Happy Places

My New Happy Place

In this chaos-filled world it’s important to find or create Happy Places to feed your soul. Somewhere to step back or away. A hopeful point of view that renews and regenerates.

Today it was as simple as splurging on a pot of flowers.

(Okay, two…)


I’ve been looking at that burned up ol’ stump long enough. Time to add some color to it! The end result made me happy.

I was also tickled to be grilling out this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you to every soul who contributed to such unabashed freedom. (Feeling blessed.) Your sacrifice has not gone unnoticed, nor unappreciated.

Grill Full of Goodness

Make the world a happier place, beginning with yours. Do whatever you need to do to give… thank a Veteran… and remember the fallen. We owe them so much.

Enjoying a peaceful (and tasty) weekend at the lake,

~ Kim

6 thoughts on “Happy Places

    • Liz, thank you! I’m in the throes of post-travel exhaustion (which I know you can relate to) and that was about as much as I could muster for coherent thought, lol! Sometimes “short ‘n’ sweet” posts and replies say more than meets the eye. Much appreciated! xo

    • Hear, hear to al fresco, Shirley! Even though your high-rise digs don’t allow much (any?) “yard” to create such surroundings, your creativity will come through in every space your heart and imagination touches, xo.

  1. Dear Kim,

    I know what you mean by creating Happy Places. We are doing major renovations to our house and I made sure there are many happy places in our plans. Totally agree that we need to be thankful to the fallen who have given the ultimate sacrifice to ensure our freedom.

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