In My Kitchen ~ October 2018

Thanks to the International Dateline, it’s October in Australia when it’s still September in Oklahoma. Since October is my favorite month I thought, “Why not revel in it ahead of schedule?” I love having an extra day to play.

In My Kitchen… chocolate covered espresso beans from keep me happy — and peppy. (Limit 2-3 per day.) I often joke that my blood type is “C” for chocolate and caffeine.

In My Kitchen… heartwarming side dishes such as German Potato Salad have begun to grace our table now that the weather has finally turned cooler. The oval baking dish once belonged to my Grandma. Never mind that it’s still in the upper 80’s yet — in Oklahoma, that is cooler weather.

Orange Marmalde Toast

In My Kitchen… this Orange Marmalade from France (discovered at a local grocer’s of all places!) is not too tart, not too sweet. “Juuust right” as Goldilocks once declared. I love it on toast or straight out of the jar — especially with a good cup of coffee.

In My Kitchen… is another Grandma treasure. I brought her antique coffee grinder home with me over two years ago, but it’s been languishing in a cupboard ever since for lack of a sturdy place to mount it. (Such are the joys of living in a house with paper-thin walls…)

The other night while I was at choir rehearsal, The Man Of Few Words decided to surprise me by fashioning an “adapter” for it: a rustic-looking chunk of wood from one of his many projects. Imagine my gratitude — and huge wave of sentimentality — for his thoughtfulness.

Coffee has never tasted so sublime.

In My Kitchen… October is officially here and I’m ready to celebrate every moment… ahead of time.

In My Kitchen is a monthly gathering hostessed by Sherry Mackay of  Sherry’s Pickings, who happens to live in Australia and who cordially invites kitchen-lovers around the world to share their food, frolics, and finds. Click on her website above to access the link-up whether you wish to participate or just take a look-see!

Enjoying slightly cooler weather,

~ Kim

36 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ October 2018

  1. I drink a reasonable amount of coffee and even have a cup and hour or so before bed, to no apparent ill effect. A few weeks ago I slept OK-ish but it was rather shallow. The next morning I realised that the 1/2 dozen espresso martinis probably had something to do with it ; ) My oh my though, I’d love that coffee grinder.

  2. Blood type C – haha, I can certainly relate to that! I love your inherited kitchen treasures, I have a few from my grandma that I can’t imagine living without. Looking forward to warmer weather here in Oz, but miss autumn in the States as it’s usually when we get to go visit my family. Happy October! =)

    • Hi, Jen! It’s been an up & down Autumn this year — hot and dry or cool and wet, plus hurricanes on two coastlines. I hope your family is safe and well. Glad you’re enjoying your Grandma’s treasures and warmer weather there!

    • Josephine, it’s hard to contain myself! Discipline isn’t my strong suit being a creative soul ‘n’ all, but I do favor sleeping through the night and augmenting my energy level during the day! Glad you enjoyed that last glimpse of the lake. It’s very picturesque and inspiring here and I’m happy to share the view, xo.

  3. Happy October, its my favourite month too. Your blog post made me laugh more than once. I absolutely adore your Grandma’s antique coffee grinder – it looks so much superior than the electric ones about. We get the French marmalade in the supermarkets here, I think they are becoming readily available now.

    • Shaheen, IMK has the same effect om me. Such a delightful, amusing gathering! Life’s too short not to laugh (or drink freshly ground coffee every day with marmalade toast) — OR revel in beloved online friends’ antics, xo,

  4. Bonne Maman jams and preserves in the handy plaid-topped jar are in all our supermarkets here. I find it incomprehensible why only this ONE French company can make such good fresh-tasting products, without HFCS or other bad ingredients. My only problem is that I can’t help saving all the jars.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, I can’t blame you for saving the jars — I was thinking the same thing! What do you put in yours? I was thinking they’d be cute Christmas gift containers for homemade goodies (glazed pecans, candies, etc.) plus, they look sturdy enough to ship — my family lives far and wide. Yay for no HFCS while we enjoy the current contents! :)

  5. I am so ready for an Oklahoma fall (which of course you know means fluctuating temps)! Love the pelican photo. Isn’t there a festival somewhere for these fowl? (Maybe it’s Grand.) Love your grandmother’s items, too. Happy October!

    • Debra, I’m ready for those fluctuating temps, too, after this unseasonably HOT spell. It’s starting to “look” like Fall, but sure doesn’t “feel” like it yet. Hadn’t heard of that pelican festival — I think you’re right about Grand Lake — will have to check it out! Happy October to you, too!

    • Tandy, last night I made sweet & sour pork for my hubby (who dislikes pineapple) and in a moment of inspiration (or desperation, ha!) I added a good-sized “glob” of Marmalade to the sauce for a lil’ citrus infusion. It was a hit! I’m also thinking it would be wonderful between cake layers or served with charcuterie — so many possibilities besides “toast.” :) Smiling about our “C” blood type… time to indulge in a chocolate covered espresso bean (or two or three), xo.

  6. My dear Kimmeee…I’m writing you from Tuscany, and, yes, October is my favorite month of the year, too. For the aforementioned reasons you beautifully shared (and, oh, yes, big hugs to Russ for hanging that coffee grinder…such a love!), and because it’s my birthday month…yes, then entire month of OCT is spent in reveling in knowing that soon another chapter in my life will close and a new one opens. You always bring out the best!! Sending love, hugs, lots of good cheese, wine and bread…Ciao!!! xoxo

    • Ally, I think it’s a marvel that you’re commenting from Tuscany (I’ve been watching your adventures, YAY) and it’s yet another reason to celebrate. Being able to stay in touch (from wherever!) is truly a blessing. Hooray for the internet gurus who make it possible to live our lives to the fullest and share them with friends from a distance. Hugs back to you ‘n’ Ben, xo!

  7. I am here smiling, as I stare at my bag of hazelnuts from, which I snapped a photo from, to go in my next IMK, in three months…

    so cool! what a coincidence… I love that company!

    • Good things come to those who wait, Sallybr! I just mentioned to Sherry (our hostess) last month that we seem to echo each other’s posts (Marmalade and chef’s knives come to mind), not because we “copy ” each other, but because we’re so like minded. What a fun group! Have a great hiatus and “see” you (and your hazelnuts) in January, xo.

  8. a great post. I use a lot. Great product. But don’t ever order sunflower seeds from them – three times I received rancid seeds. Now I get trader joe’s via amazon.

    • Good to know, Mimi. (Thank you.) The only product I’ve ordered with sunflower seeds was their Organic Trail Mix and it was tasty (smaller batch?) — sorry to hear about the rancid seeds and glad to hear you found another supplier. Everything I’ve ordered from them so far has tickled my taste buds. I’m sure “fresh” sunflower seeds were an integral component in your latest “Rojo” sauce… still swooning over that recipe! :)

  9. hi Kim
    great to have you here for IMK this month. Mmm maybe my blood group is P – prosciutto, potatoes and prosecco! Love your last photo of the dead branches coming out of the water. so spooky really. We get that brand of French jam here too. and i like their dulce de leche. yum. have a great month. cheers sherry x

  10. What a beautiful coffee grinder Kim and certainly one to treasure along with Grandmas dish. Marmalade and toast a morning favorite. Love the the wintery foggy trees photo too.

    • Thanks, Debi! I’ve been enjoying fresh-ground coffee daily (soooo much better than the “blitzed in an electric grinder” blend) and I’m still thanking TMOFW for his handiwork. I’m also sure I’ll be making that German Potato Salad again soon. Glad you could recollect that “flavor memory.” Our grandmothers were the BEST cooks, weren’t they? (Think cook-stoves with their unpredictable heat or “finessed” with experience…) We’re SO blessed to be able to cook for our loved ones with modern-day adaptations. xo!

    • Shirley, I’m still smiling over your “B” blood group. (I might have to switch after your clever comment — who could resist Bacon & Bailey’s? ;) Thanks for hanging in there during my many attempts to re-enter blog world these past few years (infrequent though they may be…) Your constant encouragement has meant a lot to me, xo. Sounds like you’re having fun on your end of the world, or wherever your travels take you. Yay!

  11. Hi Kim: I just got home from Germanfest at St. John’s UCC – Wheeling where I enjoyed German Potato Salad among other wonderful treats! What a coincidence to open my phone to your post and see your yummy version in your Grandma’s dish!

    Marian in Minnesota

    Sent from my iPhone


    • Gotta love those “God coincidences” Marian, including German Fests — and German Potato Salad, there and here. I’m vicariously swooning over what I imagine were some wonderfully tasty regional treats!

    • Johanna, I just added two kinds of dark chocolate to my October-Fest today. (Can’t celebrate without chocolate, right? — although marmalade toast runs a close second.) xo!

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