Christmas Day 2018

All is calm, but not so bright at the lake on December 25, 2018. Impending thunderstorms and overcast skies were the only thing this holiday morn had to offer photographically, however I still found JOY in the stillness and the quiet, muted colors. Hope you do, too! Things don’t always have to be “tinsel and glitter” to enjoy moments of peace.

After I fixed breakfast for The Man Of Few Words (bacon and eggs for him; a Mimosa and a stellar cup of freshly ground coffee for me:) we went for a walkabout ’round the ‘hood to check on our lake neighbors’ homes. All was well, except for evidence of a renegade armadillo who decided to take up residence under one of their houses and who continues to dig up our yards. (Such are the joys of living in rural Oklahoma.)

Ghosts of Christmas Past (and present) also caught my eye…

The Driftwood Trees have been a constant presence in our view ever since we moved here — remnants of former mountains and homes submerged after the huge dam fifteen miles east of us was completed in the 1960’s when Oklahoma’s largest lake was formed. I’ve always wondered what it was like to learn your home was about to be under water (sort of like the scene in “O Brother, Where Art Thou?”)

Thankfully, we’ve remained high and dry — even at flood stage.

Still, the mountains in the distance (and valleys far below) give me pause for thought and tons gratitude for living on “The Hill.” Like peoples’ lives, you never know what may lurk underneath. Listen to their stories and they’ll honor yours. Everybody has a story to tell.

Surprisingly, this was the only “color” I discovered today — on Christmas Day. (That, and a delightful bouquet from TMOFW; guess he noticed I’ve been watching every Charlie Brown Special on TV since the holidays began. :)

May your holidays be merry and bright, even on grey days. XO!

Loving LIFE at the lake,

~ Kim

13 thoughts on “Christmas Day 2018

  1. I love your lake view posts. The O Brother comment made me smile. Your surroundings are so serene and beautiful. Your flowers are gorgeous! Love the mug. Trying to catch up on posting today. I’ve been very lax.

    • Debra, so glad you could come “visit.” No worries about being lax. I barely touched my computer in December (lots of music events) but that makes catching up all the sweeter.
      Next year — tomorrow?! — I’m going to be more adventurous with my camera. I love the serenity here, but there’s only so many photos I can take of the same view, lol! It’s been restorative though — I needed peace and quiet after a tumultuous six years — but I’m in danger of becoming a recluse. Time to open the floodgates (ala O Brother…) and PLAY. Happy New Year! xo

    • Liz, Happy Holidays to you, too! Ghostly memories are a reality for folks in the past (me, too!) after experiencing something unexpectedly turning into nothing. But, when you focus on the present (or future) that’s where LIFE resides! I have MUCH more now than I ever could’ve imagined (including my insightful thoughtful hubby :), all because of a fluke or quirk of fate. Blessings all! Merry Christmas, xo.

  2. Love your perspective on the grey days of winter, finding peace and joy in the simple things like a few colorful leaves layoling against rocks. As we celebrate the Christ child and love of family and friends, we are Thankful Grateful and Blessed!

      • I rather liked ‘layoing.” Knew what’cha meant! It reminded me of Christmas “Carol”-ing. :) At the lake misspelling is entirely allowed, having been beaten at Scrabble on many an occasion by TMOFW — who admits to being the world’s worst speller, lol! It keeps life interesting and my mind from being “grammar police” tunnel-visioned. :) xo

    • Carol, it’s those “rocky” times when we find ourselves (and our soul and spirit) that carry us through the tumultuous ones. Amen to feeling “grateful and blessed!” Love to you and Mel and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

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