In My Kitchen ~ November 2017

Painted kitchen

In My Kitchen… a long-awaited project is almost finished. I’ve been wanting to paint our humble abode for three years, but “life” happened and I had to put my dreams on hold. (That, and I couldn’t decide on a color.)

Actually, the hue didn’t concern me as much as the “mood”. Considering that I spend the  majority of my waking hours In My Kitchen, I put lot of thought into how I wanted to “feel” in that space. Calm was the consensus.

Depending on the light at various times of day, the “Autumn Fog” shade of grey I got undulates between soft grey and blue-ish, similar to the expanse of water out yonder. Yeehaw, I have a “lake kitchen” at last!

The Lane

In My Kitchen… is a range hood that finally matches my stove. The old, white one — a vintage behemoth with a lopsided light bulb and fan that sounded like a semi idling above the stove (nostalgic, but noisy!) gave up the ghost. This is so much better.

New stove vent

It took some cobbling to install (the duct sizes didn’t match!), but with The Man Of Few Words’ tenacious ingenuity, I think the results speak for themselves, and highly of him.

Is it just me, or does that triangular shelf behind the stove need a back splash? (I was thinking “multi-colored tiny tiles in some sort of a pattern… somehow I think that will be my future project instead o’ my man’s. :)

Speaking of which, I’ll be off the grid briefly to celebrate our upcoming anniversary. Nothin’ fancy planned, just fishing together and steaks on the grill. That, and a drive through Autumn’s finery. Ahhhh…

Fall foliage

What a JOY to celebrate the start of another era in a kitchen that mirrors my spirit — and TMOFW’s — with a surprising splash of color right in our own back yard. xo

Backyard color 1

Be sure to visit Sherry (at Sherry’s Pickings) for more IMK posts, including great ideas for holiday gift-giving! My world-wide friends are gracious about linking their “finds” — plus I learn SO much every month and it’s entertaining to boot. Love y’all!

Enjoying my “lake kitchen”,

~ Kim

25 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2017

  1. I love the lake effect of color in your kithen – serene, yet variable. Isn’t it grand to enjoy a lakeside life?! I can just imagine the fun you’ll have playing with paint samples as you plan the triangular shelf project. ;)

    • Dee, we have similar “water mindsets” — soothing, calm, serene — and variable! I can only imagine the conditions you’ve faced being out ON it. For now, I’m content to “look.” My back splash sample is on the way… stay tuned! ;) xo

  2. Your kitchen space looks wonderfully calming indeed and I love the Autumnal colours outdoors too, its my fave season – though the leaves have been shredded from the trees where I live due to gusty winds. I am liking your cafe Paris mat too, I need to look out for something to in the kitchen as the floor is getting cold. Happy November to you and thank you so much for your kind words.

    • Shaheen, thanks for your thoughts, xo. Our floors get cold this time of year and any “insulation” helps. Mostly though, I’ve spent a lifetime on my feet and I’m mindful of what aggravates them — plus that mat looks nice (and FUN) and adds to my JOY “IMK.” Hope you can find a similar one soon… YAY for Autumn… my fave season, too!

    • Sandra, that “triangle” came with the house, so I can’t take any credit for that. However, you’re right — it needs more color! (It’s so sedate, I’ll fall asleep in front of the stove, ha!) Thank you!

    • Tandy, I was pleasantly surprised thinking the grey might be too “dark” but it’s actually brighter now. (Might be the satin finish?) Anyway, it’s my favorite room in the house and it’ll be even “more favorite” if/when my tile idea is manifested. :) Thanks!

  3. Love that space of yours, Kimby! In my part of the world, we don’t DIY much. Our men are pretty spoilt, so there’s no handyman around our house. Lol! Even fixing a shelf may seemed mission impossible to most of them as help is just a phone call away. We usually engage an Interior Designer or Contractors for home renovations & jobs like painting. So seeing western men doing carpentry jobs in videos circulating in FB make my jaw drop. Hahaha! xoxo

    • Shirley, I remember the fabulous job those painters did on your place! (Wish I could enlist their help, but it’s lil’ ol’ me n’ my paint brush and rollers. :) (No video anytime soon, ha!) Thanks for your humorous encouragement and fascinating look at life there. xo

  4. OK, Miss Kimmeee…the shelf behind the stove is ingenious! Love love it! And, grey is the new it color…we paint the entire house gray!! Love your posts and letting me peek into your beautiful world xox

    • Miss Ally, I’m envisioning a carnival of color on that shelf eventually … grey, white, red, cobalt blue, perhaps emerald green? (Basically all of my favorite colors except orange!) To date, that “Bermuda Triangle” has been a pain in the you-know-what to clean, so why not add a lil’ COLOR and colorful motivation to clean it? For now — and in the near future — plain white it ’tis… but as you well, my eye is always on future Boho possibilities. :) xo

    • Liz, thanks for your thoughts on reflecting the lake IMK and the practicality of tile. I take my “seasoned” (and highly respected friends’) recommendations seriously. It probably won’t happen before the next IMK (lol!) but it’s on the back burner, so to speak. Thanks, too, for the anniversary wishes!

  5. I wonder why people underestimate grey as a wall colour? I really is a calm colour, comes in so many different hues and reflects and refracts light and colour so well. Your kitchen bluey-grey walls look both classy and calm. Good choice! After that little diversion on the colour grey…hope you have a happy anniversary.

    • Hey, Kay! Thanks so much for commenting. The kitchen is coming along nicely and Russ ‘n’ I had a laid back anniversary. To us, “daily moments” mean more than “milestones”… I have a feeling you know what I mean. :)

  6. hi kim
    thanks sooo much for joining us in IMK land this month. Lovely to see you there. it must be so nice to have a home by the lake. very calming i imagine. isn’t it nice to finally get things fixed up? your paint job sounds fab. have a wonderful anniversary!! and those Autumn colours looks superb. i do miss the change of seasons, as QLD is pretty much warm and not so warm:=) cheers S xx

    • Sherry, my pleasure to join in and thanks again for hostessing! I’m looking forward to clicking on the links and catching up with everyone this week. Such a fun forum in IMK land! Again, thanks, xo.

  7. Tile is a very practical material behind a stove, or in fact anywhere between the upper cabinets and the countertop. I’ve been very pleased with it — and I did use small tiles with an occasional accent one. Your blue-grey color is very pretty!

    best… mae at

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