Life In Small Bites

Sometimes the memory of a flavor is all it takes to rekindle a foodie’s enthusiasm.

Mushroom bouquet

One fine Autumn day as I wandered around our yard, I happened upon an unexpected “mushroom bouquet” and my first thought was food.

They immediately evoked memories of mushrooms past. Slowly simmered in a velvety red wine sauce laced with garlic. Stuffed mushrooms. Mushroom pate’. Manchego mushrooms.

So many possibilities!

Autumn treasures

Lately I’ve been living life in “small bites” — one tentative taste at a time — until I’m ready to jump in again.

Rediscovering flavor.

And that’s okay. Autumn is progressing nicely at the lake. Me, too. 

Loving life,

~ Kim

10 thoughts on “Life In Small Bites

  1. How is it, my dear Kim, that we are so much alike. I, too, would have immediately thought of food and what could be done w/these beautiful works of nature (hoping they’re edible!). Life is in small bites, and I must remember that b/c I have a tendency to gulp down my bites and take bigger ones that can exhaust me. Thank you for your sweet reminder. xoxo Love you, kiddo!

    • Dearest Ally, I tend to gulp, too, despite my words of wisdom, and I’m still trying to slow down as we speak. Yes, we’re SO much alike! (Much more than our “first-response” foodie ideas in our front yards, lol — your Fred Flinstone-sized rosemary bush comes to mind! :) One of these days the stars will align and we’ll finally meet. SO looking forward to the day! BTW, your VRAI magazine holiday issue was a delight! Love you… xo.

    • Mimi, ever since we moved here a decade ago I’ve said: “This is the most beautiful Autumn ever.” But, this year has been beyond compare… incredible reds and oranges! Glad to hear it’s been so pretty there, too. The best part is no SNOW — yet. I recently read the persimmons are yielding “spoons” — snow in our future — gotta love folklore. (There’s more truth to it than we know.) All I know is it’s been a fantastic Fall! xo

        • Mimi, some years the rains contributed to washed out colors, but this year not. Then again, it could be due to the lingering summer temps (by Minnesota standards, lol!) I’ll take whatever Oklahoma dishes out. The persimmon forecast was new to me, too,, but I LOVE Oklahoma — folklore, Truth, and all. And mushrooms, edible or not!

    • Shirley, I still wonder how to identify the edible ones, too. Apparently it’s an art that must be learned from someone who knows, or else! In the meantime, I’ll keep adapting my inspirations, recipes, and cravings to the “safe” kinds. Better safe than sorry! :) xo

  2. Sometimes we have to step back from life’s rush and stress and slow down to savor the individual moments, the separate unique flavors of life … and foods, especially seasonal tastes. Enjoy these moments. They often lead to new discoveries.



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