In My Kitchen ~ January 2019

This month our In My Kitchen hostess — Sherry Mackay of Sherry’s Pickings — deemed January as IMK Lite, so I’m cutting to the chase…

In My Kitchen… these five-bladed scissors (above) are a delight for snipping herbs. Downsizing dill has never been so speedy!

In My Kitchen… is a long-waited dishwasher. The one that came with our house was twenty years old. It quit in October. A repairman was called and the earliest he could come was November. Parts were ordered, but one was out of stock and Thanksgiving came and went. By early December I was frustrated, although I didn’t mind washing dishes by hand and the old dishwasher served nicely as “the world’s largest dish draining rack.” The week before Christmas I cancelled the service order, bought this one, and The Man Of Few Words installed it in less than two hours — including replacing the floor under it. (Apparently the old girl had been leaking for awhile.) Long story short: I’m blessed by my hubby’s ability to fix anything and the new dishwasher works great.

In My Kitchen… are two ceramic-coated skillets to match a lil’ one I got last year. Scrambled eggs slid right out of it and my other non-stick pans needed replacing. There you have it!

For more global gadgets and ingredients, click on the link to Sherry’s blog (top o’ the page) and discover a world of FUN and flavor.

Enjoying brevity,

~ Kim

28 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ January 2019

  1. Sorry, just stopping by today (as the month is half over). I have the same herb snippers. I need to remember to use them more. I don’t know if I could survive without a dishwasher for so long. :) Thanks for the tip on the ceramic coated pans. (And, happy belated new year!

  2. We recently picked up some herb scissors like that too – they are awesome! You must be so thrilled to have a new dishwasher – I seriously could not live without one. =)

    • Jen, I told my hubby this morning what a blessing it is to have that dishwasher — and him! They’re BOTH quiet and efficient. :) Glad you’re enjoying your herb scissors, too. I didn’t think I needed another “gadget” IMK, but they’ve proved to be a wonderful addition.

  3. I find trying to get appliances repaired is an exercise in frustration! Congratulations on your new dishwasher, they have changed a lot in the last decade. And, lucky you having such a handy husband, I don’t know what I would do without my own…I am a complete moron on such things.

    I will keep an eye out for those 5-bladed scissors. They look very useful.

    Happy New Year!

  4. Happy New Year Kim. A dishwasher came with our home, we rarely use it – my husband makes an excellent dishwasher :) The scissors are very cook for cutting herbs, def. makes for easy chopping.

    • Tandy, I really missed my dishwasher during holiday cooking and baking, but I “made do.” I hear ya on using yours often though. Mine seems to fill up fast now that I have one that works again. Aren’t we blessed by “modern-day” conveniences? I remember quarreling with my sister in the 1970’s over whose turn it was to empty or fill it. :)

  5. Oh, wow, Kimmeee! I’ve got to get my hands on some of those five-bladed scissors! How efficient are they! And, a new dishwasher…that Russ is one handy guy…you are lucky, girl!! Love all these peeks into your paradise! xoxo ~ally

    • Ally, I’m tickled you enjoyed the peek! I’m also glad it was In My Kitchen LITE this month. I have less to “show and tell” being blessed with everything I need (and then some!) but you know me… I’m sure a thrift store treasure or two will be making their debut in months to come. :) Happy New Year, darling friend! xoxo

    • Moya, I count my blessings every day, including the new dishwasher and my handy man hubby. He’s saved us thousands of dollars on home repairs, appliances, vehicles, etc. and I’m SOOOO grateful. (Plus, I get to spend the “extra” on our grocery budget. :) Is it any wonder I’m motivated to feed him well?!

  6. Appliances can be so much trouble when they are not quite dead! You are lucky to have an onboard repair man!

    best… mae at

    • Thanks, Mae! The worst part was “waiting.” I could deal with the dishes, but not uncertainty. Seems like nobody can give you a date or precise time within an 8 hour spread to fix things. Thankfully, it’s water under the bridge and not my dishwasher!

  7. i’ve often thought of buying those very scissors Kim! glad to hear they work. i just use normal scissors for herbs. must be great to have a working dishwasher again, tho i do actually like washing up. how very clever is your hubby! thanks so much for being part of IMK lite this month. cheers sherry

    • Sherry, I used to resort to regular scissors for snipping herbs, too, or half-a**** attempts with my chef’s knife, lol! However, they’ve transformed that task into “easy peasy.” (Love when that happens!) Despite my new dishwasher’s stemware racks and gentle cycle options, I still wash certain things by hand — crystal, antique dishes, etc. — sometimes the serenity and satisfaction of a sink full of suds is worth the “inconvenience.” :) xo

  8. How lucky to have a handyman around, Kimby! My hubby on the other hand has the ability to fix nothing. Lol! I’ve been seeing those scissors around, but does it really work? Happy 2019, dear! xoxo

    • Shirley, the scissors DO work — wonderfully I might add. I reside in the same camp as your hubby when it comes to repairing things (no clue, ha) but I know how to delegate. :) Happy 2019 to you, too, dear friend, xoxo!

    • Sandra, I spied those scissors last year and coveted them, but didn’t think I “needed” them. However, they’ve proved to be a marvelous addition IMK, what with my knife skills being SLOW and tentative at best to preserve my piano playing fingers. (LOL!) I also feel blessed to have my very own “in-home handyman.” Pinch me. :)

  9. We inherited a Bosch dishwasher in this house, and it’s probably on its last leg, but i Love it. It’s a quiet one, which I’d never experienced before!!! It’s exciting to have a new major appliance when you have no other choice. And really nice to live with a handyman!

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