Beaded Beginnings

Hippie Beads 2

I grew up in the era of groovy. Far out. All righhht! The 1960’s.

But, on a small farm in rural Minnesota, love beads were a lil’ hard to come by.

So, I watched. Waited. Collected ideas. Five decades later, my creative space is finally starting to look like my dream.

Hippie Beads 3

Recently I began volunteering at our church’s Mission Store a few days a week, where the proceeds fund our food pantry. (I’ve always had a heart for feeding folks, be it from the quickly depleted shelves there or my own kitchen — every hour standing behind the check-out counter or my stove makes a difference in someone’s life.)

BTW, check-out clerks are allowed to “shop” during lulls and you never know what might show up in the donation bin. Last week it was Julia Child’s Mastering The Art of French Cooking, Volume Two for 50¢.

This week it was groovy.

I spied the miscellaneous bag of beads when I walked in and immediately recognized their former glory and potential. (My dream!) Nobody paid attention to them for hours, so I watched. Waited. (Until my break.) Snapped them up and hung them up at home!

TMOFW smiles at my ongoing Boho notions.

Speaking of which… my friend Ally offers tons of inspiration and encouragement re: living the life you’ve dreamed of on her website and in her VRAI inaugural e-magazine. Plus, she’s hostessing a custom Boho jewelry give-away. Such fun! As she’s oft said: “Dreams have no expiration date.”

Yes ma’am, gal pal. Don’t I know? :)

Enjoying groovy dreams come true,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Beaded Beginnings

    • Hugs back, Carol, and apologies for my belated reply. September almost got away from me, but Autumn is about to erupt… hoohah! Don’t know if it’s the cooler temps or some mystical, cyclical force spurring me on, but my creative inspiration always busts loose this time of year. (God is so good to me, xo.) I’ve been waiting a long time for this. :) YAY!

  1. KIMMMMEEE! When I saw this title in my inbox, I got sooooooooooo excited!! Ha ha…we surely are Boho souls!! I am totally love your space and all the vibes. Yes, it’s comforting to go back to our 60s roots and re-ignite those wonderful days of being carefree and free spirits. We’ve earned it at our age! Please take more pixs and share. Want to see every little detail. AND THANK YOU for the shout out of the giveaway…there is some stunning boho jewelry PLUS wait til you see what’s coming in OCT! Love you bohoista sister! xoxo

    • Ally, there’s been a Boho vibe between us since Day One. (I can’t remember when we “met” either, lol!) All I know is that our friendship was meant to be, xo. The beaded curtains, too. I love it when the Universe smiles. :)
      I’m going to hold off on taking more pics until I paint the walls (which I’ve been wanting to do for THREE YEARS!) As soon as our daytime temps get below 90 and Autumn shows up, you’ll be the first to see. I also might paint a canvas (easel & brushes at the ready!) to fulfill another dormant dream… stay tuned. Love you, darling girlfriend!

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