New Years Reasons To Smile

Armadillo Risotta with Oven Baked Shrimp Scampi

Recently The Man Of Few Words tripped on his way to work (at 5:00 a.m. in the dark) when his foot caught on an immovable object on our patio. After ascertaining the source of his unexpected imbalance, he cordially offered a greeting: “Hello, armadillo!” It didn’t budge. He finally had to step over it and they both skittered down the drive on their separate ways.

I recounted that story to my son when he arrived in early December and we both chuckled over the odds. Gotta love Okie “critters.” Fast forward to my grocery list.

My son said he’d never tried risotto so I added Arborio rice to my “must haves” intent on making him that wonderfully creamy side dish. Come grocery shopping day, he glanced at the list and asked: “Mom, what’s armadillo rice?”

Frame of reference is everything.

During the past year, I’ve experienced a number of highs and lows in my kitchen and elsewhere (aka: life), but food — really good food — has been a constant source of amusement and solace, not to mention an equalizer in the unexpected chaos. (Sort of like encountering an armadillo in the dark — you never know what to expect — or when.) Have FUN with it!

Enter a newly discovered “online” cookbook… Eating Heart. Goodness gracious, how it spoke my language — family, heart, and SOUL! (With fabulous risotto-making tips, among other things.) My son was pleased with the outcome. I added Shrimp Scampi, for FUN.

To round out the year, I offer a brief glimpse into my tasty existence as of late:

There’s SO much more, but that’s what the New Year is for… Hope. Truth. Inspiration! Will catch up with y’all soon, xo.

Sunset by Tom

Enjoying one or two last sunsets (and really good food) at the lake before 2018,

~ Kim

9 thoughts on “New Years Reasons To Smile

  1. Your armadillo and our racoons! Yikes, these creatures can be skkkkeeerrree, luv! Sometimes we forget that others haven’t tried such culinary delights as risotto! Your entire meal looks divine. Oh, what you create in your enchanting kitchen! Yes, dear Kimmeee, peace, hope and inspiration. And, that last one, inspiration, you always give me. Thank you for sharing your infectious soul and spirit! xoxo Happy 2018!! ~ally

    • Ally, the last laugh was on me. I came home from church spiritually exhausted on Sunday (as I often do after “the music and the message”) and didn’t notice TMOFW had painted the rest of the kitchen. (He’s so expedient that way!) I felt bad about teasing him for his tardiness (quid pro quo on previous “projects”) and for my inattention. HOLY COW! It transformed the whole place! He painted our dining room yesterday, too. God love him! Things are coming along at the lake… never mind the occasional armadillo or raccoon. (Lord know YOU know what THAT’S like.) Happier 2018 to you, my friend — we’ll get through the chaos somehow. Fantastic food helps!

  2. Wishing you the most awesome 2018 Kim!!
    You continue to inspire and write amazing thought provoking
    and laugh out loud blogs…

    • Oh, sweet Maddie, I’m wishing you the most awesome 2018, too! However, thought provoking AND “lol”? (Thank you, xo.) I can only hope to write more of the same in the New Year… sometimes humor is a difficult subject for me. (Ever SO serious, LOL!) But, my dearest friends keep me in check — you included! Here’s to a more lighthearted New Year — and possibly more armadillos — or risotto! Love you!

    • Dear Mae, as I mentioned every day is an adventure. The best we can do is to live ’em well, EAT (and cook) adventurously, and hug our friends and loved ones close. (YOU included!) I think we should all adopt “May your 2018 include lots more surprises and delight” as our motto for the New Year. Absolutely, YES! xo

  3. Happy New Year, Kim! Loved this post. Armadillo rice! I may have to start calling it that. Glad your son liked risotto – adaptable to a variety of ingredients, inexpensive to make and soul satisfying on a cold day. That sun set takes my breath away!

    • Debi, gotta love lil’ nicknames that stick. (Plus “stick to your ribs” risotto!) It’s been cold here lately (TOO cold!) and anything I can offer on the dinner table to ease the angst is a welcome dish indeed. Glad you enjoyed the sunset, too, xo. :)

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