“K” is for Kim

K is for Kim

My K arrived today!

There’s a story behind that and someday I may be at liberty to tell it, but not now.

Let’s just say its arrival was a re-defining moment in my life after a lifetime of being “nicknamed” something else.

My name is Kim!

Enjoying being “me” with a capital K, 

~ Kim

16 thoughts on ““K” is for Kim

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    • Laila, I have so many untold stories in my head and I’ve only just begun to write them down. (It’s taken a lifetime to get to this point.) Yay for being able to play with words at last! I’ll try not to keep you in suspense too long. :) Thanks, my friend!

    • Dear ChopinandMysaucepan, as a pianist you can certainly understand the liberating effects of such a declaration… not only for the moment, but in every note played thereafter. It feels good to connect with “music” on a deeper level again… I’ve been needing that, too. Thanks again, xo!

    • Carol, there’s so much wisdom in your thought about personal expression. When we “hold it in” we hold ourselves back. We also don’t give people a chance to get to know us. Or them. Self-expression is a two-way street, and hearing other folks’ thoughts doubles the fun!

    • Me, too, Jeanne! :) At first I thought it might be too “personal” (at the time, it was sort of a defiant self-defining moment, ha!), but I figured: “It’s my blog; I can write what I want.” :) I’m glad I did, and thank you for noticing. xo

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