In My Kitchen ~ February 2018

Winter White Crocks

In My Kitchen… I haven’t played for the last month or two — apologies to all — due to life “in flux.” My mother’s health took a downward turn in early December and I’m doin’ the best I can from 750 miles away to take care of her. And me…

Unexpected bargains such as this pair of crocks in winter white brightened my world, as well as my kitchen. (Great for chili or stew in our neck o’ the woods!) Sometimes you have to go “back to the basics” to sustain yourself.

Or, create your own light….

Bakers Rack 2

In My Kitchen… I festooned (don’cha LOVE that word?) my baker’s rack with lights over the holidays and decided to leave ’em up year round. I grin when I plug ’em in!

Behind that is my kitchen paint ala grey completed by The Man Of Few Words. I’ve teased him for years about “not noticing” — Christmas decorations, redecorating in general, or me, lol. His alternate nickname is “Mr. Oblivious” 

Last weekend I came home after running errands and didn’t “notice” he’d finished painting the kitchen — all of the places I couldn’t reach — until Monday! (Talk about eating “humble pie”… anyone have a good recipe?) Here are a few other views  — minus the dishes in my sink. :)


In My Kitchen… (or close to it…) is another “light” in my life.

CardinalWhen my son visited in December he gave me this beautiful Cardinal lamp. Even though it’s in my office (adjacent to my kitchen) I spend lots of time in there dreaming up recipes or printing off yours! I love its inherent meaning. My late sister said if she ever came back as a “bird” she wanted to be a cardinal because they’re so cheerful. (She was a redhead, to boot!) Sneak preview

In My Kitchen… is a preview of the tile back splash I planned to install behind my stove. (DIY projects are on stand-by until further notice…) It’ll pick up on my “basic black”  stove & fridge (xo), the sedate colors in our floor covering, and also add a splash of color “reflecting me.”

Look for your light and SHINE it whenever you can.

This post is part of a world-wide gathering of kitchens graciously hostessed by Sherry Mackay of Sherry’s Pickings. Please click on the link for inspiration in your kitchen or add your own to ours by the 10th of this month. Fun and friends await!

Enjoying “light” — and life day by day,

~ Kim

30 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ February 2018

    • Shaheen, unfortunately my mother is at “end stage”… sorry I didn’t reveal that to everyone else who commented on her health… thanks for your concern. Sadly, she’s not going to get better. (It could be weeks or months per her doctor.) So far, so good. I’m glad to hear you have help taking care of your Mom… my Sis and Bro both passed away several years ago leaving Mom’s care up to me. I’m doing the best I can “by myself!” Thankfully, she’s happy and well-cared for even if she’s 750 miles away. I’m grateful for ANGELS!

  1. Hope your Mum feels better soon Kim and it’s hard when there are many miles between you. Fairy lights always look so cheerful. Your cardinal lamp is gorgeous too and a sweet reminder of your sister. xx

    • Moya, you (and everyone) made me smile with the term “fairy lights” — it’s more imaginative than “white lights” and I’ve since adopted that phrase into my vocabulary! xo

  2. I love your choice of splash back tiles Kim. It’s hard watching a parent fail, we’re meant to lean on them, not vice versa. The fairy lights are very cheerful

  3. Gorgeous lamp! And I love your tile selection too, which picks up the lamp colors so beautifully. I’ve wanted a baker’s rack just like yours for years, and how beautiful it is lit up like that. No room in our kitchen, so I’ll just enjoy yours vicariously!

    I’m so sorry to learn of all you’re dealing with on the mom front. May you and she and all who love you both find strength to meet each of the challenges ahead. I pray as well that you find comfort every time you need it when missing your sister’s presence on this earthly coil.

  4. You’re sounding rather jolly and positive Kim, despite your mother’s health and the worry and care you must have in your life. Love the splash back- great colour choice.And the little wine stash beside the dresser with lights, hiding down below.

    • Francesca, you’re very observant! I didn’t notice our wine rack was “lurking” when I took that photo, but, there it is… ;) Wine is part of our nightly dinner routine and that lil’ gem of a rack was $2 at a thrift store. (You know “me”!) After I re-read this month’s post, I debated whether or not to edit it — in some respects it sounded almost TOO jolly in light of my circumstances — and “humorous” writing is not my forte’.) But as the ol’ saying goes, “If I don’t laugh, I’ll CRY” — or words to that effect. My mother is on “comfort care” now (aka end stage), but she’s happy there and I’m feeling blessed that the staff is so conscientious and caring. Thank you for your loving thoughts, xo!

    • Josephine, sounds like you’ve been dealing with (or have dealt with) the same situation with your parents. Spending time in my kitchen is very consoling and “finds” such as those crockpots are delights. Thanks again!

    • Liz, I relish learning new terms and “verbage” from our opposite sides of the world (“splash back” vs. back splash) — one of the many reasons I love IMK! My counter top (aka “bench”) will look 100% better once that project is completed. :) xo

  5. hi Kim
    hoping your mum feels better soon. hard to be so far away from her. love the enamel dishes/pots and fairy lights are always a must in the house. we just put down some new vinyl in the laundry and it makes it look and feel so much better – as do i. little things can have a grand impact can’t they? i adore those splashback tiles too. i remember seeing cardinals when we lived in Philly for a while so cute. cheers and take care S xxx

  6. Isn’t it interesting how little changes or additions in our world can have a big impact. So sorry to hear your mom is Having a rough time. You’re an inspiration as you juggle life’s multiple challenges yet still see the beauty in a lighted bakers rack.🙂

  7. I love the changes in your life. Sorry to hear your mother isn’t well but glad to hear you’re able to help her. I’ve missed you. xx

    • Maureen, I’ve missed you too! If it weren’t for IMK inspiring me to post something once a month, my blog’s practically in oblivion. (Sigh…) One of these days I’ll get “with it” again. Great to hear from you! xo

  8. Tile is a wonderful kitchen material, and the pattern you’ve selected looks beautiful. Good luck with getting it installed!

    best… mae at

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