In My Kitchen ~ May 2017

Iris 1

In My Kitchen… April showers bring May flowers, or so they say. Pictured above is one of “my” irises. Can’t take credit for nurturing ’em; they magically appear every year. I’m thankful for spontaneous beauty! Below is a photo of last weekend’s rainfall. (Pay no attention to the weeds in my flower beds, lol.)Wheelbarrow

This is NOTHING compared to last month’s devastating tropical storms “Down Under”. Hope y’all are doing okay, xo! In the meantime it’s been wet here, too — and my lavender is lovin’ it.


So do my “Okie orchids” below, or whatever they’re called. (Horticulture is not my forté.) I love seeing their sassy lil’ blossoms in our back yard (with apologies for re-posting a somewhat gratuitous website/logo photo from a few years back, but I wanted to show you a “close up”) — unfortunately, we’ve been under a wind advisory lately and it’s difficult taking flower photos when they’re waving about wildly. 70 mph gusts… that’d be 112 km/hour for you waaaay Southern folks, whoosh… welcome to Oklahoma.

In My Kitchen… is a photographic potpourri reflecting “life”. A hodgepodge reflecting every given moment — or my latest thrift store find. (Inspiration is where you find it!) Claim it and move on. Make your life your own!

Cobalt rimmed pitcher 2

This cobalt rimmed pitcher is a prime example. (It holds at least a gallon of H2O!) Here’s to staying hydrated this summer… and hello, Lizformer hostess of IMK. ;) BTW, for more fun and culinary adventures, please visit Sherry from Sherry’s Pickings for this month’s kitchen inspirations, posted by cooks from around the world. (Thank you ALL!) Sherry graciously took over the helm of In My Kitchen and the fun continues. Take a peek!

Side Table

In My Kitchen… (or the corner of our dining room) is a 1940’s side table that houses my camera case, purse, and hopefully a “lake-themed” fish sculpture or art piece soon. (Or maybe I need to create my own?) I acquired it after a recent much needed “girls’ day out” and had FUN in the process. The craftsmanship is phenomenal and the camaraderie far exceeded that.


In My Kitchen… are my latest issues of Milk Street Magazine ala Christopher Kimball, formerly of America’s Test Kitchen, and Cook’s Illustrated. My late Sis used to subscribe to the latter and I learned tons from it (and from her); the former is a new publication that delights my palate and culinary curiosity. Even if I can’t EAT it, I can read about it!

This past year has been one of refining/honing down my dietary limitations. Let’s add soy, tree nuts, eggs, and corn to my allergen list, shall we?! Besides wheat and dairy — basically, everything I ever loved to cook with and EAT, aarrgghh — every “allergen” on the back of labels seems to have an adverse affect on me. Not sure what’s up with that (or why), but I still eat WELL thanks to “scratch” cooking and a plethora of IMK inspiration worldwide. For that, I’m eternally grateful!

Sorry this is a tad lengthy. Such are the vagaries of posting infrequently. Once a month? I had a larger (and/or more frequent/regular) vision for this space when I started. Will try to do better in May. YAY for new months beginning on a Monday — do you revel when that happens, too? — and for IMK inspirations from near and afar. Thanks, Sherry!

Enjoying Life On The Lake despite my “limitations”, 

~ Kim

43 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ May 2017

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  2. Love your post. It’s like our visit the other day filled with easy conversation and life observations. Carol


    • Hey, Carol! Looking forward to meeting up with you again soon for more of the same. Thanks so much… I have a feeling we could visit for hours on end! :) Glad you enjoyed the post, xo.

  3. Hope you’re surviving all the rain and wind Kim. We’ve had plenty of rain in Victoria, Australia over the past month too – everything is looking lush & green at the moment. I’m in love with your Okie orchids, they look beautiful and so delicate :) Hope you’re feeling good with eliminating all the ‘bad’ food from your diet. It’s hard I know but your body will thank you very soon xx

    • Hi, Nicole! I’m loving the green here, too — there’s always a positive after the deluge, including that wonderful “rain-washed” aroma. Thankfully the wind has died down, too. To everything there is a season — including food — and I’m feeling better than ever by being diligent. Thanks for the reminder to pay attention to my what my body wants/needs. Good stuff! xo

  4. I know all about weeds! I think I have more weeds than lettuce now. There is never enough time to get it all done. I’m also enjoying fresh flowers, plus my hydrangeas will probably be fully bloomed by the end of the week. It’s nice to know the online community and IMK is there to help get you through all your allergies. We are lucky enough not to have any allergies in our family so I can’t even begin to know what you’re going through.

    • Gretchen, thanks for your TLC re: my allergies. It’s been a challenge, but like you said, with so much information willingly shared, I feel blessed. Reminding myself of all the things I CAN eat helps cope with the “no-no’s” — that, and I’ve gotten used to making two dinners every night. (One for my hubby and one for me — often with similar “main” ingredients, but customized sauces, sides, etc.) Your hydrangeas sound lovely. My neighbor has some and they’re SO beautiful. Best wishes on keeping up with (ahead of?) the weeds! :) Thanks again. xo!

    • Hi, Tandy! After I pulled all the weeds in my flower garden (whew!), I sowed wildflower seeds and they’re just beginning to sprout. Will take a photo for a future IMK post once they’re blooming. Still tickled with that side table… glad you were, too! I’m managing the allergens meal by meal, even if it means eating “beans & rice” for the rest of my life, lol. (Thankfully, that’s one o’ my favorite meals!) Take care, xo.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about the growing list of allergens. That sounds really tough. I hope the various ‘ free from’ products flooding the market can help a bit. Your garden produce is beautiful and that 1940s side table is wonderful.

    • Kari, at first it was the pits not being able to eat pasta, butter, etc. but I’m thankful for being able to cook from scratch (IMK recipes and ideas help!) which I adapt as needed. As I told another friend above, thankfully my CAN eat list is longer than my CAN’T eat one! Life is still good… and tasty, too. :) Glad you liked that side table — it’s been a blessing, xo.

  6. I do like lavender and also have some growing in the garden, for the bees but also for cooking with. Is yours edible for making cakes etc. I am also very sorry to read about your growing allergen list and sorry that there are a number of things that you can no longer enjoy.

    • Shaheen, our precious bee population appreciates the lavender — birds and butterflies, too! Hadn’t tried cooking or baking with it yet. (I need to do some research on “edible” vs. “inedible” — thanks for mentioning that.) In the mean time, I still enjoy cooking (and eating, yay!) and my “allergies” have simplified my menus… fruit, veg, meat, a side of rice (or Thai noodles), salads, etc… tasty and good for me! Thanks for your caring comment, xo.

  7. Hello lovely Kim! What beautiful irises! And I love your vintage side table – great find! Hope you’re well – I haven’t been online much lately, there’s been too much to do IRL (“in real life”, the kids tell me). But it’s so lovely to peek into your kitchen again this month! Much love xxx

    • Celia! Lovely to see you, too, xo! My online activities aren’t as frequent either (I hear ya on IRL ;), but IMK is a fun way to catch up. So nice to visit with you again! Take care.

  8. That’s a wonderful side table and I’m sure it will feature in future IMK posts to showcase items. Spring has most definitely sprung there. We are back in Brisbane, having missed the cyclone but my garden certainly needs some TLC. I have dozens and dozens of palm fronds to dispatch as well as pulling out all of the water logged plants that are perfect for drought tolerance but couldn’t survive the deluge from Debbie. How annoying that the dietary limitations continue to increase – I’m sure it will level out eventually and then you can start getting creative!

    I’m back from a break from blogging and reading blogs so enjoyed reading your post. Thanks for sharing

    • Fiona, so good to “see” you again! Hope your break was refreshing. It’s good to step away from all things online now and again! Sounds like you have your hands full with the storm aftermath. What drought tolerant plants are you trying to rescue? Our summers lean towards that extreme, despite the soggy Spring depicted above. Not saying I’ll be able to grow them (ha!) but I like learning about them. Take care! xoxo

  9. Beautiful flowers — it’s so nice that it’s finally spring. But we are about to have frost again in MIchigan.

    best…mae at

    • Mae, I grew up in the land of surprise frosts (Minnesota) and can only imagine Michigan is even more temperamental with the “lake effect.” Hope it’s warming up for you soon! So sorry I missed replying to your comment earlier than this. (My attention span is as sporadic as my blog posts, lol!) Thanks so much for stopping by the lake! xo

  10. That’s a lot of water to fall from the sky. It has been very wet over here, you’re right. I love bearded irises and all the other Springtime gems you have in your garden. I really like that side table, Kim. So great to see your post!

    • Maureen, you’ve been on my mind lately… will fire an email to you as soon as I can. Are you doing okay? How’s your back? I hadn’t heard of “bearded irises” before (shows how much I know, lol!) Made me think of Merlin. Then again, I said they “magically appear.” :) XOXO!

  11. So… you have irises, lavender and orchids (okies)… and you don’t have to toil for them. I’m jealous beyond measure. And I love the blue rimmed pitcher. You can send it to me when you’re finished with it, along with the corner table. I don’t know MilkStreet…but I very rarely look at recipes. I’m afraid they will ruin my taste buds. And finally.. what do you mean Sherry is taking over the helm?
    Enjoyed catching up…see you again soon

    • Stan, thank you so much for dropping by the lake with your kind observations! Too funny… after I filled up that pitcher w/water my first thought was I’m probably exceeding my lifting restrictions. (A pint’s a pound, ‘n’ all that.) If I decide it’s not gonna work for me, I’ll be sure to bequeath it to you.

      Re: Milk Street… it’s a brand new magazine (I’m a charter member; ain’t I special?!) and the writing is spectacular, as are the “cooking tips.” I debated whether or not to subscribe, but I was in need of a lil’ personal coddling via mail. Plus, I intend to pass them on to my kids — extraordinary cooks — reduce, re-use, recycle, lol!

      As for Sherry taking over the helm… IMK (In My Kitchen) is a worldwide gathering of “food-o-philes” begun by Celia of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial a number of years ago; after that, Maureen (Orgasmic Chef) took over; then Liz of Bizzy Lizzy’s Good Things managed the monthly “link up” until her recently published book demanded more of her time and attention. Sherry (of Sherry’s Pickings) stepped up to the plate (literally) to keep us connected. These dear international blogging friends (mainly from Australia) were responsible for donating enough to purchase my fabulous stove and fridge after our fire (2014) — what a blessing and inspiration they are and continue to be. :) I love ’em all and it’s a JOY to keep in touch.

  12. My dear Kim…doesn’t matter the length of your posts, I want to hear from you all the time, see what you’re doing and know what’s happening. In fact, I’m loving those big wood steps and RR ties (??) I’m seeing in your garden…didn’t even notice the weeds. Those things are gorgeous! And, you know how I love great finds from thrift, consignment stores, yard sales and more. Sounds like life is getting boring w/all the allergens…dang it, that stinks!! xoxo Love ya girl!!

    • Thank you from the bottom of my Boho heart, Ally! I FINALLY have time to write, but do ya suppose I can think of a single thing to share with the world more than once a month? LOL! Two steps forward, three steps back. I’ll get up to speed eventually. Speaking of steps… those RR tie retainer walls and stairs were our friend, Bill’s, innovation. I love their “rustic” contrast against my haphazard flower garden. Finally got the weeds cleared… planted a ton of wildflower seeds… waiting for Nature to surprise me. :) As for the allergens, they’ve reduced my kitchen playfulness exponentially — but they’ve also stepped up my game. My CAN eat list is bigger than my CAN’T — woohoo! — and aren’t I the lucky one? :) xoxo!

    • Sandra, I used to worry about the weather, but it’s so “crazy everywhere” as you said, it’s not worth the mental effort. In the meantime, I’m blessed to be able to keep my home in order. The hall stand is working out great! Hope you find one that tickles you, too. xoxo

  13. Yes, April showers bring May flowers! But what do May flowers bring?? PILGRIMS, of course!!

    (Just a little jocularity for you!)

    • Marian, believe it or not, I thought of that joke when I wrote that. ;) Funny how those things stick with us… I have a post in the works about “What’s black and white and “red” all over”? (Pretty much my kitchen, ha!) Thanks for the smile. XO!

  14. Oh my, that was some rainstorm! Spring offers such a surprising mix of happenings, some more of a treat than others. Hooray for blooming iris, lavender and “Okie orchids”.

    • Dee, ain’t that the truth?! Everything you said described Oklahoma to a T. (But I still love it here!) Sometimes a lil’ unpredictability is good for the soul. :) xo!

    • Thanks, Lori! I’ve always had a “thing” for unusual side tables and it’s been fun looking for “just the right one” one at a time, slowly but surely. :) Glad you enjoyed the flowers, too. xo

  15. Hi Kim, I do love your thrift store purchases. In another life, decades ago, I used to do the same and I kind of miss it. I can now participate vicariously through your posts! Kalo Mina (Happy Month) as they say here in Greece. Hope the weather calms before you’re blown away!

    • Debi, I completely understand the “vicarious life.” That’s why I enjoy IMK so much! The ideas, foods, flavors, and destinations keep my imagination thriving, even tho I can’t taste them or travel there. (Yet!) Poking around in thrift stores is my lil’ slice of fun close to home. Will think of you next time I wander down an aisle. :) xo

  16. Love those flowers, Kimby! I don’t have green hands but I do admire pretty plants. Past weeks have been hectic for me but I’m finally settling down after going for few massage sessions. Hahaha! Signs of ageing. Lol! xoxo

    • Shirley, savor every moment. (Massages, NOT ageing, lol!) We can’t escape the inevitable, but we can treat ourselves well in the meantime. Glad to hear life has slowed down a bit for you. Me too, at last. Hugs… xoxo.

  17. hi Kim
    what a glorious flower you have there. so pretty. yes the cyclone was destructive. at least we only lost one tree. love that jug . I think it is the same as one i have. It is clear with that deep blue rim. i use it as a vase. love your side table. old stuff is good stuff:)

    • Sherry, welcome (again) to IMK hostessing! Glad to hear you escaped the overt cyclone damage, but sorry to hear about your TREE. They’re such dear friends! We have several in our front yard that we kept hoping would survive the fire (2014), but this year was the telltale year. If they didn’t “leaf out” by now, it’s doubtful they ever will) But, life goes on! SO glad you mentioned using your cobalt rimmed jug as a vase — wish I’d thought of that before my irises quit blooming — next year I’m going to enjoy a pitcher full! :)

  18. Hello lovely! Wow, that’s some downpour! I don’t think I’ve seen irises in my garden for a while. Not sure they’re getting enough water or sunlight (but then I didn’t plant them, the previous owner did, and she didn’t consider positions). Love the good things in your kitchen. That op shop glass edged with blue (we have two wine glasses to match), and your hall stand. Happy month of May xxx

    • Liz, I asked the pitcher seller if they had any cobalt-rimmed tumblers (miss my yard sale ones from a few years ago) but they were unavailable and/or “out of stock” Your wine glasses sound like a treasure. Hang onto them and enjoy every sip! I didn’t plant my irises either; they’re a perennial “hug” from the previous tenants with a green thumb much larger than mine. Thanks for noticing my hall stand, too. Every time I look at it I swoon. Or, as my hubby reminds me, “You’re so easily entertained”. (LOL!) Lucky him, blessed moi. :) xo

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