In My Kitchen ~ May 2018

I’ve spent most of my life cooking for the folks I love, but these past five years have included an additional blessing: treasured friends from around the world witnessing my culinary antics. I revel in theirs, too! Thank you Sherry (Sherry’s Pickings) for continuing to hostess “In My Kitchen.” To see more global goodies or to add your own, please click on her link.

In My Kitchen… is an “official” quiche pan. Previously I made it a pie plate, so when this beauty appeared at the thrift store I snapped it up. Real quiche at last! (Please pardon the uneven nutmeg distribution on top; the grater I ordered was en route and I got a little heavy-handed with sprinkling. :) The crackers, baguette, and party goods are for future appetizers and impromptu serving.

In My Kitchen… are an industrial-sized Crock Pot, a Cuispro olive oil spritzer, and the cutest lil’ mini bakers for warm dips and such. (My new Microplane nutmeg grater, too!) It’s been a process deciding what to replace or live without since my serving pieces and kitchen gadgets disappeared a few years back, but it’s been fun “personalizing” my kitchen again. You might even say I earned it…

Winte bottle stopper

Meanwhile, I’m almost done painting my office. IMK headquarters! The “flowers” that besieged my eyeballs all these years will be gone. YAY!

Painting in progressAfter that, the only posies left blessing my surroundings will be these:

Okie posies

Enjoying an entertaining life in Oklahoma,

~ Kim

18 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ May 2018

  1. Hi Kim, Lovely post and I always feel really like you’re talking to me when you post. Apologies for not getting back to you a month ago but I remember your lovely comment from then. Yes, you’ve earnt it, so pour me a drop too. It will be good to see the back of that floral wallpaper. cheers, F.

  2. My dear Kim!! I’m sooooooooo happy to see you back in the kitchen, sharing, cooking and letting us peek into your magical kingdom!! You know that I just love this and feel like I’m right there ‘wiff ya’ kiddo!! Can’t wait to see the office space after the painting is done!! And, what a find w/that quiche plate/pan…omg, it’s a beauty!! Love ya girl xoxo

  3. Those are beautiful flowers! I love the idea of little hot dip casserole dishes. I saw some the other day but couldn’t think of how I’d use them so I walked away empty handed. May have to go back and hope they still have them in stock.

    • Jen, when I first spied those lil’ casseroles “artichoke and spinach dip” (or brandied mushroom pate’ or other baked dips) came to mind, but after I got them home I thought why not olives, nuts, charcuterie, dried fruit, tapenade, etc? Hot or cold they’ll be versatile (not to mention COLOFUL) servers. I hope you go back and they’re still in stock. Thanks for coming to visit IMK… looking forward to reciprocating in yours!

  4. your quiche looks wonderfully tasty Kim. and those cute small dishes… is that floral wallpaper? eek! thanks so much for joining in. great to have you in IMK land. cheers sherry xx

    • Sherry, thanks for your accolades! I wish I could’ve sampled it to tell you how it tasted, but it’s still a blessing to introduce my “tried-and-true dishes” to an appreciative audience. YAY for FRIENDS and old stand-bys! (That’s one of the reasons I love IMK… everybody submits the best of the best recipes, gadgets, and culinary knowledge, and I can always count on learning something new.) Ditto on “eek” re: the floral wallpaper! I’ve been staring at it for YEARS and it was time to change… thank goodness for “one-coat” paint! :) xo

    • Can’t wait until you’re finally home, Carol! We HAVE to have another Girl’s Day Out when you’re feeling up to it — thrift stores ROCK and this area has so many of them. Incredibly most of my “finds” turn up when I least expect them (we know Who to thank!) and YOU are long overdue for some “home treasures” for your new house. Looking forward to the day! BTW, the UMW ladies expressed a deep desire to STAY IN TOUCH w/you… let me know where (and when) to find you and I WILL, xo! Do you have my email address?

  5. You have the best stuff. Can’t wait to see the completed office! I prefer flowers in a vase or pot too. :)

    • Maureen, I really should be painting right now, but couldn’t resist replying! I call that “premeditated procrastination” and the uplift from your positive reinforcement will make me laser-accurate when I start on the next round of trim. ;) (BTW, I can’t wait to see the completed office either, LOL!) It’s been a long time comin’, but worth the wait. Thanks, too, for your comment on my “stuff.” Sometimes I miss the one-of-a-kind serving pieces at our old house (mostly gifts from my late Sis), but as I forge ahead finding things that make me SMILE, I know I’m on the right track. That and feedback from dear friends, xo!

  6. Think you certainly ‘have earned’ it Kim. Now I’m totally hooked on finding some little Dutch Ovens. How cute would it be for little grandson to bake a tiny loaf while I use a big one? Place is looking good and how cheery are those flowers, cut ones not the ones on the walls? :)

    • Maree, thanks for the moral support on my tongue-in-cheek adage. :) At times it’s been hard-earned, but for the most part it’s been a BLESSING rather than an I.O.U. from the Universe. (“You know.”) I can just picture you ‘nn your grandson puttering in the kitchen together with proportionately sized Dutch Ovens and yes, it would be CUTE! xo

  7. Your serving pieces and kitchen gadgets DISAPPEARED? How could that happen? Warn us if ours can disappear too! But your replacements look very nice! Have a great month of May.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, they disappeared when a fire destroyed the house we were renting (2014) and I guess I should’ve been less cryptic, but I try not to bring THAT up very often — unless it’s with a smile. Life goes ON and I’ve been blessed to replace much of it. No “warning” needed except: “never take anything for granted, be thankful for what you’ve got, and live every day to the fullest!” Happy “Mae” to you!!! :) xo

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