Time For A New Direction

Time for a New Direction

Much as I like it or not, life has been pulling me in differing directions. (Such is the curse of numerous interests and/or obligations.) It’s time to narrow down my repertoire a bit.

I’ve had my way with words — or they’ve had their way with me — for nigh on a 10th of my life in this forum. Somewhere along the line I discarded my love for “long sentences”. That’s not a bad thing, mind you; it suits my original vision for brevity and it doesn’t take up too much of your time or mine. (I don’t have any aspirations to become the next Faulkner.) But, I’ve been yearning to write more than three lines between photos and often I edit my thoughts to fit.

That ain’t right.

This past year involved so much care-taking that I almost forgot how to take care of “me”. I put myself on the proverbial back burner. (And frankly, I’ve been stewing more than simmering.) It’s time for a new direction.

I can’t change the course of life’s “events”, but I can take time… make time… to glance at my inner compass now and then, more frequently than I have. (Complete with props.)

When (and how) did I become so “direction-less?”

Unrelated aside: How many folks do you know who buy notebook paper before, during, and after “school sale” season?” Whether I’m at the Dollar Store, the grocery store, or “Boy Howdy” (gotta love Oklahoma) I’m on the look-out, and whenever I run across college-ruled notebook paper, I stock up. (I rue the day when narrow-lined went out of print, but I’ll take what I can get.) “Reading between the lines” seems to be getting wider by the day.


This morning I thumbed through a book from a dear writer friend that echoed within my soul. It also begged for some “photo op” enhancement with Grandma’s thimble. (It’s not every day the right prop comes along.) While I was taking pictures, it occurred to me that I sometimes take my writing (and me) too seriously. A camera lens helps me to view life with more clarity. Less full of myself.

I have no clue how a little lunch may evolve in the coming months. I may only post a picture. (Y’all all know that ol’ adage…) But, whatever the future holds, it’s sure to be a definitive extension of me. Possibly even less wordy (we can hope). On a new tangent.

Enjoying discovering True North,

~ Kim

Any new directions in your life? Do tell!

14 thoughts on “Time For A New Direction

  1. Your thimble picture says so much, remembering your grandmother who must have sewed. I wonder if anyone sews with a thimble any more. I never really learned to do it that way.

    I’m sure we’ll still be hearing from your blog in some new form or approach!

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    • Shirley, I won’t be gone for too long… I can already “feel” the next IMK (In My Kitchen) post whether it’s one picture or a thousand words! Thank you SO much for your kind attention, gracious attitude, and welcoming cyber spirit, xo. It’s always a JOY to hear from you.

  2. How wonderful for you to be so in touch with yourself. I have no doubt that whatever appears, will be with good reason and heartfelt. I certainly hope we see and read a little from you as I look forward to absorbing ideas from people with deep perceptions. I promise I won’t ask if I don’t see or hear anything! Love that book and the thimble. M XXX

    • Maree, I’m such a fickle blogger. Today I acquired a couple o’ new “kitchen blessings” and my immediate thought was: “Oooh, next IMK” (provided there’s optimal lighting tomorrow… hello April, and.hello “my world” these days.) Things are constantly subject to revision, including “intentions announced ahead o’ time”, but I’m getting better at forgiving myself for my unbridled enthusism :) I’m also learning to keep my mouth shut until “after the fact”… . Thanks for bearing with me and cheering me on while I figure that out, xo!

  3. It will always have the number of words it’s supposed to have. No more. No less. That’s the way it works when you write from your heart (aka experience). I’m with you on the writing part though. I just don’t get a chance to do enough of it. My fault. My fix.

    • Stan, so tickled to “see” you. Thanks for your recent hug/affirmation on FB, too. I agree w/u on the right words at the right time. When we listen to our hearts we know when enuf’s enuf (my tendency is to exceed that limit, lol.) Happy “fixing”, but no apology and/or self-blame is needed nor assigned. We’re ALL doin’ the best we can in the time allowed, xo! I appreciate your eloquent, timely thoughts more than you know.

    • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Maureen! xo Every time I think I don’t have anything to say, I get a lil’ burst of inspiration… thank goodness for blogs as a creative outlet. :) Hugs.

  4. Hello darling friend, I’m feeling a little the same way to be honest. Taking the time, making the time, as you say… please stay in touch whatever you do xxx

    • Liz, you’re surely in the middle of “book tour mania” and feeling depleted by now. Keep taking care of YOU. I sat in front of the lake for two hours this morning and determined that there’s a bigger picture in progress… sometimes our vision is SO limited… some revelations take longer to “realize” than others. Strong coffee helps. (Or whiskey, LOL!) Honesty is the best policy, xo.

      • Hello again lovely… things have well and truly settled down after the book launch now and the last of the speaking engagements has been done. (I actually said “no” to a couple more)… I look forward to the occasional photograph and words from you, because they will always be good. Sipping a wee dram of moonshine in your honour. xx

        • Woohoo, Liz! Not only for moonshine by the dram, but for knowing your own mind/limits. Sometimes we’re far too cavalier about both. ;) Say “no” when you need to. Thanks, xo.

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