Extraordinary Evenings

Every day that ends with a sense of contentment is a good day whether I accomplish anything or not. Sunsets seem to affirm that. (We’re here to witness, share, and be, folks — not just “do”.) I grew up ingrained with a “doing” mindset and my self-worth was often measured by how much I got done. It’s taken me decades to get past that primordial training. Last year I put my life on hold to take care of my family, and as a result, I put The Man Of Few Words (“our” life… my life?) on hold for over six months, took an unpaid leave of absence from my job, and contended with limited cell phone signal,  almost no internet (save for my son’s tablet), and a Minnesota winter.

I was a mess when I got home.

It’s taken almost a year to regain my sense of “self”, feel the slightest modicum of creativity, and forge ahead with “my” life — or at least what I formerly envisioned it to be — while handling ongoing phone calls, daily crises, paperwork, and myriad “to-do’s” once I got home. Old habits die hard and fatigue can play funny tricks on your brain — not to mention sap your strength and leave you feeling hopeless.

Yet, I don’t.

Every day back at the lake is a stellar day… followed by an extraordinary evening. (Even when I don’t do a gosh darn thing!) Sometimes I just need to absorb it all. Contentment reigns.

During your tenure on the planet you’ll oft be presented with challenges you don’t feel qualified to face. “Buck up, buttercup” and face ’em anyway! There’s a lesson to be learned and life goes on. Things will gradually become sharper and clearer, even if you’ve had to put you (and/or your “envisioned” life on hold for unprecedented/unanticipated lengthy stretches and you question every decision.) Eventually, it will all make sense, Or, as TMOFW has oft encouraged me (while I wondered aloud about my sanity and ability): “When God wants you to be doing something else, He’ll let you know.” In the meantime, it’s segueing gently between my obligations and my dreams… being aware… and taking care of myself. (Even if it’s just looking at a sunset.)

As if to say “amen” to that thought, my poetic friend j.i. kleinberg recently published this poem entitled The Evening.

found poem © j.i. kleinberg ~ The Evening

After “all of the above”, this is how my life has been lately… halfway between my dreams and reality… with a lot of “blue” up for consideration.

Enjoying re-configuring life at the lake,

~ Kim

33 thoughts on “Extraordinary Evenings

  1. Denie’,

    Thank you kindly. When life takes us on a roller coaster ride it–we must keep a positive mindset, stay encourage, and count it all joy!
    We have to support each other and keep each other thinking in the right direction.
    One thing for sure, Kim is a warrior and teaching us the true definition of walking by faith and not by sight.

    Stay blessed,


    • Oops! My replies were out of order above, Charlena… sorry about that! I hear ya on life’s “roller coaster ride” too. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the front seat screaming my head off — BUT my arms are waving “heavenward” and I’ve got a big grin on my face. :)

          • Hello Kim!

            Lol, I am knew to this– I opened an account a couple days ago. I thought I was blogging. I thought when I click the “write” button and submit I was blogging. LOL, I guess not. How do I go by setting up my blog? Could you help me with that?

            …. And thank you so much! I’ve been where you are.. and I still have waaaaaays to go, however, I’m learning keeping a positive mindset and counting it all joy helps improve the situation.

            Thank you so much I love your blogs!!

            • Hi, Charlena! I’m a “non-technical” person when it comes to computers — LOTS of “by guess and by golly” involved! ;) Is your blog on WordPress? They’ve been wonderful about helping me with mine whenever I have questions. Does your blog provider offer technical support? Sorry I can’t be more help, but you’re headed in the right direction!

            • Yes it is on WordPress and I have tech support.. I thought I was blogging since I have an account with WordPress.. and since I write and communicate with other’s.. I do not have a “title” like other people– as I see on their profile..

            • I have a question for you– May I ask.. Do you see my picture? I am trying to fix it lol.. And so you see ~Live, Love and Pray~ ???

              Thank you :)

  2. Kim,

    Continue to count it all joy! The foundation of life have its up and downs. However, after reading your post you are the source of hope and the giver of love. You are a powerful lady who is strong and encouraging others. Keep shining, keep growing, and continue to count it all joy!!

    Many blessings,


    • Charlena, I was blessed by your comments and “count it all joy!” (Made me SMILE! :) One of the adjuncts of peace is perspective — without the “downs” we can’t fully appreciate the “ups.” Love your attitude of gratitude. Thank you!

      • Kim,

        I agree 100%– without our “downs” in my opinion we will not appreciate growth. Without our “downs” we will not be able to see how far we have come. When encounter another challenge we will be able to say, “If I got through that, I most definitely can get through this!!

  3. Thank you Kim. You are an inspiration to me. We are in the process of downsizing and moving to a much smaller place, lots of things from our larger (read large closets and garage) home of 27 years need to be given or donated away. When I think of how difficult it is emotionally to let go, I think of what you went through. It makes it easier. Our possessions do not define us. You remind us all of what is important.

  4. Wisdom and comfort and contentment are often hard-won. Sometimes only in the fleeting moments of a gorgeous sunset. Sometimes in the realization that many fleeting moments have joined into an amazing “ah-hah!” You are blessed and a blessing to those around you.

  5. Yes, bucking up can be hard. But, facing the reality and dealing w/it moves us closer to that better place. My Mom said on her death bed, ‘take care of yourself’…and, when I read your words I realize even more that you, too, my dear Kim are such a woman of substance, much like my Mom that I considered near saintly. Thanks for this deep and moving post xoxo Love you

    • Ally, your Mom was a wise woman and not only are you walking in her footsteps, you’re dancing! She’d be proud of the “woman of substance” YOU’VE become (literally! ;) and how much you inspire others, including me. xo

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