Life vs. Art (or vice versa)




Aristotle, Plato, Coleridge, and Freud (et al.) theorized that art imitates life. (Mimesis.) In contrast, Oscar Wilde asserted that life imitates art. (Anti-mimesis.) Whichever view you ascribe to, I’m tickled  when the two converge unexpectedly.

(Or, I may have way too much time to “think” in between, lol.)

Take lobster for breakfast and the ensuing sunset later that day.





No matter in which order they appeared (truthfully lobster did first; it was on my proposed holiday menu), both were delights. Later as the subsequent color schemes became apparent, I was astounded for obvious reasons. I love when that happens!

Earlier I posted that I was enjoying New Year’s food ideas “after the fact” for necessary reasons. Hooray for recipes with no expiration date! Incredibly — not to mention tastily — I was blessed to make this repast a few days hence for breakfast, followed by a skyline that echoed my JOY at the end o’ the day. No coincidence, I “think”.

Many thanks to Buffalo Gals Antiques for the blue-speckled cornbread baker you blessed me with earlier this year; it’s been versatile beyond that and then some! And, to Ally (Boho gal pal) for the plethora of personal and kitchen playthings you bestowed upon moi, xo.

God has been (IS) so good to me this New Year, on my stove and on my plate. Talk about Comfort Food. (Click on the link for more.) I’m blessed to make dinner — or breakfast — and look out our windows at His grandeur. Tickled to share it with YOU too,  xo.

Enjoying life, lobster at whim, art (food or otherwise), philosophy, and sunsets,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Life vs. Art (or vice versa)

  1. I’m thrilled that you are in such a place of joy. it’s been a long journey but we all knew where you’d end up.

    • Maureen, good things are worth the wait, as you well know. (Hopefully that includes belated blog replies… lol!) I’m just glad to be able to share ‘my world’ with you half a world away, and I appreciate your love, encouragement, and friendship more than you know. xoxo

    • Charlie! Please forgive my month-later reply… yikes. Since New Year’s my blog has been an “after thought” (drat) but I’m slowly working up to speed. I truly appreciate your stopping by the lake and I thank you for the blessings! xoxo

  2. You have a unique and artistic eye bringing all this together, luv. The depth of the doubled place mats, modern and vintage (w/napkin), the stunning hue contrast of the lobster against the speckled antique skillet, and then the light peeking in from one side. Just soooooooooo appealing and gorgeee! Now, to dig into that luscious sweet meat, dip it in butter and smile!! Love ya, boho girl! xoxox

    • Ally, my love! (Goodness I’m behind…) It’s such a treat to break out the linens you gave me, xo, and set a proper table — or at least one that’s appealing to Boho-minded souls. TMOFW is happy with his plate and fork :), but I like my “girly things.” Love you!

  3. Oh Kim!
    Not sure which is the blessing!! Your beautiful photography or your take on philosophy,(both) :) wonderful read……xx

    • Thanks, sweet Maddy! For some reason, I’m blessed with an abundance of scenery and time to ponder — and I don’t take either for granted. The least I can do is share… :) xo

    • Thank you, dear Liz!. I’m gearing up for a photo session for February’s IMK as we speak (soon…) One day and “photo op” at a time! Thanks for your unwavering support and encouragement. Focusing on beauty (and blessings) and FOOD get me by. :)

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