Fun Stuff


Life’s been in a bit of a lull lately (blessedly and gratefully so) and inspiration oft arrives when and where you least expect it.

This morning as I sat outside with my clipboard on my lap awaiting profound thoughts ;) I sipped on a cup of java listening to birdsong. I also had to grin at my “Crocs and sox” — me ‘n’ Mario Batali, woohoo!

Yup, I finally traded in my cowboy boots. (I do keep a pair at the ready for snake season… a different kind of “fun”… gotta love life at the lake.) Praise God for comfortable footwear and amenable places to “think thoughts.” Here’s the view I was contemplating.

The View

Speaking of “The View” (as seen on TV), its foodie counterpart is The Chew . I’m not a regular TV-watcher, but I do brake for cooking shows now and then.

A thousand pardons… I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Michael Symon. I’ve long admired him (his 1,000 mega-watt grin continues to light up my life) and the banter between him, Mario, and their affable cohorts — not to mention their incredible edible inspirations — are such fun!

Meanwhile, back outside…

My flower beds are finally weeded and the wildflower seeds are planted. Does anyone know what that vine is? I tend to err on the side of “purdy” vs. horticultural, thankfully without a rash so far. (Please let me know if it’s a weed!)

Other fun stuff: music and food.

I’m sorting through a plethora of recipes and regulating music rehearsals as we speak. These days I have to meter out my time and attention span. Balance is key.

Food and Music

Oopsie daisies! (Don’tcha love that line by Hugh Grant in Notting Hill?) I nearly forgot to include food photos. I’ve also been known to sputter similar meaningless aphorisms… “holy cow”, “what a hoot”, and “that’s hilarious.” C’est la vie! Never hesitate to express yourself, even if it sounds silly… make that fun. Your thoughts matter! I love ’em  all.

And you!

Enjoying a lil’ fun at the lake,

~ Kim

6 thoughts on “Fun Stuff

  1. I love your joie de vivre, Kimmmeee! You always make me smile when I open your posts. And, just for the record, your tootsies are way purrrrdeeeER than Mario’s! Those dishes look luscious…eating ‘high on the hog’ even if it’s biscuits and gravy makes us happy! Keep this wonderful ‘fun stuff’ coming…honestly, I can almost smell the water, feel the sun on my face and the breeze wafting as we sit together on your porch xoxox ~ally Love you, girl!

  2. Gosh, I’m a fan of Crocs too, dear! They served me well over the years! Perhaps you’d like to join me in adding some accessories on the Crocs……… Hello Kitty, perhaps?? Hahaha! xoxo

    • Shirley, I can picture you with Hello Kitty accessories on your Crocs…PINK Crocs! :) I’ll have to look for some clip-on’s at the shoe store, though I lean towards “shiny, sparkly, pretty, oooh aaah!” I’m a rhinestone cowgirl, lol!

  3. Holy cow fits so many situations, don’t you think? What a lovely view to contemplate life and wait for inspiration.

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