Billy Loves Angie

There’s an underpass just down the road where the locals express their sentiments in spray paint. Most are innocuous, a few are ribald, and then there’s true love.

Apparently these two were an item at one time and I smile every time I drive past their declaration. I wonder about them, too. Did he write it or did she? Whose idea was it? Are they still together or have they gone their separate ways?

While those questions will likely go unanswered, they give me pause for thought. Have you told your special someone how much they mean to you today? I’m not suggesting that you deface public property in the name of love, but I do suggest being “bright red” about it.

I guarantee you’ll make someone smile.

Enjoying true love,

~ Kim

11 thoughts on “Billy Loves Angie

  1. Good thoughts! I always make it a habit to tell my family & close friends how much they mean to me…….. life’s short!

    • Shirley, first let me preface my reply with: “You’re such a DISH!” (Never mind the old adage, it’s true!) You take such good care of yourself (and your family) and you’re a continual inspiration to me. Plus, you share your “beauty secrets” xo. True love prevails — and it shows.

  2. About a month ago, man at church said to me, “You’re beautiful. I bet you haven’t heard that in a while.” First, I was really surprised that he was flirting with me. (The picture of me associated with this post is old, but I haven’t bothered to change it.) Right away, however, I said, “My husband tells me every day.” The man literally took a step back. (My husband and I have a mutual love of the LORD, but we attend different churches.) I was SO glad that I was able to truthfully say that. When I got home, I thanked my husband for telling me that every day. I love this post. Thank you, Kim!

    • Catherine, what a “beautiful” comment! FYI, I haven’t changed my profile pic for YEARS either (no need to apologize or explain… I’ve been meaning to, too, but I’m not much into “selfies” lol!) What a lovely testimony to your husband, your relationship, and love of the Lord. The same thing is happenin’ here at the lake, even though my hubby (The Man Of Few Words) may not say as much or as often. As they say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” — and aren’t we the lucky ones to be noticed and appreciated for “who we are.” xo

      P.S. I’m looking forward to replying to your recent email (busy week — aarrggh!) Thanks for keeping in touch and updating me on your job security and next book. WOOHOO!

    • Thank you, Liz. The flooding is 30 miles north of us (the tornadoes a bit farther than that) and we’re still safe and sound. However, we’re still keeping an eye on the lake. It keeps rising with all the rain and run-off. The Man Of Few Words fished from “off shore” this morning instead of climbing down the rocks as usual! That said, I’m about to start the grill — lots of goodies and gratefulness for being able to — we’ll be eating (w/o me cooking, lol!) for DAYS. xo

  3. Fixing up your home to make it comfortable and functional, preparing tasty and appealing food. Sharing chores are all ways of expressing your feelings. You display that in your blog posts so well. We say those 3 little words “I Love You” every day to each other because no matter how busy or preoccupied we become they are important “glue” in our marriage. Share the joys in each day.

    • Carol, your thoughts (and writing) always touch my heart. Sharing chores is one of the ways we express our “true love” too — Russ mowing, me weeding, or just figuring out the best way to stake up our sagging tomato plants together at 6:30 a.m. over a cup of coffee. :) Sounds like you ‘n’ Mel “got it” too. So happy for you. And me! :) Yay!

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