The Bluebird of Happiness

Bluebird of Happiness.JPG

I recently spent hours online — okay, minutes because I’m blessed with the gift of reading extremely fast — researching the term: “the bluebird of happiness.” We have bluebirds here and most of the definitions I found applied. (Feel free to Google it or “ask Alexa.”) The one above may be an indigo bunting indigenous to our area or a Mountain or Eastern Bluebird, depending on your reference materials and/or knowledge of all things Audubon. It still made me happy seeing it!

The Man Of Few Words snapped that pic while I was gone on another unexpected  extended stay in Minnesota. (By now you probably know that my Mom passed away.)  Thank you for your sympathy. I’m moving forward in spite of that loss — life is short and we only have one “go round” on the planet — make the most of yours!

A few other snaps TMOFW took of “wild life” at the lake while I was gone…

The bathing beauties on the paddle board were courtesy of our lake neighbors :) — the rest were provided by Mother Nature.

Enjoying re-acclimating to the Life at the Lake at last,

~ Kim

What makes YOU smile? Do tell!

13 thoughts on “The Bluebird of Happiness

    • Happy Memorial Day to you, too, Ally! That man o’ mine is a whiz at SO many things and I feel entirely blessed. It was nice coming home to a “photo journal” of what I missed… including him! xoxo Love ya, girl!

  1. Dear Cousin,
    I feel so bad that I couldn’t be with you during your Mom’s life celebration. I hope you know how much I wanted to be.
    The bird is the eastern bluebird. If you have bird questions just ask. I never tire of bird watching.
    Love you.

    • Dear Barb, thank you for the bird I.D. and for your thoughts on Mom. She loved visiting with you about Nature, art, and everything! I’m sending you a copy of my eulogy via mail. Hugs, sweet cuz!

  2. Wish we had bluebirds on this side of OK! Sorry about your mom. I’m actually about to go get mine in Utah and move her in. Now my life is changing…

    • Mimi, your life will definitely change, but remember it’s YOUR life. Your Mom is blessed to have you to take care of her, but be sure to take care of yourself, too — ask for help when you need it, take a break when you need one, and keep cooking! Puttering in the kitchen and feeding yourself fabulous food is cathartic to the care-taking soul! Hugs & prayers, xo. Thanks for your condolences.

        • Oh, Mimi, what an HONEST revelation. God bless your willing spirit. If it’s any consolation (or confidence booster) I SOOOO “know.” Things weren’t always what they “seemed” despite multitudes of accolades I heard during the past few weeks. (Sigh.) Batten down the hatches and carry on. You WILL! BTW, we truly need to meet in person one of these days — I’m up for a road trip later this summer and I have a great Mushroom Crostini recipe to share with you, xo.

          • Thanks, Kim. Well, she said yes – she will move out of her house. So begins the next chapter for both myself and my mother, and my husband, and my little town. Look out!

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