The Current State Of Capital K

A few years ago I penned this post about being “nicknamed” and how thrilled I was to find a Capital K to express myself. Despite heartfelt pleas to PLEASE call me by my name (with continued disregard for my feelings and/or preferences, all in the name of endearing) it went on for six decades. FYI, my late brother and sister also despised their “lifelong nicknames.” I was sick of it — no disrespect intended — but there comes a time to draw the line and that’s the Truth.

Fast forward to The Current State of Capital K.

Initially (no pun intended, lol!) I was enamored by its old-school-font and whitewashed exterior — a fresh start — but soon after it arrived I relegated it to a bookshelf until I had time to decide what to do with it. Cool the way it was, but it was “missing something.” Sometimes self-discovery (and playfulness) takes awhile.

Last weekend I finally released my Capital K from its bookshelf-bondage, painted it metallic copper, added a few pressed-flower stickers I intended to give my sister (who died before I could “gift” her with my latest thrift store find) and thought NOW is the perfect time to play. Welcome to the new Capital K! I’m feeling more like “me” by the day.

My name is Kim — without a “nickname” attached.

Enjoying the freedom to be me at last,

~ Kim

11 thoughts on “The Current State Of Capital K

  1. When my husband and I came up with the name of my oldest daughter, I thought I had found the perfect nickname proof first name: Anne. When I told my mom, she said, “Can I call her Annie?” My youngest is nicknamed “The Gnat” which she LOVES! I go by Cathy, but I really wish my parents had stuck to Catherine, so I use that as my pen name. I missed it–what was your nickname–Kay?

    • Liz (or shall I say Elizabeth?!) if you’re happy with the shortened version, that’s what counts. My real name is plain ol’ Kim. I can deal with “Kimmie” (Grandma’s pet name) or “Kimby” (my sister’s nickname for me) or even “Kimmer” (from a dear friend) but the nickname I was called all my life was non-stop, even after I politely asked. Sometimes it seems silly to be so adamant about that, but there’s some truth to the ol’ adage: “What’s in a name?” xo

    • Thank you, Karen. It looked too bland against the dark wood and taupe background and I figured I could repaint it if I didn’t like it. I love it! Sometimes making a statement involves identifying who you are before you can move forward (or “into your own” — never mind others’ perceptions of “you’) and this fits me to a T — or Capital K!

  2. Only three people ever called me by my nickname – my first best friend from childhood, a cousin, and my dad.

    When daddy was in the hospital one time he referred to me by my given name. It sounded foreign! When he recovered and was home again, the first time he called me by my given name I stopped him and told him it was time to call me Toots again!!

    But, please, no one else!!!

  3. Charlie, what an irony — you loving your nicknames and me grateful to be rid of mine. I probably wouldn’t have minded so much but it was incessant, and the few times she called me by my given name (after I insisted) she’d say it through gritted teeth as if it were an abomination. Not sure what the deal was, but you brought up an interesting point… maybe my Dad named me and she didn’t like it? I’ll never know. Sounds like you got the short end of the stick on preference, too, but I’m glad you had the school nickname as an alternate and that it makes you feel like “you.” Yay! Cute grandson story, too. :) xo

  4. Isn’t it funny how things are?
    I have never liked my given name, maybe because I knew my mother didn’t (my dad named me). I had two nicknames that I liked. One a family one and the other from my friends at school. I lost my family one when I was about 17 or 18 because my brother’s fiancee made such a scene about it. She had a friend called Liz and said she kept getting us confused. My family capitulated and quit calling me it, disregarding my feelings or preferences.
    I still go by my school nickname and love it. It is more me than my given name.
    It is such a part of me that my one grandson’s class one day were asked the names of their grandparents and he told them my name was Charlie. LOL! I love kids.

    So glad you are comfortable with your name and love your new K!

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