Why Life Is Like A Sandwich


Life’s been a tad squishy lately. Ever feel that way? Just when you think things are set in stone, black ‘n’ white, and/or definite, fate throws you a curve ball. I tend to compensate for the chaos by constructing sandwiches.

Sandwiches are solid, dependable, infinite in variety, and as creative as your imagination and fridge contents (immediate, too, not counting toaster time) and things feel slightly more “predictable” with a self-made Dagwood in hand. You may not be able to control your circumstances, but you’re in charge of what goes into your mouth.

Pictured above is a flavor combo I fabricated awhile back: sun-dried-tomato turkey with avocado, Dijon mustard, and martini olives on gluten-free toast with sweet pickles. The Pastrami was an afterthought. (Who says you need bread to enjoy a slice of Pastrami?)

The appeal of avocado slices paired with savory turkey felt apropos. Spontaneity won. Take charge of your life — and your food — when things don’t go as planned.backwards-olives

Why is life like a sandwich? Because there are more choices than you realize at times. Make decisions (and sandwiches) that make YOU happy. Even when they’re squishy.

I’m gonna be off the grid again (second trip to Minnesota in two weeks) and I’m looking forward to reconnecting with you a lil’ more regularly when I get back. In the meantime, go make yourself a sandwich. :) Let me know what you come up with, too!

Enjoying the unexpected,

~ Kim

12 thoughts on “Why Life Is Like A Sandwich

  1. Whenever I think of “sandwich,” I think of an interview I once saw with Ivana Trump. The reporter asked her what she liked to eat when she was just having a day hanging around the house, what kind of sandwich she likes. She sat up a little straighter and said, “I don’t eat sandwiches.” LOL!!! Who doesn’t eat sandwiches!!!!

  2. Life is pelting me with curve balls lately, so I’m taking advice a la Kim; today’s sandwich featured grilled Canadian bacon, a slice of Havarti, some grainy mustard and a smear of lingonberry preserves. Real life decisions delayed til another day, but sandwich fixins are keeping me entertained.

    Sending you positive vibes while you’re in Minnesota and upon your return.

  3. Know you have a lot going on, my dear Kimmmeee. And, you’re so right, our runways are shorter and shorter every day…make those good decisions that bring happiness to you…right down to that sandwich and what goes on it and w/it! For me, there’s gotta be some kettle chips!! xoxo Love ya!

    • Ally, I’m not thinking of “shorter runways” until I land in Mpls on Monday and Tulsa the following Monday night. Life is definitely more precious by the day, XO! Though I’ve yet to haul a stash of “kettle chips” on the back of a Harley through the Grand Canyon — or to the BOTTOM of it — I hear ya. I have a weakness for those crunchy treats, especially alongside a custom-made sandwich! :) Love you, too!

    • Stan, it’s always a treat to hear from you! Your posts are “quotable”, too, especially your video interpretations of your lovely wife’s artistic notions. (Apologies for not giving you both equal accolades and attention!) Right now I’m frying my “dairy-free” taters & onions on the stove in bacon grease (leftover from our “traditional” Saturday morning breakfast — (bacon & eggs — gotta love the South, never mind cholesterol — I believe the current “acceptable” culinary term is bacon fat.) Whatever! My hubby’s spuds and onions are sautee’ing in BUTTER on the grill next to some bodacious smoked pork chops, and I don’t feel like I’m missing a thing! Which brings me back to sandwiches… suit your taste, your preferences, and your inspirations! :). Thanks again.

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