In My Kitchen ~ December 2018

In My Kitchen… I’ve been conducting an experiment. I discovered a bottle stopper online that claimed to keep champagne and/or Proscecco “bubbly” for up to three days. With New Year’s Eve coming up ‘n’ all, I was curious… and it works. Plenty of fizz left on Day 3! Thanks, Pampered Chef.

In My Kitchen… these wine charms are a nostalgic reminder of my late sister. I gave them to her years ago and they were “gifted” back to me. Can’t help but smile every time I use them. Pick a color, any color. She was as colorful and charming as they are, plus you keep your glasses straight. :) 

In My Kitchen… is a beautiful hand-painted English plate that I discovered at our church thrift store. I never know what I’m going to find there and this one was a keeper, especially since I’m a tad shy on “decorative” serving pieces yet. What to  serve on it? Stuffed mushrooms? Scotch eggs? (Post coming soon.) Any or all holiday appetizers? We don’t get much company at the lake, but some of The Man of Few Word’s family members will be arriving to celebrate New Year’s Eve with us and I’m excited about their upcoming visit. Time to break out the “good” dishes. Why wait?

Bonus points for this one-of-a-kind bowl (also found at the thrift store) now In My Kitchen. Made in the German Democratic Republic and signed in gold on the bottom, I couldn’t resist such exquisite craftsmanship.

In My Kitchen… is this Romertopf clay baker. I’ve always wanted one — as opposed to needing one — but a friend cleaned out her kitchen cupboards and let me have first pick and I’m feeling blessed.

Over the years I’ve been SO privileged to participate In My Kitchen. In recent years in some months that’s all I’ve managed to post! First begun by Celia and later continued by MaureenLiz, and now Sherry of Sherry’s Pickings (click on Sherry’s link for the latest), these lovely ladies have put a LOT of effort into forming and promoting  worldwide friendships through our mutual love of cooking. Thank you all and Happy Holidays, xo! 

Enjoying life In My Kitchen and YOU,

~ Kim

29 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ December 2018

  1. Hi Kim, I have a Romertopf – I picked it up from a charity shop for a few pounds, I have hardly used it to be honest. Sharing your love for IMK. Also Thank you – Yes much better. Hope you feel better soon too. Happy Holidays.

    • Glad to hear you’re on the mend, Shaheen. (Me, too, thankfully.) I still haven’t used the Romertopf yet, lol. I’m sure I’ll love it once I do, but meals this past week have been necessarily “no fuss.” Let the cooking adventures recommence in 2019! :) xo

  2. I love those dishes and I just ordered some stuff from Pampered Chef but I did not see the champagne keeper! :) Happy Holidays, Kim!

    • Debra, if you click on “Pampered Chef” in my post (above), it’ll link you to the stopper (Item #1596) on their website. Hope that helps. Glad you enjoyed the dishes! Happy Holidays to you, too!

  3. We use those fizzy wine stoppers, too, and they do work! And, wine charms are great to have around – particularly when cooking holiday meals with friends when wine glasses are constantly being put down to do a task and then forgetting which one was yours. We used to use different twist ties, but these are so much more classy! I am so glad you got the Romertopf clay baker – a wonderful kitchen addition. Hope you enjoy cooking with it. I love my own clay pots which make fabulous slow-cooked meals.

    • Debi, I had to smile about your twist ties. Whatever works, right?! Most of the time it’s just The Man Of Few Words ‘n’ me and we’ve managed to keep our “designated glasses” straight so far. He favors ONE and I’m all over the map depending on the libation of the day :) Glad to hear you love your clay pots. I’m looking forward to trying out mine, xo!

    • Liz, I still haven’t tried my Romertopf (yet!) but chicken is one of the first things I want to make in it. Thanks for your recommendation. I hear ya on “stages” too — there’s only so much time in a day to play with our new toys. :) Happy Holidays to you ‘n’ yours!

  4. Those are really great finds. I had never seen, heard, or even thought of ‘wine charms’. But after your explanation of ‘keep your glasses straight’…. I like the idea. That oven looks like something I’d buy too. Actually… all of it is, now that I know what the charms are for.

    • Stan, you’re as “charming” as ever! For another fun holiday drink option see Sherry Mackay’s (hostess of In My Kitchen) comment below re: “incorrigible.” :) Such fun! Merry Christmas to you ‘n’ yours, xo.

    • Jen, I’m very pleased with the one I got. The Prosecco was still fizzy on day four! (But, I opted to deglaze a pan with the rest for a poached fish recipe. :) Best wishes and Happy Holidays!

  5. Romertopf alert! I was heartened to see that you didn’t buy one ‘just because’ and were rewarded with a gifted one. I think your champagne saucer is delightful and will serve you well during your (no doubt chilly) NYE celebrations. We will be in Tasmania on NYE – not quite a cold as the US but definitely quite a few degrees cooler and less sticky than Brisbane. I’ll remember to toast you Kim. xxx

    • Fiona, I’ll toast you, too! Thankfully we’ve warmed up a bit after a recent “cold” spell — zero degrees Celcius in Oklahoma — nothing like New Year’s Eve in Minnesota though! Many a December 31st I remember tromping through snow drifts wearing ridiculous high heeled shoes instead of snow boots, all in the name of “fashion” LOL! My feet are much warmer these days — New Year’s Eve, too. Have fun in Tasmania! Wishing you a very Happy Holidays, xoxo.

  6. Honestly, Kim, you should scout these treasures and do an Etsy store! You find the best! And, in pristine shape!! Love all these treasures. Only if they could talk. xoxo

    • Ally, I’m sure they all have long and flavorful stories to tell! Thanks for your suggestion to start an Etsy store, too, but I literally don’t need another thing on my “plate.” Maybe I’ll write a story about them instead? (Hadn’t considered a plot from a plate’s perspective until you put the idea in my noggin!) You’re such an instigator, lol! Love you, xo.

  7. You are so right that IMK promotes and enables worldwide friendships through our mutual love of cooking! Your new plates and bowls are very pretty.

    best… mae at

    • Thanks, Mae! I’m continually amazed by being able to “talk” with folks from all over the globe and I treasure the friendships that have resulted. I grew up in an era when our phone was attached to the kitchen wall (remember that?!) but oh how far we’ve come… and how far away (yet close) our kitchens are! Best to you this holiday Season, too!

  8. I was gifted one of those champagne stoppers and have yet to use it! There are enough bubbly drinkers in my family that I guess none is ever left over! But really good to know it works. I hope you have a wonderful December!

  9. hi Kim
    thanks for joining in IMK this month. what a year, and hasn’t it just flown by? love the ceramic plate and bowl – so decorative, so pretty. I must confess i have a romertopf in my storage room, which has only been used once or twice. it didn’t seem to work very well in our sub tropical climate – i.e.- it started going mouldy! as for the wine glass charms, they still didn’t stop me just picking up any old nearby glass and swigging down.. i am incorrigible:) happy Xmas. cheers sherry xx

    • Hi, Sherry! Thanks for the info on your Romertopf. We don’t get much humidity here, so I’m hoping it’ll be okay stashed in my “baking cupboard” between use. Your comment prompted me to do some research on storage and one recommendation was to place layers of paper towels between the lid and base to help absorb moisture. (I’m assuming you have to change the toweling every now & then?) Thanks, too, for noticing my bowl & plate, and for your definition of “incorrigible.” :) Love it! Happy Holidays, xo.

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