The Simple Life and a Simple Stir Fry

Since January 2018, I’ve had to put my pursuit of flavor aside due to events beyond my control. Recently though I had a hankering for “meat and veggies.” (Vegetarian friends, please look away!) Beef, bacon, broccoli, and brown rice sounded good.

While that concoction doesn’t look like much (thanks to a rainy spell and Oklahoma’s fickle photographic conditions) it tasted SO good, The Man Of Few Words had seconds and I ate the rest. :)

Truthfully it’s been a tough year. At one point I thought about deep-sixing blogging, but that would’ve meant giving up sharing sporadic inspirations with you. My heart just couldn’t accommodate that. Plus I have a story or two left to tell — and I love reading YOURS! Bonus points for yummy recipes.

In the meantime, I’ve found a new outlet for my dormant culinary dreams. Once a week some of my newfound friends and I gather to have a glass of good wine and “munchies.” How could I not cook for them?! They bring the wine and I bring the FOOD! (It was the least I could do to show my appreciation.)

Tonight’s impromptu repast consisted of marinated mushrooms, garlic & herb roasted baby Yukon potatoes, and kalamata olives. Simple fare. Speaking of which, I’m smack dab in the middle of a much simpler life. After I turned 60 (gasp!) I realized that I’ve entered my last go-round on this planet. Every day and every flavor counts. I intend to make the most of them and share my flavor innovations with my friends. (TMOFW, too!) I even brought home an exercise bike yesterday. Yikes…

Getting back to that stir-fry, it was basically a half-pound of bacon cut into “lardons” and sauteed until crisp (drained on paper towels); a pound of 80/20 ground chuck browned with chopped onions and minced garlic (added at the last minute) in the bacon drippings and a “steamer bag” of broccoli nuked in the microwave. (Ordinarily I’d steam a fresh head of broccoli, but time was of the essence.) Then I added previously cooked brown rice seasoned with Himalayan sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Easy peasy!

Here’s a close up:

Bacon Broccoli Burger Brown Rice 2.JPG

The simplest pleasures in life — the simple life — are best.  Live yours and don’t look back. But please continue to share your recipes. :)

Enjoying a scaled back perspective and GOOD FOOD,

~ Kim

14 thoughts on “The Simple Life and a Simple Stir Fry

  1. Hello Kim, I salute the simpler life and understand how difficult it is to care for an aging parent who is many miles away. In the last few years of my mother’s life I was juggling working full time and traveling from California to Florida every 5 or 6 weeks to be with her and oversee her care, both financial and medical. It was exhausting but I was so happy I spent the time after she died. I miss her every day.

  2. Sending you hugs and bouquets of positive thoughts. To quote you (Mar 2011), “Surround yourself with positive thoughts,” Kim, your blog posts send positive energy In my direction, no matter what the posting schedule. Remember when blogging seemed less “professional” and monetized, and more about sharing thoughts, moments and celebrating life… I’m sticking with that mindset and enjoying the long-distance connection with blogging friends.
    Happy Spring”

    • Dee, yes ma’am! Thanks for the hugs and virtual bouquets, too! I loved your statement about less “professional” blogging (back in the day.) I got “into it” to connect with other people, not to make money, but accolades to those who figured out “how to” to support themselves and their families. We all have different needs. Mine (so far) is “ad free” — that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. :) You, too! Thanks for visiting the lake, xo.

  3. Thanks, too, to everyone who clicked “like” above. As soon as I get a free moment I’ll be perusing your blogs! Everybody has a story to tell and I LOVE IT. Life is so much more interesting when viewed from other perspectives and I appreciate your notice of mine — infrequent though they may be. Thanks again!

  4. No way can you leave this blogging arena! You have way way too much to offer, my luv. Just like what you’ve posted here…simplicity and the creativity of using ground beef in this stir fry. And, seasoning w/bacon (lardon sounds so much fancier!). I can see why Russ went back for seconds (and thirds!) xox

    • Miss Ally, thanks so much for your love, support, and encouragement! We’ve seen SO many changes in blog world since we first began, and yes, it would be a travesty if I quit now. I think of us as “the old guard”! (We were ‘cyber’ before cyber was cool… with a gratuitous nod to Barbara Mandrell for my flagrant adaptation of her hit song. :) One of these days my preoccupied brain will have the freedom to pen original thoughts! In the mean time, stay tuned… and thanks again, xoxo.

    • Mimi, my mother is terminally ill (750 miles away) and I’ve spent most of my time on the phone or wading through stacks of paperwork since the New Year. “My” life has to take a back seat for now. But, your recent deconstructed cabbage roll recipe caught my eye and I hope to try it soon!! xo

        • Mimi, I relish being 60 (sorry for the implied malcontent!) and I’m already anticipating the best decade ever! However, for the past two years I’ve been on “beck & call” duty — away from home (here) taking care of my Mom, her house, etc. and I can’t tell you how ecstatic I am to be back in Oklahoma for the longest stretch since TMOFW & I moved here — a decade ago. During the prior years, I was still “over the road” trucking (home every other weekend at best) but now, I finally feel like I’m HOME — even if my time isn’t my own yet. Just saw a cute sign the other day: “Oklahoma is my happy place.” It truly is! :) xoxo

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