Flowergram X




Though it’s not official for a few days, Spring has sprung here.

Plants and trees are bursting into bloom anxious to begin the next Season.

I don’t mind the head start either. Feels like I’ve been hibernating all winter and it’s time to poke my head out again. Hello!

Wherever you are and whatever the season, relish forward moving change.


Enjoying a Spring-like day at the lake,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Flowergram X

    • Sister Ruth, apologies for my belated reply. I’m looking forward to my “downtime” in July and seeing you then. You’re right on the Forsythia! I’m not a “green thumb” like Laurie, but I’m grateful whenever God “bursts something into bloom” in our front yard and thankful that my photos “illustrate” it clearly enough for someone to identify it. :)

    • The same to you, Liz! (Or Autumn, as the case may be.) It’s always a treat to hear from you “Down Under.” Someday I hope to experience the wonder of the Southern Hemisphere, xo!

  1. I’m so glad Spring has sprung where you live. Of course that means winter is just around the corner and it’s already cold down south. (Even after all these years, it still seems weird that the south is where it’s cold and the north is where it’s hot — thankfully I live in the hot bit)

    Lovely flowers.

    • Maureen, it’s 92 degrees today — another record-setting “end of winter” day. Can only imagine what the temps will be this summer, but thankfully I love living in the hot bit, too! (And I hear ya on getting used to North vs. South, although here it generally refers to Yankees. ;) Love ya, girl!

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