In My Kitchen ~ August 2017

I’m delighted to be In My Kitchen again. After three cross-country and out-of-state-trips in two months, I came home with lots of memories. And a few goodies, too!

Utensils 2

In My Kitchen… is a set of Acacia wood cooking utensils, a gift from my cousin Barb. They’re beautifully crafted and a joy to use! She also surprised me with Coconut Infused Black Sea Salt and Alderwood Smoked Sea Salt.


Last weekend I grilled shrimp marinated in Champagne Orange Balsamic glaze with coconut-infused salt, and a pork loin seasoned with the smoked salt. Goodness!Grilled Goodness.JPG

In My Kitchen… are a pair of potholders crocheted by my cousin Jeanne. Their diagonal design is appealing and the thick layers protect my hands and counter tops. I admire folks who do needlework and I can never have too many potholders — especially ones made with love.Potholders

In My Kitchen… are a set of plates for smaller servings, found at a thrift store for a mere pittance. The bubbles in them inspired me to pick up a bottle of bubbly, too. (Prosecco in this case.) Homecomings and thrift store finds are meant to be celebrated!


In My Kitchen… are a few things I made between sojourns. A girl’s gotta eat, ya know! (So does The Man Of Few Words.) He doesn’t mind me cooking separate meals. If Mama ain’t happy… :) Take care of yourself while you take care of others.

Blue plate special on a white plate

“Blue Plate Special” for him

Lime Chicken

Pan-Seared Chicken with Makrut (dehydrated lime leaves) for me


Cookies for him

Gluten free Dairy free chocolate cake

GF/DF Chocolate Cake for me


Heirloom Tomato and Romaine Salad (for both of us!)

This post is linked to Sherry’s Pickings. Once a month Sherry features fun reads and cooking ideas from around the world. Click on the link to see for yourself! (You can add your own kitchen antics by the 10th, too.) I’m blessed by ’em all.

Enjoying being In My Kitchen again,

~ Kim

40 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ August 2017

    • Many thanks, Kari! Our local “libation purveyor” smiles at my sporadic purchases of bubbly. Why reserve it for New Year’s Eve? There’s always something to celebrate! (In moderation, of course.) Porter peaches are in season here (an Oklahoma treat, yay!) and I’m sure there’ll be a Bellini or two in my future. :) Thanks again for the welcome back!

  1. What fun thrift store finds. I would celebrate with some prosecco too! Such dedication to cooking two separate meals. I’m not sure I could handle that on a regular basis. My problem is all the carb lovers in my family would gladly eat pasta, rice or potatoes all the time and I really shouldn’t. Damn their high metabolisms!

    • Gretchen, I hear ya on those high metabolisms. (My hubby’s the lucky one — not me!) Sounds like your family is blessed by your good cooking, too. Glad you enjoyed my fun finds! :)

  2. That coconut black sea salt sounds very interesting. Love the acacia utensils – so beautiful and functional. Making pot holders can become addictive – but a good way to use up leftover yarn or scraps of cloth. Your cousin’s creations are lovely.

    • Debi, my crocheting cousin said the same thing about “addiction.” :) ! As for the black sea salt, the color is definitely intriguing. (Makes me feel like I’m eating lava, ha!) I feel blessed to have such a loving, generous family. xo

    • Lorraine, there are tiny pieces of coconut dispersed throughout the salt, but even so, it tastes more “salty” than coconutty. However, there’s a “sweetness” that comes through, too, which I can only attribute to the coconut. (I’m going to try out my mortar & pestle on it to see if I can release more of that coconut flavor.) That said, I still find myself making “taste tests” regularly. :) It’s really good!

  3. I do love charity shops, that is what we call thrift shops in the UK as you can pick so many unique things, your plates are so lovely. The Acacia wood cooking utensils are utterly gorgeous, would you ever use them, I think I never would and just admire them. PS I agree with Sherry and feel the same about Abhijith comment, watch out my blogger friend.

    Would love a slice of the choc cake right now, want something sweet.

    • Shaheen, the ol’ adage goes: “Once, a victim. Twice, a volunteer.” (And, “Third time’s a charm!”) I’ve been warned three times now to “watch out” and I will. Thanks, my friend! The Acacia set is very “user friendly” (hand wash only, which I don’t mind), and one of the pleasures besides looking at them is HOLDING them. Smooth, wonderful tools! Wish I could send you a slice of cake. :) Thanks again! xo

  4. Hi Kim, love the unusual shape of those beautiful wooden utensils and the infused salts look wonderful too. In fact it all looks glorious in you kitchen right now… cheers to a glass of bubbly:)

    • Moya, thanks for stopping in (will be in your kitchen shortly to comment) and also for your summation: “glorious.” I love that word, especially when it describes my kitchen — and life! Feeling blessed… xo.

  5. Thrift stores (op shops as they are known here) are indeed to be celebrated. I have wanted some little earthenware shallow dishes to serve tapas, for the longest time, but I wouldn’t but new ones. Finally I was rewarded the other day. Just two, but it’s a start. There’s something very pleasing about the slightly crisp, bubbly top on your chocolate cake. Glad to be back in the IMK swing. xxx

    • Fiona, the slightly bubbly looking top on my chocolate cake was due to subbing some somewhat “chunky” almond meal for part of the GF flour the recipe called for… a girl’s gotta do… tasted good, too. :) Yay for your op shop finds! I love tapas and I’m sure yours will be delectable on your newfound pair o’ plates. xo

    • Shirley, we’d have a blast shopping together! Mostly, I window-shop (and enjoy), but when I see something that’s a treasure, I “know” and snap it up. You do, too! Here’s to “savvy shoppers.” :) xo

    • Tandy, I’ve noticed an affinity for flavored salts among our IMK friends, with good reason. They add such a POP to dishes, judiciously applied. The fun thing about the smoked salt was that it was “chunky” — had to get out my mortar & pestle to grind it to “sprinkle-able”. I love hands-on — cooking, eating, and homecomings. Sounds like you do, too! xo

  6. I’m telling you, I always feel like a littl’ voyeur when you share these posts of what’s new in your kitchen! And, I love the sweet thoughts and stories behind them. Those plates look AWESOME!! I mean I could dig in right now. And, I’m loving that blue plate special for Russ!! Dang, I could so dig into that!! xoxo

    • Ally, “voyeur” away! I feel the same when I look at your sumptuous repasts and inspired posts. (Fork ever at the ready!) Blue plate specials (even on white plates) are near and dear to my heart after all the truck stop meals I devoured, and my “waitress/short order cook” background hailing back to my teens! :) As for those plates, I feel a Nicoise salad comin’ on…

  7. do you think that fellow Abhijith is a real person Kim? looks a bit suss to me. there is no actual link, and it sounds just like the Anon comments I am getting that are just nonsense. Maybe watch out for him. Love your post and thanks heaps for joining in. Your chicken dish looks delish. Prosecco is the drink du jour lately in Australia too. i have a bottle in my fridge – well half a bottle. love the potholders – so nice when someone makes them for you with love as you say. Ah smoked salt- it’s my downfall. i just love it. thanks again for joining in. x

    • Hi, Sherry! When I typed the link in a separate tab it took me to the website and it has positive motivational posts. (Posted several times a day!) I remember those early, enthusiastic blogging days :) Every once in awhile Spam gets past my filter (I hear ya on those) so I’ll be judicious. Thanks for your concern, xo, and cheers — with a glass of Prosecco, of course! :)

    • Sherry and Kim — I’ve been getting a lot of nonsense anonymous comments since I opened up to “anonymous” because otherwise a lot of IMK bloggers couldn’t comment. I couldn’t figure out a setting that would let in the ones I wanted and keep out the ones I didn’t. I decided I need to just ignore them, mark as spam, and move on!

      • Mae, thanks for your follow up with Sherry ‘n’ me. I haven’t experienced “anonymous” comments (thankfully) and I’m sorry to hear they prevented your IMK responses from coming through, unless you allowed the bogus ones. (Gotta love cyber space…) Don’t have a clue which setting will prevent that, but it sounds like your course of action is prudent! Unfortunately, bloggers (and their comment sections) are ripe for riff raff (dang it!) when all we’re trying to do is share our hearts, homes, and legitimate lives. I ended up editing my new friend’s comments and will be in touch w/him about “blog etiquette.” Again, thanks!

  8. So many goodies in your kitchen, Kim. Loving those potholders, the salts and the wooden utensils. Happy cooking for August. What?! August already? :-O

    • Liz, this summer (winter) went by fast, especially being away so much. (You know how that is!) I kind of played catch up in this post, ha — glad you enjoyed all the goodies! Take care, xo.

    • Thank you, Mae! Once in awhile I hit on something that only requires one stint In My Kitchen if The Man Of Few Words is feeling adventurous or there aren’t any allergens that aggravate me. Otherwise, yup. Thank goodness I love to cook (and EAT!). xo!

    • Thanks, Abhijith Padmakumar! Friendship and food were my inspirations. :) About three years ago I found the “In My Kitchen” community through some mutual blogging friends in Australia. We share our finds (and food!) once a month and it’s a lot of fun.

      • Wow thanks so much Kim. I am so glad that you found it out and made the best out of the opportunity. I am really happy for you. Sure I will check it out soon. Have a nice day ahead my friend.

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