In My Kitchen ~ April 2018

Seared salmon with lime lemon & dill

In My Kitchen…  Spring is in the air with vibrant colors, flavors, and lighter fare. (Pictured above: salmon en papillote with citrus and dill.) Served with fresh rosemary and garlic baby red potatoes and steamed haricot vert, it tasted like Spring on a plate!

In My Kitchen… is a wine-themed towel (a gift from my “Sis”, Candy, xo) that echoes my accent color. Next to it is another “fish dish” (non-edible) that doubles as a cache for The Man Of Few Words’ pocket change and keys, and below it is basket of towels (with fairy lights glowing :) to transform my daily duties into a delight. 

Speaking of which…

Wine tea towel

Tea towel from my choir director (aka “boss”), Louise, xo!

In My Kitchen… (and office… my “second home”) I added a few whimsical touches to personalize my life. Lighthearted attitudes — and surroundings — are contagious. (Another reason to love IMK!)

The candle holder was an “op shop” bargain that mirrored my accent color and matched my office lamp shade. (I love when that happens!) The 18K coffee tin belonged to my Dad and houses his marble collection — family treasures! — and the bluebird of happiness was another gift from Louise. :) No dull  “corners” in my house — or my kitchen!

The wine-colored valance above my kitchen sink was a church store (“op shop”) bargain, too. Its loopy loveliness allows me to see the LAKE through it without obstructing my view. Win/win!

In My Kitchen… are a multitude of cookbooks. One day a lovely elderly lady came to the church store during my volunteer stint, wanting to donate her lifetime collection. She also said she was undergoing cancer treatments and hoped that “someone” would appreciate her cookbooks and use them. How could I NOT respond? I took down her number and drove to her house 45 minutes away a few weeks later. 15 tote boxes to sort through! Mark Bittman? Bon Appetit? Giada? JULIA? Swoon…

What an honor to pass along her love of cooking to benefit those in need. I could only take three totes home with me (there are two more in my trunk!) but her gift will help fund our food shelf for months to come.

In My Kitchen is hosted by Sherry at Sherry’s Pickings. (Thanks, my congenial friend!) Treat yourself to other kitchens worldwide by clicking on her link.

Enjoying the prospect of some mighty tasty cooking — and Spring!

~ Kim

27 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ April 2018

  1. Your kitchen (and office) look bright and full of spring. I love your teatowel holder and your wine holder too. But am most fascinated by the 18K coffee tin (is that 18 kilograms?). It is lovely that you have stuff from your family and stuff from others families via the op shops . I am sure you will have many happy hours with your new cookbooks.

    • Johanna, I had to do some Googling to find out the meaning behind “18K.” (Thanks for encouraging me!) Apparently, it was a brand featured by a supermarket chain in the 1950’s (before a corporate buy-out) boasting: “Coffee as good as gold!” Wish I could have tasted the original, but I’m happy to have their nostalgic souvenir. :) And yes, I’ve spent many happy hours reading through those cookbooks!

    • Kari, today I finally unloaded that lovely lady’s cookbooks from the front seat and trunk of my car (they’ve been riding around with me for WEEKS, lol!) and the excitement they generated at our church store was a wonder to behold. Blessings! Happy Spring. :) xo

  2. What a generous contribution, there is such family history and nostalgia in a cookbook collection. As you read through them with a cup of tea (or wine) you may run across a note or notation. Lucky you, she must have been a special person and so happy the books have found a good home. Love your new tea towels and kitchen curtain. So good to read your post.

    • Liz, I love running across bookmarks and/or notes in other people’s cookbooks — hints of their life and “kitchen personality” — and GOOD FOOD. Glad to be back IMK and thanks for visiting! xo

  3. How wonderful for someone who loves cooks so much pass some of them on to (you) someone who also loves to cook and collect cookbooks. I donated a lot of my Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall cookbooks to a charity shop recently, my shelves are burgeoning that I need to make room for new ones. I like you op sho bargains, but i adore you coffee jar inherited from you Dad the most.

    Also thank you so much for you comment on my IMK post, yes the wine rack postioned into place does give it perspective, just wish it had wine – not flavoured syrups!

    • Shaheen, please don’t bemoan your syrup stash — custom-flavored coffees are SO “IMK” and mulit-tasking (and displaying them on a wine rack!) are traits of your innovative ideas and inventive “home cook extraordinaire” persona. Express YOURSELF, xo! :)

      Recently I discovered a newly-opened coffee shop two miles from home that featured a “German Chocolate Cake flavor” (plus some terrific Gumbo!), but I had to forego their addition of cream (dang my dairy allergies…) They graciously obliged my “single shot” of syrup request (I can’t do sugar rushes” either) and produced a swoon-worthy “cuppa!””

      Do what works best for YOU and keep sharing your life and cooking ideas! xo

  4. Love the candle Kim! That salmon looks sooooo delicious, I wished my husband didn’t have an allergy, I’d cook fish 6 days a week. The cookbook lady sounds like a true gem. Cheers, Maree.

    • Maree, the cookbook lady was indeed a treasure. (As are you!) Sorry to hear about your hubby’s allergy… mine isn’t allergic, but he’s not wild about fish, so it’s “my” dinnertime treat! (YIPPEE! :)

  5. Like your friend Sherry who keeps collecting cookbooks, I find new books & recipes impossible to ignore. Always a treat to see what tickles other cook’s fancy. And the view from your deck in combo with the light fare truly smiles Spring is coming/here! Altho it may be days til I’m cooking again, your post lifts my spirits. Hugs

    • Hugs back, Carol! Today I stood on the deck (despite gale force winds) and absorbed “Spring” — the aroma, colors, the lake, and WARMTH (finally!) — then went inside and sat in the sunshine with the sliding door open to read through some of my “new” cookbooks. What a JOY! Praying you’ll be in your kitchen trying out some recipes soon!!! xo

  6. hi Kim
    yum to that salmon. i do love a simply baked salmon dish. so healthy too. why do i keep collecting cookbooks? i just can’t help myself; they are so addictive. Fabulous candle holder and tea towel. you probably know i collect tea towels by the heap. i do use them tho; they don’t just sit in a cupboard here:=) thanks heaps for joining in this month. cheers S xx

    • Sherry, it was a pleasure to write and take photos for IMK again after my recent lapse. I’m looking forward to connecting with everyone at last, and thank YOU for continuing to offer such a fun creative outlet! xo

  7. Dear Kim…you KNOW I love this genre of posting for you!! It makes me feel like I’m right there, in OK, sitting in your kitchen…with YOU!! That’s the BEST PART! The meal is truly Spring on a plate, so light, flavorful and beautiful…not to mention super healthy. And, those marbles, well, don’t every lose ’em cuz they’re priceless!! xoxo

    • Ally, as you know, I often felt like I was “losing my marbles” (many times) during the past five years, but Dad’s “stash” kept me sane — in the present — and SMILING. That, and the “bluebird of happiness”, thanks to my recently acquired friend. :) Someday I hope you have the privilege of meeting Louise (and her, you), with heartfelt THANKS for bolstering my spirit in between! Your friendship and thoughtfulness have meant the world to me, xo. God bless “best friends!” xo

  8. Hi Kim love your spring on a plate… looks delicious. The men do love to have a dish they can throw spare change and keys in… same in my household. I’m with the tea towel on the wine servings :) So lovely you drove all the way to collect the cookbooks, I guess the lady can be assured her cookbooks will be used and loved. Happy spring Kim.

    • Moya, as the newly elected “Chairman of the Mission Board” (pardon my grandiose title, lol!) I take my duties seriously — including going out of my way to connect with folks who want to contribute to our cause. (There’s SO MUCH hunger here!) If it takes 45 minutes (and a few hours of “sorting”), so be it. It was a blessing to connect w/Delores in her own home (what a special lady) and I felt like I was practically “stealing” those tomes from her (first pick, ‘n’ all)… I donated EXTRA to cover the cost of of those exceptional cookbooks! (Apologies for not mentioning Wofgang Puck, Craig Clairborn, Time Life, and other “notables.”) Hopefully my enthusiasm/photos compensated for that! Thanks for YOUR notice, too, re: cookbooks — tea towels :) — and men needing a place to unload their pockets. Sounds like you “know.”… :) xo

      • Best wishes Kim as the newly elected chairman of the mission board… sounds like a treasure trove of cookbooks and magazines. I am sure Delores appreciated the gesture :)

    • Isn’t it, Mae?! While I sorted through hundreds (thousands?!) of cookbooks, that special lady rocked her great-grand daughter to sleep in her living room, still “giving” despite her advanced age and health circumstances. I felt so blessed! Her legacy will live on at the church store — and In My Kitchen! xo

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