Rhapsody In Blue VIII

There are two kinds of fishermen on the lake. (Three, counting vicarious photographers.) Not only do we rely on serendipity, we thrive on hope. Here’s to the souls anticipating the “catch of the day” by whatever means.

A few years back, I’d climb down the thirty-foot drop to shore over uneven rocks and toss in my “hook, line, and sinker”. These days I have to be cautious about my balance — particularly my inner balance. While I may not be able to do what I “used to”, it doesn’t deter me from having fun.

Life is a series of compromises.

Figuring out the best one for you — sometimes daily — requires a knack similar to fishing, a small dose of humility, a huge dose of gratitude, and a heapin’ helpin’ of self-awareness and self-acceptance. For now, “watching” suits me just fine.

South side

Ever had to give up an integral part of yourself (temporarily or permanently) to deal with “life”? How did you cope? Did you have fun? Do tell.

Enjoying uncompromising pleasure,

~ Kim

11 thoughts on “Rhapsody In Blue VIII

  1. After clearing an ice rink with a major ice skating accident (unplanned up in air and down on the back of my head) major concussion and year-long memory problems, I hung up my figure skates and bought a baby grand piano… a life-long wish since I was eleven-years-old.. Older adult piano (Alfred book) playing and other music helped my brain to heal and brings joy to my spirit and home!

    • How cool is that, Catherine? (The baby grand, not the ice skating accident.) Sorry to hear you clunked your head… I’ve had to deal with aftermath and repercussions of my “youth” (on ice skates or otherwise), too. Play that piano, girl!

      • P.S. Loved that your middle name is Ludwig. (Beethoven is one o’ my favorites!) Keep plunking away on your “older adult” Alfred books. I’m about to revisit Hanon & Heller — and my metronome-metered scales and arpeggios. Going back to the basics keeps us moving forward. :) Take care.

    • Shirley, I was just about to fire up the grill and shrimp (aka prawns) were on the menu. :) How thoughtful of your son to take you fishing! Glad to hear you had fun, and I bet your dinner was delicious, too! xo

  2. life is always a balancing act – sometimes physical, sometimes mental, sometimes emotional. Like Alice said in her comment, ‘we can’t lose our sense of adventure or let ‘fear’ keep us from at least trying’. So true. Our friends, sometimes even more than family, support us, give us sounding boards, a hand or touch when needed. Happy September as we transition into the fall months watching for clear skies and slightly cooler temperatures.

    • Carol, I had no idea you were a writer… LOVED your comment and thoughts! I agree w/u about “support”, too. Every bit of encouragement we receive “as needed” (blessings all!) keeps us on the right path. (And yay for transitions!) Thank you.

  3. Kim…your message is loud and clear…yes, we do have to realize that some things we modify as we get ‘oldER’ but not OLD. We can’t lose our sense of adventure or let ‘fear’ keep us from at least trying, and doing more carefully and judiciously, and enjoying what we love to do for the rest of our lives. So watching them fish is the next best thing to fishing. Great great read (as always!!) xoxo

  4. Yes, I have, but I can’t share it on an open forum, darling friend. Lovely photos, as always. Happy September to you xx

    • Liz, I totally understand your “open forum” thoughts. If I blogged about “everything” I’ve been through these past few years (which I can’t), your inbox would reject me! :) Glad you enjoyed this glimpse, and Happy September to you, too! xoxo

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