Chocolate Musings

Emergency Chocolate

Writing is chocolate for the soul.

I penned those words nearly ten years ago and I still abide by them.

(Hope you can zoom in on the instructions on my Emergency stash — now an empty box — but hey, some things are worth keeping, including decade old words.)

Lakegirl mug

Now that I’m officially a Lakegirl (woohoo!) I’ve had time to reflect on life and how I’m living it.

Make every day count. Do what makes you happy!

But, serve others with JOY — even if it’s via a random post — or chocolate. ;)

Enjoying LIFE at the lake,

~ Kim

14 thoughts on “Chocolate Musings

  1. Chocolate is undoubtedly one of the best foods ever. I’ve just been reading more about its history and how it fits into the economy of the very poor farmers who grow it (but often never taste the finished product) and of the more developed countries where it’s enjoyed by so many chocolate lovers. Yes, really the perfect food.

    best… mae at

    • Thanks for sharing your research, Mae. (And sorry it took me so long to get back to you!) Storms notwithstanding, chocolate is calming to the soul. How sad that those who grow it (harvest it, etc.) don’t get to taste the end results. I’m indebted to them all! A perfect food, yes, but NOT perfect conditions or “recognition” for those who supply us. Hopefully, this small accolade (and your astute fact-finding) will be an encouragement, xo. (Although I doubt they have “internet.”) The world’s disparities become more evident by the day.

  2. I love how you’ve paralled your love of writing, something that just makes you feel happy, content, warm, fuzzy and full, w/chocolate, Kimmmeee…you always intrigue me w/your exquisitely creative use of words. Yes, you are a ‘lake girl’…and those ripples, twinkles, waves, wiggles of water and more are food for your spirit and soul! xoxo

    • Ally, thank you for the “warm fuzzies” and your delightful verbal/visual description of the lake. Both appease my creative nature and I’m back in my element at last. “Music” is the proverbial icing on the (chocolate) cake — or a great glass of wine or Prosecco! Ahhh… xo! :)

  3. OMG, I’m in love with the packaging of your choc bar! Totally brilliant & all of us should have one in stock! Hahaha! xoxo

  4. Hey LakeGirl so happy to see your posts again. Life has thrown you some curves and you’ve come out smiling.
    My hubby just treated me with a bag of chocolate nut turtles. Yum. Amazing how little gifts can lift our spirits and attitude.

    • Carol. your turtles sound marvelous. (Yay, Mel!) While my son was visiting he treated me to a distant cousin — “Alligators” (dark chocolate sea salt caramels… oh my!) — which we discovered at a gift shop in McAlester. Even though I “shouldn’t” partake due to the caramel factor) I DID and they were absolutely wonderful! Grab onto the gusto, girl… sounds like you are/have been. Hope to see ya soon!

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