Sporadic, But Still Inspired

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I never imagined there’d be so many interruptions when I first set out to “blog.” Back in 2011 my plan was to scope out tasty things to cook (and eat!) and share them regularly —  with scenic photos and miscellaneous thoughts to distract you in between lapses. So far I seem to be doing pretty well on the lapses. But, I’m still inspired!

Adapting has become a way of life. Living. Cooking. Eating. Every day is different, and today has been nothing short of glorious.

I feel blessed to state that.

It was “too cold” (for those of you who live in my former home State, 50º — I’ve officially become an Okie, lol)  to open windows and finish painting the kitchen, so I concentrated on stove-top pursuits instead. Beef Stew. Polenta made with homemade chicken stock and a whole lotta love. 50 minutes of stirring beats 50º in my book any day.

I also practiced piano, cleaned the bathroom, started a letter to my pen pal (that’s the beauty of letter-writing; an immediate response isn’t required and interruptions are par for the course), and took photos of my progress. (Distraction is my middle name, lol.)

The light in the next photo knocked my socks off. I love California Olive Ranch EVOO! California Olive Ranch EVOO

Mid-afternoon I treated myself to a heart-warming glass of Australian Cabernet — a gift from a friend — and thought how wonderfully it’ll go with tonight’s dinner. (Thank you.) Sneak peak of my kitchen paint color, too — aptly named: “Autumn Fog.”

Coonawarra Cabernet

Nothing else much to report from the lake, other than wind and waves typical for this time of year. As I said, glorious.

Enjoying what’s left of October,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “Sporadic, But Still Inspired

    • Maree, that wine was absolutely exceptional! How nice knowing that you & I have enjoyed sipping the same vintage. Someday I hope to share a glass with you. (Well, not “share” the glass… or at least I won’t, ha… that bottle is more than ample for two. :) Thanks for noticing the changes in the shoreline. Autumn has arrived. Happy Spring! xo

    • Thank you so much, Amanda! Your comment made me feel like I accomplished one of my original goals for this blog… providing a peaceful place to unwind. Yay! Much appreciated… xo. Wishing you many more relaxing moments.

  1. Life evolves. When I started blogging, I had a set idea of what I wanted to do – i.e. recipes and sharing ideas on food. Well, that changed, too, and now I blog about all sorts of things – travel, photography, books (on food and travel) and just random thoughts usually tinted with a bit of history. I think it is a good thing to let your blog evolve with you – posting when and what you want, even letting the blog sit idle for a while if you need to recharge those batteries. Enjoy the rest of October. The photos of the lake look wonderful.

    • Thanks, Debi! I’ve enjoyed watching your evolution, too. :) There was so much emphasis on posting at the right time and optimum number of times (SEO, or whatever that term is) when I first started, I finally made an executive decision to ignore it and say what I had to say (IF I had something worthwhile to say, LOL) whenever I wanted as you wisely advised. Life’s been much simpler since then. Sounds like you’re on the same track, yay!

    • Dear Liz, isn’t that what it’s all about? Ironically, I have so many words in my head it’s about to explode, but I’m the patient sort. Some days are better lived and more aptly described by a good glass of wine, a bowl of Polenta topped with Stew, and a look at the lake. :) You “get” it. You get ME! So glad to know you, xo.

  2. There’re lots of interruptions in life, isn’t it? My stay-in plan was again disrupted & I flew off to Indonesia for a spa retreat & retail therapy. An entire week off to recharge was good & I just got back last night. It’s nice to be greeted by a lovely post like yours, Kimby. xoxo

    • Shirley, I’m so glad to hear you got a chance to recharge, unexpected though it was. Retail therapy is good medicine! :) (Spa retreats, too, although I’ve never been on one.) My “therapy” and retreat is looking at the lake every day. And, messages such as yours… tickled to hear from you, as always! xo

    • Carol, I believe you’re of the same mindset… EVERY day has blessings to offer when we open our eyes to recognize them. Even cleaning the bathroom was cathartic, lol! I love your deep thoughts… kindred souls, xo.

  3. Oh Kim!
    So happy you have kept going with your blog even with (interruptions)
    Wonderful insight to your day on the lake, and just love your coaster…

    • Cool that you noticed the “slogan” on that coaster, Maddy! I took pictures of it, but refrained from posting… didn’t want to brag, LOL! But, life truly HAS been better on the lake since we were blessed with this spot — thanks be to God. Pinch me! You’re a very perceptive friend and I love ya!!! xoxo

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