Happy New Year


Happy New Year! (a few days early…)

Hoping your holidays were merry.

Sending you a lil’ sunset love from the lake, xo.


Would love to expound, but I’m recovering from nerve compression in my neck. (In laymen’s terms: OUCH!)

No piano, minimal computer. Will catch up with you soon.

Wishing you a glorious New Year!

Enjoying anticipating 2017,

~ Kim

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Oh my Kim, that sunset is AMAZING! Bet it was hard for you not playing with Christmas events everywhere. Hope you recover quickly, be careful, maybe Mr MOFW’s can do some massage relief. Have a wonderful New Year, look forward to sharing some stories on 2017. :)

    • Well shucks, Marie (or whatever the Aussie equivalent is for extreme frustration for just now discovering a dear friend’s comment!) I had to cancel out on all of my holiday gigs. Also, TMOFW is SO not into giving me “massage relief.” However, he’s quite adept at refilling cocktails and snack plates while I recline in front of the TV. (Feeling like a sloth…) I’m blessed by such loving attention… yours and his, xo!

      • I must admit I’m with TMOFW in relation to massaging others. Much more impressive to have a cocktail and snack gofer, worth his weight in gold. Hope your are having some relief. XX

    • Hi, Cathy! Will reply to your email soon — thanks for connecting w/me personally, xo. I’ve been babying my shoulder/arm so I can play piano for church this Sunday, but I’ve missed the “online camaraderie.” Your book has arrived, yay!!! Looking forward to a riveting read in 2017. Very proud of you!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your compressed neck nerves. That makes life unbearable. I hope you get relief soon, friend. Gorgeous sunset. Christmas night when we were passing back through your neck of the woods (coming home from Tahlequah) it was white knuckle driving with that line of storms! I didn’t get to nap in the car like I wanted because I was afraid we were going to run off the road. Did you get spanked by rain much that evening? I was glad to get through it and at one point, was worried about a tornado. Yipes. Anyway, I things loosen up in your neck soon and I pray that 2017 brings you blessings!

    • Nolita, thanks so much for your thoughts and wishes. I’ve been “weathering” the neck stuff one day at a time… no pun intended. ;) Glad you made it home okay — we had torrential rain and hail, and both TMOFW & I thought it “felt” like a tornado… yipes is right! God bless you & your family in 2017!

    • Woohoo, Miss Ally, it DID (today) and I’m lovin’ every Boho surprise. I’m SO touched by your generosity and friendship (not to mention your Boho “intuitiveness”… you ROCK!!!) Thank you, darling friend, from the bottom of my Boho heart, xo. Here’s to a FUN 2017!

    • Thanks, Liz! I’ll either end up with the shortest post or longest post for January IMK, lol. (Soooo many treasures to share! :) Somehow I think “moderation” will prevail. Looking forward to reconnecting w/u ‘n’ all in the New Year, xo.

  3. Ouch is right. I hope you have a very relaxing week and you come back full of neckly vigour and ready to face 2017. Happy New Year!

    • Maureen, your helpful tips (re: how to “compute” ergonomically) have been foremost in my mind ever since you shared them. What a lot YOU’VE been through! (Thought I was doing a good job avoiding all that, but “you know!”) Here’s to a vigorous 2017 for both of us, xo! :)

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