In My Kitchen ~ October 2017

My new kitchen mat

In My Kitchen… good things are afoot… or under foot. I’m a firm believer in making life comfortable, especially when I’m on my feet. Pictured above is the new floor mat by my “prep” area; the one below resides in front of my stove. (The third one by the sink is “basic brown” and I didn’t want to bore you to tears.)

Some day

In My Kitchen… is this silverware caddy. Flatware caddy? Utensil tray? Whatever you call it, it’s an indispensable part of our daily dining (for lack of a drawer). I found it at a yard sale awhile back, and as they say: “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.”

Silverware caddy.JPG

In My Kitchen… things aren’t always so utilitarian. I break out the cloth napkins every now and then and treat folks to a “dolled up” dinner — me, included. Although “ironing” may sound utilitarian, it’s anything but with these aprons cheering up my laundry room. (Thanks, Ally, xo.)

I Love To Iron

In My Kitchen… I felt myself slowing down in September (seasonal lethargy… zzzzz), but now that October’s finally here, the cooler mornings and hints of color are teasing me to go outside and play. Or play In My Kitchen! I recently played around with this recipe… Three Ingredient Flourless Almond Cake. (Originally Walnut Cake… you know me.)

Almond Cake

For more In My Kitchen posts from around the world — as colorful and varied as the Autumn foliage (or Springtime “Down Under”) — please visit our cordial hostess Sherry Mackay at Sherry’s Pickings. Feel free to join in by the 10th of each month, or simply read and revel.

Enjoying playing again,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ October 2017

  1. Adore the first mats, esp. the first one and those aprons. I have so many aprons but never seem to wear them! My utensil tray got damaged recently so it needs replacing, thanks for the nudge. Plus love the ‘K’ in your recent blog post, i need to seek out an S

  2. I really love those floor mats. Ours are just plain brown jute – rather boring! Love flourless almond cake – very moist and delicious – but it never lasts long in our house. I can always count on you to come up with a few interesting second-hand items. There is nothing like a discovery in a junk shop or a yard sale!

  3. I love love your kitchen…a true Boho adventure that’s just as tasty and delicious as an enchanted forest!! And, that 3 ingredient almond cake sounds divine!! Love the littl’ clothes line…you are stinkin’ creative!! xox

  4. Those mats are a good idea. Not sure I’d be able to find the iron if I needed to! Glad you are enjoying getting into the garden, love in between seasons. XXX

  5. Hi there Kim, happy October to you. Love your new floor mats, and the recycled drawer thingy. Your aprons are very cheery indeed xx

  6. I love the apron ‘art’ dancing on the line, such a colorful, cheery addition to a functional space. Cloth napkins are regulars around here, though it takes a special event to break out the iron & board. Wishing you an Autumn full of energy and fun.

  7. thanks heaps Kim for joining in and the kind words. lovely to have you here in IMK land. what a great idea to have mats underfoot when cooking. i may take up the idea. yes i have several aprons too, but i keep forgetting to wear them. last time i took one off the hook, i found something that had been missing for years so you can tell i don’t wear them often. see you next month! cheers S xx

  8. Cute aprons! I actually wear my aprons because I am such a messy cook. I am capable of splashing tomato sauce or cherry juice on a distant wall (white)! So I really need to protect my shirt. Such a retro thing to do — but cooking is retro these days. Glad you are still into it.

    best… mae at

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