In My Kitchen ~ November 2016


In My Kitchen are these peach roses, the third “spontaneous bouquet” to grace our dining room table in a month. The Man Of Few Words surprised me with the first two, and somehow this bundle of JOY ended up in my shopping cart…

I’m thankful to be in my kitchen again.

Celebrate your life!


In My Kitchen is a crazy good assortment from

The Veggie Chips (front and center) were entirely addictive; so were the Dark Chocolate Turbinado Sea Salt Almonds (movie treat), Ugandan coffee beans (morning treat), Polenta (dinnertime treat), and Dried Sour Cherries (anytime treat). As for their Thai Pineapple Sprouted Trail Mix, it was the perfect combo of “sweet and heat.” Treat yourself!

Thanks to Chef Mimi for sharing her enthusiasm for I’m glad you did!


In My Kitchen… is soft goat cheese from Lovera’s, just down the road in Krebs, Oklahoma. It’s my new “butter!” After trying to no avail to add dairy (the bovine kind) back into my diet, I finally found something to slather on everything from baked potatoes to Bruschetta. Or make this delectable spread.

Although I miss cream cheese, ice cream, heavy cream (basically anything with the word cream in it!) I’m ecstatic to have this to satisfy my creamy cravings.

Sometimes you outgrow old favorites only to discover new ones.


In My Kitchen… is a pale yellow antique plate that’s been in my family for nearly a century. (Sequestered in the back of a cupboard for almost as long…)

Canapés will be pretty served on it when it isn’t serving as a candle holder.

Get out your treasures and use ’em while you can!


In My Kitchen… are creamed honey with lemon juice (for stirring into tea or making vinaigrette) and quince paste (aka membrillo). A recent issue of Bon Appétit said quince paste was a “trendy” ingredient, not that I follow trends. I discovered these at a Ross Dress For Less store in Muskogee!

You never know when the Universe will smile. :)

Thank you, Liz Posmyk of Good Things for hostessing In My Kitchen. For a fun tour of kitchens around the world visit Liz’s blog for the links or add your own by the 10th.

Enjoying Autumn-hued blessings,

~ Kim

46 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2016

  1. Your linked Honey Balsamic Goat Cheese Spread is fast becoming a kitchen favorite on warm bread, fresh biscuits and straight off the spoon. Yum! sweet and savory play nicely together in this blend.

    • I’m so pleased to hear that, Dee! It was one of those “hmmmm” try it, you might like it recipes that fast became a fave. (Dare I say addictive?!) Tickled you feel the same way!

  2. Do you have a dairy intolerance Kim? Have you tried nut butters to fill the ‘butter’ craving.
    Check this out for a dairy free ice cream alternative I’ve been thinking about making a coconut cream ice cream soon, I’ll keep you posted :)
    Hope you’re feeling well xx

    • Nicole, I feel well as long as I don’t cave in to my “former” cravings. Thanks for your nut butter alternatives! So far almond butter & pecan butter are my faves. Haven’t tried to duplicate ice cream yet… coconut sounds fabulous! Let me know your results. :) xo

  3. such glorious flowers Kim. it’s lovely to have fresh flowers around the house isn’t it? i do love that antique plate you have there and yes we all should use our beautiful things. no point having them in a cupboard. I had to laugh about the quince paste; i thought it was trendy about 10 years ago! not sure about goat’s cheese; i have some bad memories of it. i saw a post about a creamy sauce made with cauliflower the other day. it looked very delish! good on veggies etc i think or meats. have a great November.

    • Sherry, one of my fondest (and my children’s most horrific) memories was when I made a batch of snow ice cream (a tradition carried on every winter since I moved from the North Country) was when I teased them that I’d made “goat cheese!” I thought I scarred them for life (!), but evidently not — I just grilled up a 2nd batch of goat cheese stuffed jalapenos (wrapped in bacon) for my son tonight after he arrived last weekend, and we both swooned over the results. Give goat cheese a second chance! Thanks, too, for your revelation about quince paste already being “trendy” a decade ago. :) I learn something new every day on IMK! xo

      • i hope you didn’t think i was laughing AT you about the quince paste Kim. i just thought it was funny how these things get all trendy for a while then die down again…perhaps we got it earlier here in Oz due to one of our fave cooks Maggie Beer making it years ago and selling it.:)

        • No worries, Sherry! Sometimes I’m slow out of the blocks when it comes to discovering trends! Part of it is due to supply (I live in a small town where “the basics” are all that’s on the shelves) and the rest is due to not paying attention, LOL! Better late than never… and I’m laughing WITH ya, too, my friend, xo. Take care, my sweet!

    • Celia, your comment about my lived-in-looking kitchen made my day. Sometimes the dishes pile up (or I neglect them intentionally in favor of more imminent interests, lol) but we are definitely HAPPY, healthy, and “living gloriously!” Thank you so much, my friend, xo.

    • Sandra, with all the “news” about the bee population decreasing (mysteriously and exponentially), bless you for providing them with Joey roses to buzz about. Long may they live and prosper! xo

    • Thank you, Kari! I ran through (ate through?!) the first order so fast that I desperately need to look through their catalog in depth before I reorder. (Lol, already placed a second order per my “must make recipe list!”) Sometimes my “ideas” run ahead of my pantry… grateful for a supplier who can keep up! :) Thanks again.

  4. HI Kim, that apricot shade is my favorite rose color. I am nursing a “Just Joey” bush in the garden just now, it has the most wonderful apricot flowers. I’m with you, i am trying to pull out all the heirlooms and use them. I’m not sure anyone else in the family will want them and they bring me so much joy and happy memories.

    • Liz, how wonderful you’re nurturing the fresh grown variety of peach colored roses there! (That takes a special knack.) Glad to hear you’re using your heirlooms, too… you’re right, some “memories” are subjective, however, if your family sees how much YOU enjoy them, they’re sure to “want” them someday with YOUR stories and memories attached. xo!

  5. Beautiful flowers – must show these to MY husband. Prompts required now and then! The milky-yellow dish is lovely. I’m glad you found a purpose for it. And I see you have been spooning that quince paste with the photo of a half empty jar. It is addictive!

    • Debi, you’re very observant about that quince paste jar. ;) Yup, I’ve been indulging (every other trip past the refrigerator, lol!) I hear ya on it being “addictive” and I’m hoping there’ll be another jar on my next trip to the big city lest I go into withdrawal. Hope your hubby takes the hint on those flowers… :) xo

  6. So many good things in your kitchen, I do like veggie chips, but i have not had that brand. the roses are lovely, surprisingly we still have some growing in the front garden porch bit, and we’ve had frost – so its pretty amazing. the antique plate is rather lovely too, unusual handles

    • Shaheen, how marvelous that your roses survived the frost! Your front porch sounds like an inviting place. I like the handles on that plate, too — a unique ornament to an otherwise simple serving dish.

  7. What lovely flowers, Kim! And I’m glad you have had three bouquets. What a lovely plate – I’m so glad you found it and are getting to use it. I hope all is well with you! x

    • Maggie, I feel blessed to have had so many bouquets! My hubby just brought home another one this week, an Autumn arrangement with a “just because” card… he’s sweet that way. :) I literally DO take time to “stop and smell the roses” cuz life’s so short and unpredictable. Hope you’re doing well, too!

  8. those goods look good and that old plate is beautiful! I keep wanting to bring out my nice dishes rather than have them in a cupboard but I’m always worried someone will break them so they stay hidden!

    • Faye, I understand your fears about “nice dishes” accidentally being broken. (A few of them broke during the move and it broke my heart…) You can always put one or two on display (somewhere safe) just for the joy of “looking” at them!

    • Tandy, green bean Veggie Crisps were my favorite. Which do you like best? Sorry to hear sour cherries are so expensive there. I’d love to get my hands on some of the ingredients I’ve read about on your blog (and other IMKer’s) — same thing here. At least we can read about each others’ latest flavor sensations! We’re blessed to be able to connect, xo.

  9. Oh Kim, those roses! I can smell them from here. Happy November darling friend. Thank you for the very kind shout out and peek into your kitchen. XXXX

    • My pleasure, Liz! I love how “smells from afar” (thanks to our acute/attuned imaginations) enhance life. Thank you for continuing IMK… such FUN! I’m about 1/3 to 1/2 way through your sidebar, but my eyeballs are goin’ sideways at this juncture — time to call it a day and look forward to more kitchen shenanigans tomorrow! xo

  10. Yay Dear Kim!!
    You made IMK fantastic read, just put my Christmas order in to they deliver to Australia :) :)
    That is wonderful you have found a substitute for cream……
    Also I do like that antique plate and so will take your suggestion to use treasures instead of them being packed away in garage!xx

    • Yay Dear Maddy!! :) I’m tickled to learn that offers international shipping. (How cool is that?) I recently added wild rice from Minnesota (my home State) and Kaffir lime leaves (definitely not from there, lol) to my pantry stash — gotta love an eclectic supplier! Glad to hear you’re unearthing treasures to USE, too. That’s what it’s all about, xo.

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