Sushi Break


Tom's sushi.jpeg

(Sushi & Saki photographed by my son)

Some folks love Sushi and others can’t stand the thought of it. How do you feel?

I was skeptical at first.

In The Land of Ten Thousand Lakes where I grew up (Minnesota), the “catch of the day” was generally fried in butter with a mound of sliced potatoes (sizzling in butter) served with toast on the side (slathered in butter.) Goodness, I miss lake breakfasts! (And butter.)

Maybe it’s the buttery texture of Sushi that I love? I haven’t tried making it at home yet — and I don’t recommend that you do — unless you have top-grade fresh fish, razor sharp knives, and your kitchen is as antiseptic as a surgical suite. Sushi is not only an art, it’s a matter of strictest hygiene. I admire well-trained chefs who inspire confidence in both.

My first taste of that delicacy was at a sales convention in Baltimore many moons ago. I wanted to appear hip with my “foodie notions” — plus, I really wanted to try it! It was love at first bite.

Ironically, my son & I never did get to take a Sushi break on my last trip home. We had bigger fish to fry — so to speak. :) More on that in a subsequent post.


In the meantime, I enjoy making and eating “wanna be” Sushi-style seafood. The fresher, the better. Gotta love the fishermen in my life. :)

I still love every bite.

Wishing you a flavorful summer. Try somethin’ new! And, let me know your thoughts on Sushi.

Enjoying buttery recollections,

~ Kim

9 thoughts on “Sushi Break

  1. My nephew had sushi at his wedding rehearsal dinner. I put wasabi on my plate. Thank goodness I poked the tines of my fork in it and just tried the smallest bit. Even then, I thought my tongue would burn out of my mouth! I liked the sushi, the wasabi–not so much.

  2. I’m a fan of good sushi (prepared to order with impeccably fresh seafood). Although sushi making is a fun roll-it-yourself project, we tend to head for our favorite local sushi bars instead. I love to watch the experts in action and to try new, unusual combinations.

  3. I do enjoy sushi, Kim, but it MUST be ever-so fresh and prepared in an establishment that’s clean and reputable. Happy summer to you. xx

    • Liz, I hear ya on “ever-so fresh” and clean and reputable. My daughter who lives on the East Coast declares that she won’t eat Sushi in the Midwest, however the “Sushi joint” my son & I frequent was voted Rochester (Minnesota’s) #1 Sushi restaurant for a number of years running. (Plus, I’m fastidious, too!) Best wishes to you as well, summer or winter. See ya ’round the “kitchen” (IMK) in August. I’ve been missing all the fun — and you! xo

  4. Honestly, hubby & I aren’t exactly a fan of Sushi altho we frequent Japanese restaurants, but I enjoy making them for potluck parties. We prefer Sashimi since they’re just raw fish minus the rice……. xoxo

    • Shirley, thank you for clarifying the difference between Sushi and Sashimi. (I was gonna Google it, lol!) I’ve had both — now that I know, ha! — and enjoy the variety and artistry. Wish I could attend one of your potluck parties…. xo!

    • Ally, my love, I agree on relying on the Sushi experts! I also wish you could’ve tasted my “fish dish”. (Swoon…) Looking forward to trading flavorful moments and memories with you in the future, xo.

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