“K” is for Kim


K is for Kim

My K arrived today!

There’s a story behind that and someday I may be at liberty to tell it, but not now.

Let’s just say its arrival was a re-defining moment in my life after a lifetime of being “nicknamed” something else.

My name is Kim!

Enjoying being “me” with a capital K, 

~ Kim

15 comments on ““K” is for Kim”

    1. Laila, I have so many untold stories in my head and I’ve only just begun to write them down. (It’s taken a lifetime to get to this point.) Yay for being able to play with words at last! I’ll try not to keep you in suspense too long. :) Thanks, my friend!

    1. Dear ChopinandMysaucepan, as a pianist you can certainly understand the liberating effects of such a declaration… not only for the moment, but in every note played thereafter. It feels good to connect with “music” on a deeper level again… I’ve been needing that, too. Thanks again, xo!

    1. Carol, there’s so much wisdom in your thought about personal expression. When we “hold it in” we hold ourselves back. We also don’t give people a chance to get to know us. Or them. Self-expression is a two-way street, and hearing other folks’ thoughts doubles the fun!

    1. Me, too, Jeanne! :) At first I thought it might be too “personal” (at the time, it was sort of a defiant self-defining moment, ha!), but I figured: “It’s my blog; I can write what I want.” :) I’m glad I did, and thank you for noticing. xo

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