In My Kitchen ~ March 2019

In My Kitchen… I’m desperately trying to get used to a new computer. (Apologies for my lack of reply on previous posts — it’s been a long three weeks.) Despite not being able to find photos where they once were,  volumes of writing relegated to “obsolete” files and general mayhem, I’m still having FUN. Isn’t that what life is all about? If I can do it, anyone can! Here’s to learning something new.

Meanwhile I acquired a few more kitchen essentials — never mind stating I’ve almost reached my limit. Along came this Aroma multi-purpose vessel in pristine condition. Cook, steam, bake, fry, woohoo! Although it isn’t their latest digital version, it works. I also added two salad bowls, a trio of stainless steel ramekins, and a few more meals for The Man Of Few Words and moi.

In My Kitchen… is a quintet of California Olive Oils. To me, they’re like good wine. Their flavor only improves with age. My hubby has also gotten used to my “experimenting.” :)

In My Kitchen… another dear friend asked when I was going to finish my story about Minneapolis. Here ya go, Stan!

Minneapolis is special to me because of so many “firsts” there: First symphony concert. First taste of good wine. (Gotta love those wine-tasting parties in the ’80’s.) Dedicating the plaza at Orchestra Hall to the strains of Aaron Copland’s “Fanfare For The Common Man.” (Yes, I actually went to band camp three times; I was also privileged to perform onstage there and shake Hubert Humphrey’s hand.) First walkabout with my son in Minneapolis’s one-of-a-kind skyline (a big thrill for this small town girl) — Brit’s Pub was our favorite haunt with its rooftop seating, lawn bowling, and stellar menu –food or otherwise. (Mary Tyler Moore’s nearby statue was also a mandatory stop — life is so much better when you throw your hat in the air and do the “twirl!”) First dueling piano performance. First train ride from the Mall Of America to “downtown.” First of many late-night airport pickups when I was in caretaker mode and winter was in full swing (-50 below zero) and our only thought was how to survive the two-hour trip back home. (Walking about was not an option!) I soooo don’t miss the snow and cold. I could go on, but you get it. Great city. Great memories.

Please feel free to click on or join Sherry’s monthly frolics to peruse posts from around the world for more In My Kitchen adventures. Next up…  Sweet Potato & Carrot Soup with Fresh Rosemary, Thyme, and Granny Smith Apples. (Will let y’all know how that turns out with a few tweaks.) Be adventurous. Learn something new!

Enjoying old memories and new recipes,

~ Kim

24 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ March 2019

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  2. Pingback: Jambalaya ~ Past, Present, and Future – a little lunch

  3. Oh a new computer can be very challenging so I’m wishing you all the best in finding all the missing things that are somewhere in your new computer. I had to smile at all the bottles of olive oil…it is like liquid gold.

    • Tandy, sorry for my belated reply. It was me — not my computer, ha! Wish I could use butter like you & Sherry (below) but olive oil more than makes up for the lack. I enjoy the diverse flavors and use it up fast, too. Still plugging away on the computer… :)

    • Shaheen, salads have been on my mind lately as I attempt to shed the last of the “winter” weight. Spring (Fall there) is on the horizon and while I love our all-white bowls for serving everything from soup to nuts (!), sometimes ya just need to SEE “what’s in there.” :) xo

  4. You know I adore and love your posts! But, I think your idea of storytelling, diary/journal style, is right up your alley, girl! Love those CA olive oils. Have tried them, and very good. And, lookee at you w/sooooooooo many of them!! Yes! ox

    • It’s the world’s fair, Ally! (If that’s still a “saying” these days, lol.) Love me some good olive oil — and OLIVES. Thanks for your thoughts on my latest journaling/diary-ing penchant.Just when I think I have myself figured out…. :) Stay tuned and thanks for the support, xo!

    • Moderation is key, Shirley, in olives and in life! (Although I tend to nosh on them both at will, lol!) Sounds like they may have overdone it on your pizza, but you know “when is when.”

  5. It’s great to find stuff in pristine condition. Good luck with the computer issues. That’s frustrating. Loved the Minneapolis story. Ah, the 80s. :)

    • Debra, ah yes… the 80’s. I failed to mention dancing at disco’s wearing platform shoes, fondue parties, and MORE SNOW! They were also the pre-computer days — electric typewriters and no internet — yet somehow we all survived. Glad you liked my pristine mulit-purpose pot… probably a forerunner to those do-everything “instant pots” these days. I always was behind the times. :)

  6. Glad to hear your story: Minneapolis has a lot going for it, at least in the warmer seasons. I’ve always been amused at how many of its residents bicycle throughout the winter no matter what. Their motto seems to be — there’s no such thing as bad weather, only bad equipment.

    have fun with the new computer! I hope it has some good features to make up for the hassle.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, there’s a joke that goes: Minnesota has two seasons… winter and road construction. :) Loved your story about biking through it all, but sure am glad to live in the South now! So far so good on the new computer. I’m not tech-savvy, but thankfully I’m patient! xo

  7. Hi Kim
    Thanks for joining in this month! Great to have you here In IMK land. I love all those olive oils. I too love collecting all sorts of oils and there’s often half a dozen different types in my pantry. Have a fabulous March. Cheers sherry xx

  8. Life goes on, Kim. I’ve been absent from the blog world for about the same amount of time, but unfortunately not due to computer issues. Just being super busy with other projects and quite a bit of travel. Thanks for finishing your Minneapolis story – lovely city I only visited twice when we lived in Wisconsin. You’ve got a great stash of olive oil there. Enjoy cooking with that Aroma multi-purpose cooker (first I’ve heard of it!). I’d be interested to hear how you get on with it.

    • Debi, life always seems to be in flux. (Projects, travel, computers, or WHATEVER!) Go with the flow. :) It was great to hear from you again and I’m glad you got to experience one of the Twin Cities while you were in the area. (Still have a heart for St. Paul…another story, lol.) The Aroma mulit-purpose cooker makes mighty tasty fried fish, even if it isn’t walleye! Looking forward to your future thoughts, xo.

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