Scotch Eggs ~ The Ultimate Pub Food


Just when I was ready to start writing again, my computer died. Argh! Such is life. Apologies for not replying to your comments on my last post — loved ’em all, xo! — but I had to wait until my I.T. guy recovered from the flu to rescue what was left of my hard drive. (I’ve also been acclimating to a new computer/screen/skill set since then.) Every day is a new adventure at the lake.

Allow me to share a flavor memory. The first time I experienced the pleasure of Scotch Eggs was at Brit’s Pub in downtown Minneapolis a few years back. Actually, it may have been more than a few… there was Scotch involved, too. (Their single malt menu was sublime and my favorite was called Sheep Dip.) Anyhoo…

Begging your pardon for the repeat photo from my last post, a sweet friend asked: “Did you make your own Scotch Eggs?” The answer is YES, Chef Mimi — but not before I did a lot of research to recreate that memorable flavor. There seems to be an ongoing debate as to when and where Scotch Eggs originated (even though the name implies Scotland) and I never did find out. If anyone knows, enlighten me. However, judging from the number of recipes posted in recent years, this one-of-a-kind delicacy remains a “cult classic.” The consensus that came up most often was: Ultimate pub food!

After perusing dozens of recipes, comments, and reviews (lots to learn there), I finally settled on Proper Scotch Eggs by Jamie Oliver. Who can argue with proper — or Jamie Oliver, for that matter? One bite of that crisp, golden coating followed by an herb-infused savory sausage layer encasing its creamy interior and I was convinced I could make “proper” Scotch Eggs at home any day. Hope you try ’em, too! It was almost like being at Brit’s Pub again — minus the Scotch. ;)

Enjoying flavor memories,

~ Kim

8 thoughts on “Scotch Eggs ~ The Ultimate Pub Food

  1. OK, I’ll admit, I’ve never had Scotch Eggs, much less JO’s ‘proper’ ones! They look divine!! And, who can argue w/all these flavors in one littl’ bite! My only issue? Where in the world do I find Jamie’s 8 higher-welfare sausages!! lol! Great post, Kimmeee, and sure hope you resurrect that ‘puter! xo

  2. My son introduced me to scotch eggs on a weekend trip with him to San Antonio. At a little pub along the River Walk we indulged in a pub sampler of drinks and scotch eggs to temper the effects of the varied beverages.
    He bought me a cookbook that. Had a recipe for Scotch Eggs and when we got home we tried to make them, but unfortunately my attempt to replicate did not compare to the tasty ones we enjoyed at the pub.

    • Carol, it’s been A LONG time (decades?!) since I lwandered the River Walk in San Antonio, (such great restaurants!) and sorry to hear that your cookbook yielded less than sublime results. I promise tol make them for you someday so you can re-live the adventure!!! xo

    • Mimi, I’m tickled to be able to help you on your quest. They were everything I remembered and more thanks to Jamie Oliver’s “proper” recipe, tweaks, and how to’s. (BTW, I used Braum’s mild breakfast sausage for the middle layer… long live Oklahoma!) Was thinking their “hot” version would add another dimension next time. :) Enjoy!

      • P.S. The break from online world was refreshing, although I have to admit I didn’t realize how reliant I was on it until I couldn’t access it. Live and learn! Always a pleasure to hear from you, xo.

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