Gently Reclaiming My Turf


This past week I went on my first walkabout in over two years (unmitigated life-events notwithstanding) with a sincere desire to reconnect with “my” landscape.

Dawn was ushered in by a pastel sunrise and I couldn’t resist exploring.

Viewing the lake from afar is lovely, but up close and personal restores my soul.


Ma and Pa Goose escorted me the first fifty yards, honking furiously and strutting indignantly. (Must be a nest nearby.) After spontaneous flight the shore was mine.

This time of year the lake is the least colorful and most hopeful — a wait’n’see kind of attitude that initially appears unimpressive cloaked in muted tan, brown, and gray — but, there’s SO much more to see once you get past your first impression.

Shapes. Shadows. Surfaces.

Treasures lurk beneath!

So far I haven’t stumbled upon anything of value yet (nor the hundreds of lures TMOFW and I have “donated” to the lake over the years), but this was priceless.

Beauty and serenity — not to mention self-worth — are in the eye of the beholder. I hope you recognize yours, xo.


Transient residents are welcome, too, to tell the story of the ever-shifting shoreline tempered by wind, water, and time — a continuous Do Over.

We ought to learn something from that. (Every day’s an adventure!)

Nothing stays the same, but we can bear with it gracefully… even scenically.


This driftwood castaway reminded me of a sea serpent. (Maybe Lake Eufaula has a Nessie?) Wouldn’t that be something.

Raccoon tracks (among others), shed feathers, and a barnacle-laden rock or two are but a few of the many reminders that this is a shared space… a sacred place.

We respect each other’s right to partake of the the lake. Yay for my turn!

It felt good to wander again… gently.

Enjoying Oklahoma,

~ Kim

14 thoughts on “Gently Reclaiming My Turf

    • Yay for the whole planet to “Savour”, Jenny! I’m blessed beyond measure to share my neck o’ the woods w/you and tickled that it brought you peace. Thanks so much, xo.

  1. I was saving this to read today, Sunday. Why? Well, I knew it would be something really special. Something like a small personal quiet ‘sermon’ from a dear friend. A ‘sermon’. A reminder. Something that I always need in the chaotic world. Thank you, luv, And, this lake is truly majestic and regal. You are, indeed, fortunate. Don’t take it for granted. Walk it every day. Up close. xoxo Lov eyou Kimmeeee girl

    • Ally, my sweet, isn’t it funny how we save each others’ posts for special moments — for girl time, Boho inspiration, sermons…. :) I thought of you Sunday eve as I watched the Oscars in my PJ’s, imagining you in full regalia and reigning the room with your presence. (Fab party and food, too!). Break out the red carpet… or magic carpet! :) xoxo

  2. Good morning Kim, your Lake Eufaula looks like a most amazing and beautiful place. Thank you for sharing xx

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