In My Kitchen ~ November 2018

In My Kitchen… this Hungarian paprika trio was an unexpected gift from a friend who toted them from Budapest to Oklahoma. (Thanks, Louise!) My family hails from the “Old Country” and I’m thinking goulash.
In My Kitchen… these antique “butter knife rests” (think Downton Abbey‘s table) were an unexpected find at the church store. Another friend pointed them out to me and all I could say was “sold!” — and thank you. The Man Of Few Words and I are celebrating our anniversary this weekend and it’ll be fun to surprise him with an elegant dinner. Speaking of which…

In My Kitchen… he surprised me with two bouquets!

This post is part of Sherry MacKay’s monthly In My Kitchen series, where there’s always something unexpected. Go take a look for yourself! Enjoying roots and wings, ~ Kim

27 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ November 2018

    • Thanks, Tandy! I was thinking of putting those bags in a shadow box or some sort of frame to preserve them. (Bonus points for the color scheme matching my kitchen! :) Thanks, too, for the anniversary wishes, xo.

  1. what a gorgeous post – generosity and remembering the past and true love all wrapped up in one post – the spice bags are gorgeous, the knife rests a find (I’ve never seen such things) and the flowers are just such a lovely gesture and lovely to have about

  2. Oh Kim, I just love the beautiful bags of paprika, thoughtful gifts from your lovely friend. And love the interesting butter rests too. Have a wonderful anniversary and may you both be blessed with many more. Two bouquets of flowers, what a lovely husband… enjoy your romantic dinner :)

    • Moya, due to my hubby’s unpredictable work schedule I had to postpone the “elegant” dinner I planned. Maybe I’ll make dinner for one (moi!) in between? :) Anyway, it was a lovely celebration and thank you for the wonderful wishes, xo.

    • Jen, nobody knew what they were so they asked me (knowing I’m a “foodie” :) and somewhere in the recesses of my mind I recalled reading about them. I couldn’t help but say YES! Glad you enjoyed the flowers, too, xo.

  3. Happy Anniversary! The flowers are lovely. My mom bought me bags of paprika just like this a couple of years ago from one of her travels.

  4. Happy Wedding Anniversary to you and yours., and to many more. Butter knife rests, how very posh! They are stunning. Oh yes to the paprika.

    • Shaheen, I did some research on butter knife rests and discovered that a set of twelve Baccarat crystal “rests” were listed online for almost $1,200. While mine aren’t Baccarat, that made them even more precious and POSH to me. (Love that word! :) Thanks for the anniversary wishes… let the celebration continue! Yay for authentic Paprika, too, xo.

    • Mae, it was yummy with a generous addition of that paprika. Goulash is one of those quintessential “cold weather” dishes In My Kitchen this time of year besides pot roast. :) Heard it’s been a lil’ chilly in your vicinity, too. Stay warm, xo!

  5. What lovely flowers from your MOFWs. How many years tougher have you been blessed with?
    Praying you have many more and years filled with goulash, gluten free pastries and life filled with surprises and fun.

    • Despite TMOFW’s sentiment on the second bouquet (in reference to our “October- something” chance meeting 19 years ago — aka “blind date” — LOL), we’re celebrating #18 this month, Carol. Thanks for your gluten free (and goulash!) wishes. Blessings.

    • Yes indeed, Miss Liz! My Grandpa emigrated from Vienna in 1905 when he was five years old (Grandma around that time, too? Still discovering my ancestry.) Incredibly, they met in northern Iowa and the rest is history. :) Thanks for the anniversary wishes, xo!

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