In My Kitchen ~ February 2017


In My Kitchen is the bamboo cutting board featured in this post. (This is the Full Monty, tee hee.) It’s turned out to be quite indispensable, for everything from last-minute herb chopping to slicing & zesting citrus, and more. Functional and FUN — and easy clean-up. Thanks again, Ally, xo!

Truthfully, I thought my kitchen was “stocked”. Or, maybe that’s the mindset I adopted out of necessity these past several years? I’m open to surprises! You never know when one gadget might make your life easier or cooking more inspired.

Thanks, IMK friends and dear friends for SO many innovations and ideas, xo.


In My Kitchen… is a Farberware funnel that matches my “accent” color.

Although I’m not entirely wild about plastic (I miss the beat-up metal funnel I had), the head space indicator has been convenient for measuring homemade stock… beef, pork, chicken, veggie, and shrimp… whatever’s simmering or freezer-bound for future meals. Plus, it’s dish-washer safe. Ditto on easy clean-up.

BTW, I love these “quilted” half-pint jars, too — an ongoing gift from my sister.


In My Kitchen… is a marvelous marble rolling pin with an assortment of table linens (another gift from my aforementioned friend, Ally.) After trying to roll out holiday pie crusts with my wimpy wooden rolling pin, acquired in a hurry (“big box” store shall remain nameless), I informed The Man Of Few Words that I REALLY needed a more substantial one. Frankly, the other one couldn’t put a dent in a ping pong ball! His reply? “Get what you need.” (Gotta love that man.)

Hold out for what you NEED. Be patient, no need to rush things! (You’re clever enough to make do in the meantime.) The right tool will come along when it’s supposed to, and it’ll bless you — and others — if you don’t settle. (Go with your gut… you’ll know “when .”)

Lo and behold TMOFW’s sister & I visited an antique shop a few days afterwards. The first thing I spied when we walked in the door was this green and white marble beauty — with a “stand” no less — for a mere pittance, I might add. Some things are meant to be. YAY!


In My Kitchen… are two pieces of pressed-glassware with 100+ years of history.

The one in the front held many a pickle, deviled egg, and/or piece of Divinity or Penuche; the one behind housed myriad side dishes. Grandma’s, then Mom’s, now mine.

The “snowflake” design is reminiscent of my home state of Minnesota, but honestly I enjoy serving from them much more In My Kitchen in sunny, WARM Oklahoma. ;)

In My Kitchen… are a few dishes I tried during my “neck problem” phase. (Almost over.)

Great news! Went to the neurosurgeon on Monday; no surgery or injections needed, just continued chiropractic care and EXERCISE…. here’s to a buff 2017. (Hallelujah!)

Working out carefully is worth the effort, especially when there’s a good meal at the end o’ the day — or another spectacular sunset. Worth the wait! (As are the right tools.)


The glimpses above into my world and kitchen are courtesy of Liz Posmik as she resumes hostessing In My Kitchen following a hiatus during the “busy” season.

Check out the worldwide posts on her sidebar for further inspiration — or add your own by the 10th. Good times!

Enjoying every blessing In My Kitchen and otherwise — YOURS especially,

~ Kim

20 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ February 2017

  1. what a glorious sunset Kim. that glassware is a real treasure. i love old things with history. such a pity my mum’s things were “liberated” by wicked stepmother:( beautiful rolling pin too.

    • Sherry, I’m so sorry I didn’t see your comment until today. (Such is the life of one who frequently ignores her computer, ha!) Too bad about your mum’s things… I hear ya. Glad you enjoyed the sunset, and thanks for your comment!

    • Nancy, I’m not sure on the age of the rolling pin. It looks “well used” but in great shape. (Sorta like us, eh? ;) The glassware is a treasure, and a pleasure to use. Thanks for stopping by! Will be making the rounds soon. I love IMK!

    • Liz, here’s to long histories (no matter how fate tries to cut them short) and enjoying family heirlooms. Your enjoyment of them will leave an indelible legacy one day, xo. Blessings back at’cha!

  2. That rolling pin! I do not wish to acquire that. Rather how I wish to watch you roll a pie-dough with that pin! I wish to see how gently or tumultuously your hands are rolling over than pin! You are my favorite poetess… I love everything about you.

    • Nusrat, I loved the Dr. Suess-ness of your reply, xo. Frankly, “tumultuous rolling out” suits me well and describes my culinary style succinctly — although I’ve been known to pat “gently” as need be. Whatever turns out the best food! I pity the poor uninvited fool who breaches our doorstep with me ‘n’ my marble rolling pin in hand…;)

  3. Beautiful Kim! How’s that for synchronicity? Talk about a pin and lo and behold it appears. It looks so lovely with those linens too. Hope you are doing well, cheers. M

    • Ask and ye shall receive, Maree. :) What amazes me is that I seldom “ask” — stuff just seems to APPEAR! (How cool is that?) Sometimes I have to sit back and breathe in the WONDER of blessings to absorb them all… friendship from afar included. FYI, several of the linen treasures you sent me (months? years?) ago are lovingly displayed in our guest room beneath other treasured mementos… so pretty. Thank you, xoxo!

  4. What a gorgeous sunset! I do agree with you about plastic utensils, but that red Farberware funnel is beautiful. I have a plain white one and (of course) a beat-up metal one that I use when canning. I have an Italian ‘mattarello’ (rolling pin) that is made from olive wood, completely cylindrical and very long. It works beautifully, but now you have me hankering after a marble one! Might apply your method and see if it drops into my lap. Glad you are getting back to fit form!

    • Debi, I’ve long admired “mattarello”. HANDS ON (without handles) brings you even closer to food and flavors in your kitchen. Yours sounds like treasure to love for all time! (And who says you can’t have more than one rolling pin?) Wishing you happy hunting for your next (marble?) one. It’s out there waiting for you to discover it, xo!

  5. Always love seeing what’s in your kitchen! The vintage dish towels are just divine! Love the photo! And, you’re right, that baby cutting board is a quickie for so many things! And, like Maureen, the last photo is amazing!!! xoxox

    • Ally, we’ve been blessed with MANY spectacular sunsets lately. (Wish you coulda seen the one when the wild fires were burning the other day — purple and orange!!! — smoke in the air creates intense colors.) Severe drought here, please pray for rain. I was so overwhelmed that I told TMOFW I couldn’t even take a photo of it. Some things are best “remembered”… kindness, generosity, and Boho spirit, to name a few, xo.

  6. I could look at that last photo all day long. How relaxing is that view?

    I agree that we should know what we want and not settle for less.

    • Maureen, thanks so much for your recent emails spurring me on (no pun intended re: my bone spurs.) Thank goodness for relaxation — you need it (me, too!) — it’s half the battle. I’m finally settling in, but not settling! :) xoxo

  7. Hi Kim, the right tools make cooking a pleasure don’t you think. I’d deem the marble rolling pin a necessity. Well done scooping up that beauty. Sunset over the lake looks superb….

    • Sandra, after punting the past couple of years it’s been a blessing to acquire the right tools and recognize ’em when I see ’em, thanks to IMK and online research.. (Latest find: an All-Clad saucepan with a copper core and lid for less than $10 at a local thrift store… next month’s IMK post!) It took a bit o’ scrubbing to restore it to its original finish, but I can’t wait to make a scorch-free sauce in it. Quality with so many possibilities! Yes, a pleasure, xo.

  8. Happy new year year, lovely Kim. Here’s to a year of good health to you and yours. Love that glassware, such a treasured thing. xxx Thank you for the very kind shout out too.

    • Liz, it’s the least I could do for your gracious attention and ongoing efforts toward promoting our IMK posts, despite your increasingly busy schedule. Thank you! I was just happy to have “something” to contribute this month, and I’m tickled you liked my family glassware. (You’re a treasure, too!) Looking forward to delving into everybody else’s fascinating glimpses in the coming days. JOY is where you find (or look) for it! xoxo

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