In My Kitchen ~ December 2017

In My Kitchen… Gumby (my alter ego) lives on via a repeat photo I’ve posted through the years whenever I have less “gumb-tion” than time. ;) December is my busiest month “musically” and I thank you for bearing with me. I LOVE that lil’ green guy and his inherent enthusiasm; he mirrors mine about life, the forth-coming holidays, and FUN in general. Every day deserves the “Gumby wave!”

In My Kitchen… are more blessings than I could possibly count. A lil’ over a month ago a surprise “Boho” box arrived from my friend, Ally, of Ally’s Kitchenand I’ve been enjoying every goodie she sent me ever since. Table linens, towels, aprons, kitchen gadgets, and more. (Photos forthcoming soon.) What fun!

In My Kitchen…  holiday festivity is ensuing. Between practicing the piano, attending myriad rehearsals, volunteering to help those less fortunate (I feel SO blessed), and attending to family (isn’t that what it’s all about?), my days and nights are oft mixed up but I’m grateful for the inspiration and opportunity to “sleep in” whenever my creative limits exceed the clock. Plus, my son is about to grill his infamous burgers. Oh my! Did I mention blessed?

For additional merriment (or summer fun in the Southern hemisphere), please visit Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings for more IMK posts spanning the globe — or add your own kitchen doings by the 10th this month. Merry Christmas!

Enjoying every “Gumby wave” moment,

~ Kim

14 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2017

  1. We love Gumby, my little grandson has a little Gumby and Pokey in his toy basket and he always hides them somewhere. Every time I find them now to put back into the basket, I’ll give you a little ‘Gumby’ wave!. Glad to hear you are playing again, are you coping ok? Wishing the happiest of holiday seasons to you and TMOFW. M XXX

    • Awwww, Maree — that’s so FUN knowing you’ll be doing the Gumby wave! (Cool that your grandson plays hide and seek with him & Pokey, too.) I’m holding up okay despite not “knowing” what the rest of this year holds, day by day and phone call by phone call.

      Most of my major musical obligations are done now (whew…) and my son and I are going outside to PLAY this afternoon. It’s in the 70’s here! Fresh air and sunshine are exactly what my soul needs next. Thanks for the Seasons Greetings ~ the very same to you ‘n’ yours, xo. P.S. I only got through the first couple of IMK “links” this month and am hoping to resume shortly.

    • Thanks for hostessing IMK, Sherry. You’ve done a wonderful job “herding” us since you took over the helm, and I’m tickled to join in and poke around in everybody’s abodes! Next time I plan to include pictures… although Gumby does make a rather cheerful lil’ spokesperson during my photographic absence. :) Happy Holidays! xo

    • Francesca, thanks for YOUR positive words of encouragement. You made me smile, too! I’m grateful for this community of kitchen lovers… group hug!!! We all seem to embrace life in our kitchens — the heart of our homes — plus it’s hard not to smile when something’s simmering on the stove. :) Seasons Greetings to you, too!

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