works all things for good! (Romans 8:28)

One thing that’s made my seemingly impossible dream possible — besides moving furniture, ongoing prayer, and a huge dose of grace — was this recent purchase of art supplies to pursue yet another “creative dream.” (See some day above.)

More on that soon!

There’s still FOOD — yay, food! — even though I haven’t pulled out the ol’ Nikon as often as I once did. I make it a point to treat myself to something tasty every single day. (Once in awhile I’m even compelled to share a glimpse.)


Pan-seared Walleye & Caramelized Onions atop Spring mix salad lightly dressed with balsamic vinaigrette, Tuscan veggies, Quince preserves, & Moroccan olives

Enjoying moving forward ergonomically, artistically, musically, and TASTEFULLY!

~ Kim

13 thoughts on “The Desk

  1. Love the colourful treat, Kimby! My two bodyguards love fish & bet they’ll drool at the sight of your food post. Well, I’m back from trip & resuming my blog hopping! Have a good week, dear! xoxo

  2. How practical as far as a desk goes, perfect! Is walleye fish? It looks delicious. I love the line from The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movie, “It will all be all right in the end, if it’s not all right, it’s not the end”. Things do have a way of working out, I think we see this more as we get older. Good luck with the paints, braver woman than I. :)

    • Maree, I just now saw your comment and question. Yes, walleye is a fish (my FAVE fish!) — very mild flavored, flaky, and “buttery.” I love that line from Marigold Hotel, too, lol! Here’s to better “vision” as we grow older gracefully.

  3. I can’t wait to see the finished Garden Room! I love the new desk – even though it’s sleek and modern it fits well into the room and goes well with the floor :) How are things, Kim? I haven’t talked to you in a while but you have been in my thoughts? I hope all is good.

    • Maggie, sorry for my late reply… seems like this month has been accelerating! Things are going well — I’m finally starting to feel settled in — and I’m also starting (and finishing!) a couple of projects that had to be put on hold. It feels good and I feel blessed! Thanks for your TLC from afar, xo.

      • Of course! I’m so glad that you are getting settled in. It’s important to have time for yourself so I’m glad that you are getting on with some projects. I’m working on an advent calendar for my sister :)

    • Oh, Liz, I’m hoping so! Half of this year has been spent living out of a carry-on suitcase and sleeping on makeshift beds, the rest contending with boxes. Every day that I’m home I feel closer to being “done.” Here’s to inspiration in evolving places in 2016… “freedom” in the New Year! Thanks for your TLC, xo.

    • Ally, you know how much I love a flavorful mix– room-wise and plate-wise. ;) I still have yet to unplug/re-plug the cords to get rid of the “spaghetti” in the corner and make it happen… one day at at time… you’re an inspiration! xo

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