Gray Areas


Just when I think life is black & white, gray catches me by surprise. An unexpected mix. A pause.

However, pauses provide perspective.

In lieu of this month’s In My Kitchen post, I’m pausing to pray for those who lost everything during the recent tropical cyclone in Australia. When you have nothing, every prayer helps. Please join me. (For more info, click on the link above.)

Pondering gray areas,

~ Kim

27 thoughts on “Gray Areas

    • Sweet Sherry, your compassionate heart is showing! Sometimes that’s the ONLY thing that helps folks recover from disasters, tragedies, and “unanswered questions.” We may never know “why” (on this earth), but having a “willing spirit” speeds their recovery and ours. xo

  1. Surprisingly there was very little coverage of this news in the UK and I was really sorry to hear of the loss, most of which i have learned through other bloggers. Your blog post is humbling. Thank you and my thoughts are with you at this time.

    • Shaheen, I’m basking in your online “hug”. Thank you, xo. What confounds me is how much of the news these days is advertised in advance, scripted, and repeated.(More like “entertainment”?) It’s not like there isn’t enough NEWS to report, as this disaster attests. I didn’t even know about it until Liz posted… glad she did (sad as it was to hear) and doing whatever I can to help, even if it’s just prayers. Thanks again!

  2. My goodness – I grew up with those aluminium trays. My mother and both my grandmothers had them. I’ve been sending my wishes to all of those in both Australia and the US who have suffered extreme weather recently.

    • Debi, I had a similar tray “pre-fire” and was tickled to find a replacement at last. You’re right — they were a popular item back in the day! The brand is Everlast, which says a lot about their durability! Thanks for joining me in wishing folks well “Down Under” after the disaster.

    • Many thanks, Kari! So far we’ve been okay weather-wise here (Oklahoma), other than the seasonal “severe weather.” (I generally sleep through it! :) I appreciate your kind thoughts.

  3. Kim, you know how difficult disasters can be having lived through your own. Here in Northern California we have had devastating summer fires the last few years. Thank you for the thoughtful post. We were away during late March/early April and I am only just now catching up on the terrible international news.

    • Liz, I’m sorry to admit that I’m often uninformed (intentionally) about all of the disasters that beset our world. (My brain can only take so much chaos.) Hope all is well in your world!

        • Amen to that, Liz! I’m informed when I want to be, but I’ve had so much “incoming” these past few years I tend to insulate myself from the assault as needed. Glad to hear you got rain. We’re hoping for some this weekend. Too many wild fires too close for comfort! Take care, xo.

  4. Such a thoughtful post. I’d be happy to send you some of our rain, we’re getting too much as I type. They called for an early release at schools today in anticipation of very high winds, tornadoes, hail and flash flooding. Seems there is always a natural disaster somewhere these days.

    • Gretchen, I SO hear ya! We’re about to enter “tornado season” here — Oklahoma is known for those. Sorry to hear about your recent weather fickleness and cancelled school days, but it sounds like you “know from whence you speak.” Be safe! xo

    • Oh Ally, you’ve been there with me every step of the way. (Remember when my computer melted along with your cookbook prototype and all of my edits the week before deadline?!) NO stress, LOL! Life goes on. We shall overcome…. :) xo

    • Thanks, Lorraine! For every step back, there’s a step (or TWO) ahead, and I’ve been blessed to have more than I could have ever imagined. I’m OK! Thankful to help the next round of folks in need, even if it’s just with heartfelt prayers & awareness of their needs.

    • Here’s to kindred souls, Francesca… thanks so much for your understanding thoughts, xo. As the ol’ saying goes: “Been there, done that!” Compassion is forged in the wake of such communal “knowing.” Hope all is going well with you. Let’s spread the recovery blessings!

    • Maureen, as wet as it is there, it’s incredibly dry here. Just last week nine homes were destroyed by a wildfire 6 miles east of us. (I held my breath, smoke-filled though it was.) God spared us this round and I’m so grateful… and my heart can’t help but FEEL for anyone who’s life has been altered by a “disaster” — wet or dry! Thanks for your verbal hugs, xo.

    • Oh, dear Liz, I thought we were on hiatus until May or I would’ve mentioned you by name! (Thanks for including me.) Hope all continues to be well with you and accolades to Sherry for stepping up to the plate next month. Disasters have a way of reorganizing our priorities and renewing our perspective on “what’s important.” You are important to me! xo

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