Think Warm Thoughts

Frost 1

When The Man Of Few Words ‘n’ I moved here a decade ago (during the summer), I was looking forward to a respite from the bone-chilling winters I’d previously experienced in Minnesota. New terrain, new seasons to assimilate.

Plus, I knew how to dress warmly.

Surprise, surprise… that winter Oklahoma had record-breaking lows.

Fast forward to 2018. I’ve officially become a weather wimp. Whenever our temps dip below 60º (15.5º C for my Southern hemisphere pals) I’m cold! I’m talkin’: put on a heavy sweater and socks — possibly a pair of ear muffs or a stocking hat (inside) — and throw on two more blankets at night.

Oklahoma hypothermia!

My hardier ancestors would be chagrined.

Frost 2 Lake View

Above is a photo out our frozen front door, but I still find frost beautiful. 

Every season has highs and lows, no matter what the temperature is (inside or out) and/or how many blankets you have to pile on.

Think warm thoughts and experience the JOY of transition.

Enjoying the unprecedented cold front… and hopefully 70º on Sunday, 

~ Kim

9 thoughts on “Think Warm Thoughts

  1. Hello lovely Kim, greetings from Australia. We are expecting 38 deg c here today and over the weekend, so your frosty missive is most welcome xxx

    • Liz, I hope my temperature conversion was correct. (I Googled it!) Sounds like you’re in for some toasty weather Down Under. I forwarded your book to my daughter this week — a fellow “cook” who’s studying Czech and/or “old country” languages — she was thrilled! (She’ll send it back when she’s done reading it, knowing how much your personalized inscription meant to me.) Glad you liked my frosty missive. :) xo

    • Liz, I just printed off your wonderful 5 Hour Beef Stew recipe (and Fat-free Cauliflower Mash) in anticipation of shedding some “winter weight” soon. YUM! I don’t think I’ve ever looked forward to eating so much (much more than I usually eat…) so much!!! Thanks for noticing my post and photos. I appreciate your kind attention!

  2. You have a gift – turning the view out of a frozen door into something beautiful! Lovely perspective of recognizing the beauty and the value in every season.

    • Carol, if you only knew how I’ve been “quaking in my boots” literally! Hope all is going well for you in sunny San Diego. I’m hoping to catch up w/u soon on FB… can we say “negligent?! No matter how much I hate not replying in a timely manner to my online friends, my Mom’s unexpected foibles preclude being pertinent. Sigh. But, life goes on. Can’t wait ’til you get back! Best wishes to your son on his recovery, and God bless you for putting your own on hold. xo

  3. Apologies to my “likers” for updating this post on the fly. (I was putting a roast in the oven between paragraphs.) Hopefully y’all got my latest updated “edited” version. Thank you!

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