In My Kitchen ~ February 2019

In My Kitchen… things have been more verbal than visual these days. My camera is always at the ready, but I tend to eat the evidence (winter survival mode?) or talk about food rather than take photos. One day I felt artsy and compelled to snap a picture of the vintage serving plate I recently acquired at the church thrift store. (Loved the light and shadow!) Truthfully, I’ve nearly reached my limit for kitchen paraphernalia to “show and tell” but one can always use another serving plate. :)

In My Kitchen… I’m blessed to eat good food. What constitutes “good food?” Flavors that make your soul smile. Dishes you want to share. Recipe requests!

Most days I cook on a wing and prayer, depending on what’s in my fridge, freezer, or pantry, and/or how “artsy” I feel. (Generally they defy description, but feel free to ask.) Above are a few of my flavor inspirations. Be sure to click on the link to Sherry’s Pickings to peruse other kitchens around the world or add your own adventures. Always something new thing to learn there! Make your soul smile.

BTW, my intention to “write” more than once a month (recently announced on FB) is still in force. More to follow,  xo.

Enjoying artsy moments and good food,
~ Kim

11 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ February 2019

  1. Hi Kim, I don’t always get around to photographing what I’ve cooked either and quite frankly do not want to associate every meal with the camera. Beautiful serving plate and love the cool tone of the photo :)

  2. I’m just catching up on the last the IMK posts. Where does the month go? As I said on FB, you say you cook on a wing and a prayer, I say alchemy. If you have the skills, anything can be made wonderful. Hope you’re not freezing your icicles off! xxx

  3. Dear Kim,

    If things are more verbal rather than visual for you, then in my humble opinion, you are relatively more intellectual than artistic. A picture can paint a thousand words but being able to verbalize thoughts, ideas and images show a deep sense of understanding of the subject matter.

  4. Yes, we all seem to have too many things. My weakness is for hand-made pottery serving pieces, but I like all kinds of glass and ceramic servers. Yours looks very pretty.

    Pork and mushroom quesadillas sound delicious!

    Have a good month in Feb.

    best… mae at

  5. The patterns on the plate is so pretty, Kimby. I’m on the same page when it comes to kitchen inspiration, except that mine can go a little crazy; just like the recipe I’ve just posted yesterday. Hahaha! Let me know what you think of my Salad dish. xoxo

  6. We’re alike in the kitchen. I call us ‘gunslingers’. We do it instinctively and follow our guts and feelings, emotions and needs. And, something always glorious is born!!

  7. That plate is just lovely Kim! I keep buying ‘things’ but really I do not need anything and my cupboards are bursting. We are trying to do a declutter like everybody else lately. Apparently all the op shops (thrift shops) are groaning with castoffs atm. I don’t want to just throw everything away but it seems like nobody wants extra things. Have a wonderful month and thanks for joining in again You are a treasure. Cheers sherry x

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