In My Kitchen ~ August 2018

Oklahoma rocks

Greetings from Oklahoma, at long last. It’s been awhile since I’ve played in this forum and I’m tickled to be here. I’m also looking forward to catching up with you!

In My Kitchen… I’m celebrating the continuity of daily life. Simple things like setting up the coffeemaker for The Man of Few Words’ 4:15 a.m. wake-up call or planning meals for his return at the end of the day bring me profound JOY. Some may consider that mundane, but I’m reveling in the “routine-ness” of it all after being at the mercy of my phone for the past five years and/or living out of a suitcase for months on end. I’m finally home.

Canister set

In My Kitchen… a few essentials found their way into my repertoire, such as this stainless steel canister set — another thrift store bargain — brand new in the box! Previously I would’ve filled them with flour and sugar, etc., but these are destined to store rice: arborio, basmati, brown, and jasmine. (I keep my coveted wild rice stash in the freezer to preserve its “nuttiness.” You can take the girl out of Minnesota, lol…)

I also invested in a lethal-looking vegetable cleaver in hopes of bringing my knife skills up to “chef speed” someday, but right now preserving my piano playin’ fingers is a higher priority. I love looking at it though. Gorgeous! (Michael Symon, please help?)

In My Kitchen… healthy food is also a priority. I came home packing extra pounds (argh) and I’m determined to shed them a.s.a.p! Thank goodness for the generous gardeners willing to share their produce. Next year I hope to be among the givers instead of receivers, but I’m grateful for the thoughtful folks who do. (Thanks, Rosie!) In the meantime, I enjoyed every bite of this Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato.

Tuna Salad Stuffed Tomato.JPG

Earlier on FB (during an infrequent attempt to let y’all know I was still alive & kickin’) I mentioned my “Crunchy Chicken Salad.” I promise to post that recipe soon! This was just your basic tuna, mayo, celery, and onion concoction — but oh, soooo good in a homegrown red ripe tomato.

Butterfly butter dish_01.JPG

In My Kitchen… is this beautiful butterfly butter dish — a surprise gift from my son. Tom drove me home from Minnesota and stayed for a few weeks, during which time we attended a grand opening of a friend’s store. (Sparkle & Rust in Stigler, Oklahoma — YAY, Cyanne!) What a delightful venue. I’ll be back…

Speaking of being back, I’m thrilled to be In My Kitchen again, in more ways than one. Many thanks to Sherry’s Pickings for hostessing this world-wide roundup. Always a pleasure to join you, my dear! If you’d like to see more or post your own adventures, please click on the link above.

Enjoying being home and being “me”,

~ Kim

29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ August 2018

    • Oh, Shaheen, you’re so right… after being “routine-less” for the past five years, it’s been a balm to my soul. Now the trick is to find the right balance and turn ordinary moments into extraordinary ones. I think I’m on the right track… :)

    • Hey, Debra! That’s not very far from our neck of the woods… glad you enjoyed playing at the lake. I haven’t used the cleaver yet — I’m a-skaird, ha! — but it’s on my “bucket list.” :)

  1. HI KIM, :) how absolutely wonderful to hear from you…
    I have been away with family situations and last read you had kept up xmas lights on bakers stand me too!haha…
    Love that beautiful butter dish, oh shucks I love all your great buys.
    As you know I live in Sydney but when reading Sherry’s Pickings I always wish I could go to Queensland to try her restaurants.
    I will try to do Facebook so I can keep up with your musings Kim xx

    • Maddy! It’s absolutely wonderful to reconnect w/u, too! FYI, I’m about as infrequent on FB as I’ve been here (lol), but I’m thankful for “cyberspace” to stay in touch whenever and wherever. Hope your family situations have since resolved; it’s been a huge relief to have mine finally come to a conclusion.Life goes on… and my baker’s rack regalia (aka “fairy lights” are still blazing. :) LOVE ‘EM… and you! xo

  2. love those canisters, and how about that beautiful butterfly butter dish? phew that’s hard to say out loud i bet. so lovely. welcome home from all your travels. one’s own bed is always the best. oh my that cleaver scares me. i’m still too nervous to use my new chef’s knife i bought recently. thanks heaps for joining us at IMK. cheers sherry xx

    • Sherry, I saw your new knife on your IMK post and thought the same thing. (Great minds think alike!) Smiling about your butterfly dish tongue-twister, too. We shall overcome. :) Thanks again for keeping us IMKer’s going… glad to be back… xo.

    • Debi, you are the queen of efficient storage and I agree with you on maximizing pantry space. Whatever makes life easier and eatin’ good! :) I’ve almost reached the limits of my “must have” list (how much do we really NEED?), but those thrift store finds continue to tease me… LOL! Thanks for your warm welcome, too.

  3. You must have a large freezer to keep all those varieties of rice! The canisters look very handy for all kinds of pantry products, though a bit space-consuming for a freezer. The butter dish is amusing.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, I’m blessed to have two freezers — a “side-by-side” in our fridge and a small one (gift from a friend) to house perishables, homemade stock, and fish fillets… courtesy of my hubby and the lake. Glad you were amused by my new butter dish! :)

  4. Dearest Kim…love everything in your kitchen, well, minus the meat cleaver that definitely borders on lethal and illegal! LOL! The dainty butter dish sure does show Tom’s classy taste! And, I’ll have two of those stuff ‘maters! Routine is the word of the day and I know you’re delighted to be living it!! xoxo

    • Ally, my love, I still quiver when I look at that cleaver, but I’m game. (Eventually!) My knife skills still suck, but my piano playin’ is progressing nicely now that I can finally practice regularly. :) As the ol’ saying goes: “Practice makes perfect” (re: knives and keyboards), and I hope to master both someday. Love ya, girl!

    • Pleased to meet you, butterflies and boundaries! Loved your “guest list” post and best wishes for an interesting “year one.” Here’s to many more! (Sounds like you’re on the right track.) Mine would include Jesus, Sean Connery, William Faulkner, Albert Einstein, and Mozart. (So many possibilities, so little time… you didn’t specify living or dead.) If it’s “present day” I’d pick Sean Connery, Elton John, Queen Elizabeth, Freddie Highmore, and Meghan Duchess of Sussex for an eclectic conversational mix. Yay Brits! Cheers.

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