Indelible Evidence

“Indelible” often refers to ink, but I believe it applies to life as well. You leave a trail whether you intend to or not. What will yours say about you?

The thumbprints above were my Dad’s (which I inadvertently discovered in one of his favorite books, besides Larry McMurtry’s Lonesome Dove below) — James Michener’s Centennial. He told me he read it so many times he lost count! Evidently… indelibly. I included it in his eulogy five years ago.

Last winter I finally sat down to read one of Dad’s “faves” and discovered his posthumous paw prints. I bawled like a baby before I could read the rest. Not only did I touch his past, I discovered my future.

Above is the well-worn cover from his other favorite. Whether you’re into Westerns or not, it’s an entertaining read. (The Man Of Few Words ‘n’ I still watch the video series on lazy Saturday afternoons.) Dad left his mark on my heart, and my point is this: history precedes us and we all leave evidence of our existence.

Leave your trails wisely!

As for my lil’ corner of the planet, life lately has been experienced through my lens (at long last) — between intermittent storms, loss of satellite signal, and meals that will never make social media. (I ate the evidence!) It felt good. Slightly stormy, but good.

Fifteen or more tornadoes touched down in our immediate area this week — prayers to all those affected — to keep us mindful. Today it was “just” torrential rain. We’re grateful for every blessing, and truthfully I slept through most of it.  Apologies for the “post-publishing” edits, too… it’s been a long day, but I was compelled to write.

We’re doin’ okay, but the wind sock in our front yard provided evidence of the turbulent skies overhead. Nothing but “rotation” could accomplish that.

Gotta love Oklahoma!

Leave an indelible mark on your journey… the path is yours to define.

Or pass on indelibly.

Enjoying the past, present, and future,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “Indelible Evidence

  1. tornadoes? eek. we have cyclones but up north so we just get the after effects like lots of rain and grey skies. not that we had them much this summer. the weather is changing. hope all is well with you. cheers sherry

    • Sherry, I’m glad you’re safe and I agree. The weather is changing. We’ve never had a tornado (or at least those swirling winds) come that close in the decade we’ve lived here. Usually the ominous clouds gather overhead and go elsewhere. The lake is at a record high for this time of year, too. Always something new! Thanks for stopping in to comment. I’ve been meaning to visit IMK to see what y’all are up to, but it’s been a bit of a busy stretch — hopefully next month. I seem to accumulate kitchen gadgets whether I intend to or not! :) xo

    • Barb, I just read your comment (almost a week later!) and I could say the same thing about you. We have a lot of history between us and it’s nice knowing how much love exists between the lines. Love you, too, dear cousin!

    • Thank you, Liz! It boggled my mind when I first saw the windsock knowing what caused it. I’m SO thankful it passed over, but it just goes to show “all things are possible.” Even at the lake… whew. Glad you enjoyed my post, xo

  2. Fabulous post.. God bless your dad, you and your ever evolving relationship as you quietly discover him in the corners of your heart and soul. I recently did when I posted my last video in memory of my dad.. my eyes filled on multiple occasions as I filmed..

    • Thank you, Denie! Sorry I haven’t shown up in your comment section as often I intended — SUCH tasty recipes and engaging commentary. You deserve MUCH more notoriety, plus I love your take on “cooking.” My Dad would’ve loved your food — I did my best to to provide his “favorites” back then — and he appreciated every bite. Now it’s my turn. Bring on the flavor!

    • Chef Denie, I tried to leave a comment on your blog just now after I printed off your Rosemary French Bread and Maple Salmon recipes, but was unable to post a reply after I “signed in.” Hopefully you’ll get this by ping or feedback or whatever! As we speak, I’m simmering yet another version of your Bouef aux Braise Carrot (apologies for my misspelling…) and I see there are many more recipes I want to peruse and make. Such flavors! You’re a gem, xo.

    • Thanks so much, Mimi. Still trying to forge ahead one word, recipe, and/or memory at a time… salmon en papillote is ready to pluck from the oven and roasted green beans are at the ready. I reap multitudes from living here — and ongoing inspiration from you, xo. Life is TASTY! :)

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