In My Kitchen ~ Summer 2019

In My Kitchen… it’s Summertime and the living is easy. (Sing along if you know it!) Roadside farmer’s market stands are popping up everywhere with a vibrant array of vegetables and I feel blessed to have access to their bounty.

My own garden is coming along nicely, too. The tomatoes and cherry tomatoes (front and center) were picked just outside our back door this morning. Although my plot isn’t as large and prolific as most of my friends’, it feels good (and tastes twice as good) to grow my own. The Man Of Few Words and I were also blessed when some of our lake neighbors offered to water everything while we were away over the Fourth of July. Good friends.

Good eatin’ when we got home, too!

In My Kitchen… is (was) a bowlful of Potato Salad with Dill Pickles courtesy of Karen from The Backroad Journal. (It was her mother’s recipe and it was dang good!) Apparently adding dill pickles is a Southern “thang”… a fellow at the Mission recently raved about it and how much he missed that flavor. Guess I know what I’ll be making for our next church potluck dinner. :)

In My Kitchen… I debated whether or not to show some of the kitchen gadgets I’ve acquired since Spring. Most of you probably have them in your kitchens already, but they were new to me and too fabulous not to share. First up, my fish spatulas…

I’ve read about them, pondered how to use one if I had one (and/or how often or where I’d store it), but curiosity finally got the best of me. Plus, The Man Of Few Words keeps catching fish! The one on the left is from Pampered Chef and features a longer oval handle. The one on the right is from T-Fal and has a beveled edge. Which one to keep? I kept ’em both!

A lake girl can never have too many fish spatulas.

In My Kitchen… BLT’s are in progress with my new/used Black & Decker griddle — look away, my vegan and vegetarian friends, sorry! — another “find” at the Mission. I tried to take a photo of just the griddle, but it was rather shy (or difficult) and BLT’s are one of our favorite summer “sammiches.” Plus, it cooks and cleans like a dream. No more spatters, stove jobs, or skillet scrubbing to make one sandwich.

I also tried to depict my infusion pitcher, but the Oklahoma sunlight (and pitcher) wouldn’t cooperate. Right now I’m infusing a batch of Flat Belly Water. Ever heard of it? The first recipe I found called for 1/2 cup blueberries, 1/2 cup strawberries, 2 sprigs of rosemary, and a liter of filtered water. Check. Then I did more research.

Also known as “Flat Tummy Water” (and/or the Flat Tummy Detox), many of the recipes required ginger, cucumbers, and mint. The strawberry/blueberry version also seems to be turning out rather “purple-ish muddled-looking.” Now I don’t know who or WHAT to believe! However, I do know that drinking more water — no matter what flavor or color — during the summer is beneficial. Plus, I came home from Minnesota with more “middle” than usual as always (aarrgh!) and consuming fresh fruits, vegetables, and water helps. Do whatever works for you!

Last but not least, In My Kitchen… is this set of dishcloths, a potholder, and a towel that properly depict SUMMER — a vibrant “thank you gift” from a lake guest. (How thoughtful!) May your days be as colorful and unexpectedly blessed, no matter what season.

Thanks, too, to Sherry of Sherry’s Pickings for hostessing In My Kitchen each month, and for being so amenable as to include my seasonal inspirations, xo. I’ve missed you and everyone worldwide there! Looking forward to catching up.

Enjoying lake life,

~ Kim

16 thoughts on “In My Kitchen ~ Summer 2019

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  2. My husband would love your potato salad and so would I. My garden plot is not that big either, but we are pleased with what we have growing, your tomatoes are lovely – I think we will harvest ours in the next few days. And the set of dish cloths are def. summery.

  3. I don’t have a fish spatula! I bought Dave one and he told me to take it back. He loves one particular spatula and even Scarlett chewing on it has not made him change his mind. And it is the worst one to wash. I have never heard of this ‘flat tummy’ water. But anything that makes water taste better is OK in my books :)

    • Tandy, too funny about Dave’s spatula! Sounds like it’s become a fixture for life — sort of like our sentimental hubbies, xo. I’m making another batch of ‘flat tummy water’ today even though I haven’t noticed any ‘flattening’ (maybe it’s a marketing gimmick for infusion pitchers?), but you’re right — flavored H2O is a good incentive to drink more water!

  4. Hi Kim, Nice to come back from a holiday and see your post mentioning my mother’s version of potato salad with dill pickles. I’m glad you liked it, thank you. Love a BLT, the perfect sandwich to showcase wonderful summer tomatoes.

    • Karen, I’m going to make your mother’s potato salad again this summer… SOOOO tasty!. (And the next church dinner isn’t until September.) Hope you had a fun holiday and thank you for commenting on my BLT’s. Summertime… :)

  5. My mouth is watering while looking at that potato salad. I love homemade potato salad! I have some fish spatulas, but I thought they were just regular spatulas shaped differently so people would buy them–LOL!

    • Catherine, I love potato salad too! My all time favorite recipe is credited to Pearl Bailey: cubed boiled potatoes (peeled), twice as many hard boiled eggs (chopped), mayonnaise, salt & pepper. Simple & decadent. Fun to find out about your fish spatulas, too! :) xo

    • Hello kimi, and thanks for your comment. I still haven’t tried the ginger/mint/cucumber combo yet, but the strawberry/blueberry water is growing on me… today I added pineapple juice for more flavor… good stuff. You’re right — we all need tips on drinking more water whether or not we achieve flat bellies. :) Thanks again!

  6. Hello Kim, the song summertime is lovely but I would destroy it if I started singing. Love a good potato salad too and your garden produce looks so fresh. As for the BLT I could devour one right now. Fish slice and pot holder always handy kitchen utensils to have.

    • Sounds like we’d be good duet partners, Moya — I’m better at listening than singing. :) Glad you enjoyed the BLTs — just came home with more fresh tomatoes after choir practice tonight. Folks around here are so generous and we’ll be eating them for days. Wish I could share one with you! xo

  7. hi Kim
    so nice to have you here (there) at IMK. yes that potato salad looks delicious. i read karen’s post and wondered about the dill pickles but i bet they taste great. the flat fish spatulas are called egg lifters here ‘cos they ‘lift up’ fried eggs:) I love a good tea towel !! how lovely to have your own produce. wish i could do that. sigh – if only those darn turkeys and possums would go away. have a great july. thanks for joining in. cheers sherry

    • Hi, Sherry! Looks like there’ll be some fun reading on IMK if our weather ever stops being wonky — had to unplug my computer after I posted due to thunder storms — again! It’s been an interesting (but tasty) summer. I adore your insights on culinary terms there (BTW, the “fairy lights” on my bakers rack are still glowing, thunder storms notwithstanding.) Will have to try lifting up fried eggs with my “fish spatula” soon. :) We have possums, too (no turkeys), and so far the only damage they’ve caused is to drain our hummingbird feeders by shimmying up the pole and slurping the contents. (Who knew?) Have a wonderful rest of the summer! xo

  8. Beautiful produce in your first photo! Potato salad recipes are so varied that it’s hard to know if they are from one place or another. Dill pickles sound like a good addition no matter where you come from.

    best… mae at

    • Mae, that was the first “artsy” photo I’ve done in a long time (thanks for noticing) and I had fun doing it, plus joining in IMK again. Another popular potato salad in the South resembles mashed potatoes, but I like the cubed version best — with or without dill pickles. :)

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