Fun At The Lake

Similar to Seinfeld’s hit show this may appear to be about “nothing”, but it means the world to me. Plus, I had FUN playing with some new blog themes thanks to WP. (Still undecided… what do you think?) Although it’s slightly less photogenic — being a photographer ‘n’ all — my images show up sooner or later and it was time for a change.

Today I tackled the Tool Room. After our house/garage fire a few years back we were blessed with a three bedroom abode and I envisioned this as a music room… writing room… respite to view the lake. (NOT!) Wish I’d taken “before” pictures, but life goes on and I’m patient. And, The Man Of Few Words helped.

After sorting through accumulated nuts and bolts (hopefully in a somewhat coherent manner) and wading around “future projects on the floor” I transformed it into this:

The long-neglected “jelly cupboard” (circa 1950’s) from my folks’ basement, which my son loaded into my U-Haul at the last minute as a surprise back in in 2016, acquired a primer coat of paint to cover up my late brother’s artistry with spray paint before he customized his Cuda (you can still see a blotch on the left door… oh well) and I moved a few things into an adjacent closet, threw a sisal rug down on the floor, and  as the ol’ adage goes: “A place for everything and everything in its place.” Life is much simpler when that happens. (FYI, it doesn’t just “happen”… DO it!)

I still have a few finishing touches to implement. Grey paint on the floor. Perhaps a Monet on the wall? Overall, it’s progressing. (And my hubby can still find his tools.)

Most of the above was a blessing from the church thrift store (how ’bout that antique anchor shelf to hold my hubby’s fishing lures and filet knife?!), gifts from friends. and/or Amazon discount deals. (Soooo grateful.) Meanwhile I’ve been having FUN making the best use of our space even if it involves re-doing the Tool Room — or putting up with bright blue carpeting in our guest room. Sometimes ya make do. But, it matches the lake for now. Someday…

Wishing all of you a very Happy Easter. Hope you like what I’ve done with the place!

Enjoying life and FUN in progress,

~ Kim

P.S. Tell me what you think of my new blog format. I’m gradually transitioning into writing and trying to be mindful of my words.

7 thoughts on “Fun At The Lake

    • Liz, I loved your tidy up thought!. No more “scrolling forever”, I hope. Just trying to make things more readable by phone or by tablet (mindful of smaller mediums, although I still used a “wired” computer, lol!) Thanks for your comment on making progress, too. Life is always in flux and often it’s a matter of pushing the right buttons — or not! — one day and discovery at a time. (Still working on that!) Frankly, I’ve been too busy to turn my computer for the past couple of days, and thankfully you and everyone here have been patient with my technological foibles and tentative attempts until I get back to it. I hope to have the lake view up and running soon! I also hope you had a wonderful Easter, xo!

  1. Happy Easter, Kim. We have so many works in progress here, I don’t know where to start. Your finished room looks nice a serene. (I kind of miss the lake view on your post, though.) Have a great weekend!

    • Debra, I miss it too and am trying to figure out how to get it back. (It added a “welcome to the lake” kind of vibe, which is what I want.) Maybe a different blog theme? Believe me, I tried dozens! I’m also not real happy with my blog name in CAPS (I’m a lower case kinda gal, ha!) and it looks so small…. but, one edit at a time. It’ll come together eventually !If all else fails, I’ll contact the WP tech staff. :) Thanks for noticing! xoxo

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