Court Bouillon

The Court Bouillon pictured above was a mix of several recipes and what I had on hand. Thank you, Alton Brown, Epicurious, and Genius Kitchen! Revisiting a recipe (and variations thereof) is a lot like visiting with old and new friends. Everyone contributes to the conversation with flavorful, memorable results.

My goal — besides feeding myself — was to use up some of the fish in our freezer. Thanks to TMOFW’s prowess with a fishing rod and patience with our fickle lake, the poached bass fillet that resulted was near nirvana. (Sorry, no photo.) As Forrest Gump once quipped: “You never know what you’re gonna get.”

The same applies to thrift store treasures.

Old friends

I arrived at The Mission yesterday intent on serving others and ended up coming home blessed with two “old friends.” I love it when the Universe smiles!

This stainless steel skillet features a copper clad bottom (also not pictured, nor its handle, ha!) and it was a favorite saute’ pan in my previous life. Diminutive in size — 7″ or so — it delivered BIG flavor in small batches and clean up was a breeze. What a JOY to rekindle an old friendship.

The cake stand behind it was another “find.” I don’t bake very often these days due to my allergies (dang it!), but when I do I like to present my oven lovin’ with a lil’ flair.  Serving pieces are like a spectacular pair of earrings adorning an outfit. Go for the BLING! Speaking of which…

Hummer feeder

Our hummingbirds are due back soon and our weather-worn, faded plastic feeder was in sore need of replacing. Bling! I call our new one “The Jewel of the Lake.” :)

Do what makes you happy.

Last, but not least…

New friends and old continue to make my world go ’round. I love you all!

Enjoying treasures,

~ Kim

4 thoughts on “Friends

  1. Kim…you always have a way of creating a huge warmth w/words. Saying that these thrift store finds (which I LOVE to do too!!) are like old friends and recipes are like revisiting ‘old friends’ is just so true. Now why couldn’t I have thought of those amazing words! Oh, wait, that’s b/c you’re the talented wordsmith as well as cook. You make even the most simple seem sensational! Love that Russ is fishing and, man, oh, man, next time, PLEASE take a moment to snap a pix of that fish!! I know it was heavenly! Happy weekend luv! xoxo

    • Oh, Ally! “Old” friends — ever young and vibrant! — are such a blessing in my life. Sorry I didn’t include the poached bass fillet pic — I ate the evidence! (Sometimes my camera is a few steps behind my stomach. :) Next time, my friend! xo

  2. Stan, my beloved cast iron collection (Grandma’s and my piano teacher’s) MELTED in our house fire a few years back, but I was blessed to replace them with a few “subs” from our local hardware store. (Long live Lodge…) Treasures are what you make of ’em — and COOK with ’em. Sounds like you’re on the right track! (Me, too :) xo

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