Wildlife At The Lake

Armadillos and squirrels and woodchucks, oh my! You never know what might show up at the lake.

(Actually we have two woodchucks, but “Mrs. Woody” is a tad camera shy.)

Our above-ground friends add to the entertainment.

Recently The Man Of Few Words captured a photo of Oklahoma’s elusive state bird, the Scissortail Fly Catcher, too. So proud of ’em both…

Most days we sit on the deck minus the camera intent on watching the world go by. Ahhhh…

But, every once in awhile we get lucky. Tickled to share our glimpses with you!

In between we’ve also spied bluebirds, orioles, cardinals, hummingbirds, bald eagles, Great Blue Herons, cranes, geese, wood ducks, blue jays, gray jays, robins, thrashers, wrens, and assorted other “little birds” but they’ve been too fast to capture on film. (Or we’ve been too slow.)

However, life’s been good. Nope, make that wild!

Enjoying Nature at the lake,

~ Kim

11 thoughts on “Wildlife At The Lake

  1. During the last ten years or so, we have planted evergreens around our yard. This year, I have seen more varieties of birds than ever, two rabbits (I haven’t seen rabbits in our yard in probably 20 plus years.), and even a squirrel. Maybe you would share the armadillo picture with me sometime if I have a blog post that would go with it. . .

  2. What wonderful pictures capturing the beautiful and varied wildlife in the area! I envy your ability to get those pics. I’m never fast enough. Lol.

    • Liz, how nice to learn that Nature is near to you and you to it. The best thing is that you appreciate it and it brings you JOY! Life is too short not to notice. And yes, those baby armadillos are darling. We’ve been able to get closer to them after “Mama” let them wander on their own… more photos coming soon. Thanks!

  3. This is a natural habitat for beauty. And, armadillos! Get outta here! I’d always have my camera out, but I reckon sometimes you just want to relieve them of the ‘papparazzi’!! xox

    • I hear ya, Ally! Smiling about your papparzzi thought… I’m sure you deal with that on a daily basis! The camera is always at the ready, but sometimes we just let Nature roll by. :)

    • Mimi, the other day I walked down to our mailbox and discovered the four babies “on their own” in the ditch. Apparently Mama Armadillo deemed it was time. I hailed TMOFW to “come see” and bring the camera — he got some great shots. (Coming soon.) That’s the closest I’ve ever been and I wanted to pick one up and keep it for a pet, but I didn’t want to mess with Nature. No raccoons lately either, but there’s been evidence of their curiosity) Gotta love Oklahoma!

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