In My Kitchen ~ March 2017

In My Kitchen… my cookware collection grows one “find” or treasure at a time. Most of ’em pre-date me by 50 years, but I’m partial to oldies but goodies. ;)

The Guernsey Cooking Ware casserole above (circa 1900’s) was a fixture in my Grandma’s kitchen for baked beans or side dishes, plus it transferred easily from oven-to-table with its wooden-handled, woven-metal trivet. I made a Tater Tot “Hot Dish” in it recently (a Minnesota thang) and my hubby loved it. I loved using it.

In My Kitchen… is a Savory Jr. Roaster — spied and swiftly acquired. With its recessed underside providing indirect heat (thus avoiding the dreaded “dry” roast), Savory Roasters of every size were hailed by housewives from Maine to California circa 1910 as the preferred roaster. History here.

In My Kitchen… is another blessed find. A Descoware Dutch oven made in Belgium. Its sunny yellow color and size appealed to me immediately, so I brought it home and started researching.

Wonder of wonders, their company was subsequently bought by Le Creuset (swoon) and Julia Child featured Descoware on her show The French Chef. (Double swoon.)

In My Kitchen… is this marvelous copper-lid All Clad saucepan rescued at a local thrift shop. It took a bit o’ elbow grease to restore it to its former glory, but it was a steal for less than $10. (They retail for over $200 at Williams & Sonoma.) The copper core keeps finicky foods and sauces from sticking or scorching and it’s an absolute JOY to use. Plus, it “cleaned up nice” (a Southern thang).

Speaking of oldies but goodies, my blog is celebrating a birthday in March. Me, too. Can it really be six years? Going on sixty… next year?! Thanks for witnessing both. Truthfully, neither of us feels old…er.

As for good things, please stop by Liz Posmik ‘s blog for more In My Kitchen inspirations, or add your own culinary frolics by the 10th.

Enjoying oldies but goodies,

~ Kim

32 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ March 2017

    • Kari, the easier (dare I say the more “efficient”?) the better. I’m willing to put in untold hours “IMK” doing prep (mostly for moi and my culinary cuirosity, ha!) but sometimes those one-dish oven meals are the rule of the day. :) Thank you.

  1. Happy birthday Kim for you and your blog. I am in love with your beautiful dishes. That Belgian one is such a beauty. I have some orange enamel baking dishes I bought from an Op shop a while ago which I love. I think they are from the 60s or 70s Such fun.

    • Sherry, your post was a delight.I love Autumn, too (tho it’s still a season away) — something to look forward to. Your orange enamel dishes sound divine! I saw some of those while I was researching mine. Yay for Op Shops and “retro” cookware!

    • Thanks, Moya. Lovely to see you! I appreciate your “blog anniversary” wishes, too. Can’t believe it’s been that long between ‘finds.” Tickled with both… and your friendship. xo

    • Tandy, I too love those solid copper pans as seen in Julia’s and other notable cooks’ kitchens — but mine only has a copper lid and “core.” (The rest is stainless steel.) Even so, the copper seems to enhance how it “cooks” and I LOVE how it looks. Thank you!

    • Too funny, Sandra — love your word “snaffle.” :) Sounds like your thrift store personnel are a savvy bunch! For whatever reason I was blessed to live in an area rife with “finds.” For every beloved item I lost in the fire, I’ve been able to replace or “upgrade” them or discover new wonders. Soooo grateful. xoxo

  2. I have a casserole dish from my mother that looks very similar, I will have to check the bottom. She always used it o make Swedish meatballs and I can smell them every time I pull it down from the cabinet. Those old inherited pots and pans are very special. Love the copper pan, what a find! Is it the one that can be used for making preserves? It looks similar. Definite pan envy going on, $10 oh my!

    • Liz, some of my happiest moments are when I Google something I brought home on a whim (instinct?) and discover its real value. But, much more meaningful to me are the intrinsic value and story behind it. Your “Swedish meatball scented” casserole is a delight!

      I’m pretty sure my copper-lidded (& core) saucepan can be used to make preserves. (Will try that out.) Everything I’ve made in it so far has been superbly, evenly cooked — a joy! As for the “price” I hesitated sharing that (discussing finances is crass ‘n’ all) but it was too good of a deal not to shout it from the rooftops. :) xo

      • You inspired me to Google the back story of some of my inherited pots and pans, it was very interesting and they do have some value on eBay although I am not inclined to sell them. I think that your copper pan is beautiful and a deal if you purchased it for less that the price on Williams Sonoma!

        • Liz, what fun that you started researching your kitchenware! I don’t intend to sell mine either, but it’s interesting to see what’s out there and “what a deal” I may have stumbled upon. Happy Googling! :)

    • Christine, I took a sneak peek at your IMK post and “reserved” it until I have time to fully absorb the wonder. So many good things going on in your kitchen! Thanks for bearing with my sporadic online “schedule”. Can’t wait to dive in… will comment there soon!

      Re: storage space, I have more now than I ever did (pinch me…), partly due to starting over after the fire 2 years ago (ALL the cupboards in our “new” house were empty after that, but it was a great opportunity to re-evaluate what I “wanted” vs. what I’ll USE!) Mostly I’ve been judicious choosing what I want to bring In My Kitchen — it’s so easy to “accumulate” — but time and experience (and cupboard space) dictate thoughtful decisions now. Basically, I’m saying I’m picky, HA! And blessed. xo

      • Oh Kim I’m so sorry to hear about the fire but happy that you have found a silver lining in it. I fully understand how it has probably made you much more judicious about what you acquire. It’s amazing how our lives fill with so much clutter. Thanks for your comments on my IMK post – they were worth the wait xx

    • Shirley, your son couldn’t possibly have celebrated another birthday because you haven’t aged a day since we met! You’re an inspiration to women everywhere (including me), in and out of the kitchen. Thanks for your blogging wishes… here’s to another year. XO!

    • Josephine, I’m looking forward to reading your post! Thanks so much for commenting on mine. I’m grateful to have “treasures” In My Kitchen, but I especially treasure the friendships that have resulted, xo

  3. Has it been 6 years! OMG, where does time go, my sweet Kim! Thank you for that recent real letter, too…of course, you sent it a while back, but I didn’t see it until I got back here to SC from CO. I love my history in my kitchen, too…and yours can certainly tell a tale xoxxo

    • Ally, darling, odds are there’ll be another real letter waiting for you when you get back from China and Singapore. Sooooo very proud o’ you and excited for your escapades! No matter where your magic carpet flies, it’s so nice being able to write to you, my friend. xo!

  4. Oh my, I haven’t had kitchen equipment envy in a long time. I absolutely love all these old classic pots, particularly your grandmother’s Guernsey Cooking Ware casserole. It must have a lot of personal meaning to you as well. It’s really nice to have these biographical objects – things with history. The Belgium casserole was such an astounding find! Kalo Mina (happy/good month) as we say here in Greece!

    • Adam, WOOHOO! I read your comment and immediately ran to the living room from my office (aka Garden Room) as my beloved hubby was engaged in an action/adventure film after yet another six-day week/consecutive Saturday “working” since November. I’d already seen the movie so I made him bacon & eggs for dinner (you know how it is) and I was touched that he kindly hit the “pause” button despite his fatigue while I gushed about YOU, the Jimmy Rockford, and needing to make a trip to Houston soon. Sometimes I DO go on!

      TMOFW is mindful and patient of that — a gem, like you — and one o’ these days you’n’ I will be able to catch up in “real life” to toast our ongoing journeys. Praise God for blessings, “breakfast for supper”, understanding spouses, and every snippet of support and appreciation between now & then. Thanks again, xo!

  5. Your vintage items are wonderful! Good research, too, on their history. What fun.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, I just had the pleasure of reading your IMK post and I’m inspired by your foresight and organization. My pantry seriously needs a “re-do” or a trip to Costco. :) Thanks for commenting on my research. For me, that’s half the fun of cooking and eating. (SO much to learn and SO many blessings to acknowledge, including your kind attention XO.) Every bite is enhanced by “input” — including yours and IMK! Thanks again.

  6. Hello there lovely! Happy 6th blog birthday. Lots of wonderful things in your kitchen this month. I adore op shop treasures and you have some beauties there. I am very fond of your grandma’s piece. Very nice and such memories! Thank you for the very kind shout out and happy cooking xxx

    • My pleasure, Liz! IMK is one of the “mountain top” experiences I look forward to amidst the “valleys” each month. (Don’t get me wrong… EVERY day is good.) Thanks for hostessing! Loved your seaside post… xo.

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